Dehenna Davison and The Political Correction

I have made no secret of my dislike for Dehenna Davison; she is shallow and bends with the wind and she is not a good politician, as she clearly does not speak her own mind.

The Political Correction was a good programme, with those presenting speaking their minds, such as Nigel Farage; he does not care who he does not please.

But Davison has no backbone. She now presents the programme with Arlene Foster, who is a former First Minister of Northern Ireland. The latter can speak her mind, as she is no longer in politics but is still highly respected.

However, Davison does not speak her mind and it is clear to see that she is pulling her punches, as she has one eye on the show and another on her political career. As a result, The Political Correction has been significantly dumbed down. To give a curry metaphor, Davison is a chicken korma as compared to Nigel Farage’s vindaloo.

In my opinion, Davison is a social climber, having married John Fareham in 2018, a Hull counsellor, some 35 years her senior, which lasted less than a year and now she is literally in bed with a very senior foreign office official, 21 years her senior, after they first met in 2019. They live in her tax payer funded flat, how convenient for her. For me, I have a strict rule. If I was interested in a relationship, I would not go out with anyone, no matter how wonderful, when that person is of an age when she could be my daughter; to me, it is just simply wrong.

As to her so called bisexuality, I have no issue in someone being gay, lesbian or bisexual but I do not believe that she is bisexual. I believe that she is just riding the wave of transsexuality/lesbian, bi and gay relationships for the benefit of improving her profile. I even watched some of her interview on GB News, when she declared her bisexuality, but it did not ring true and so I turned it off. Furthermore, there has been no evidence of her lesbian part of her bisexuality. After her short marriage to John Fareham, she had a 5 week relationship with a lobbyist, Ahzaz Chowdhury and now, Tony Kay who is still married to his 47 year old wife. Again, my moral compass dictates that I will not break up a relationship for my own benefit and I have never ever cheated, whilst Davison has broken up a marriage where there are children involved.

It just goes to show that Davison does not have any morality at all; she just thinks about herself and her “progression”.

I am quite sure that Colin Brazier of GB News is well aware of all of this, even though he continually says on air that he is a good catholic; it is just sheer hypocrisy and double standards.

Davison should be replaced with someone, either a current or past politician, who can really speak their mind.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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