Why do I do what I do?

Some readers may think that I have become obsessive about the law, the Police and the Justice system. Maybe I have but I will tell you why.

When you have been accused of crime that you did not commit is one thing but when you have been accused of that crime by your very own daughter, it becomes something much more personal.

It took me just three months to provide irrefutable evidence that I had not commit those awful crimes and, as a result, the case was thrown out by the Police.

For some, that would have been enough, to be found innocent but it was not that simple. In Police parlance, the case was “not proven”, which puts the whole basis of the legal system into doubt.

Anyone can be innocent but if the Police intervene but find no evidence, they will describe the case as “not proven”. You can apply the Police’s principal to every single man, woman and child in this country in that just because there is no evidence, it does not mean that the person is not guilty.

That makes the bedrock principal of innocent to proven guilty an absolute sham. It suggests that actually everyone is guilty and just because there is little or no evidence, it does not prove innocence.

What has really pissed me off that despite having not a single shred of evidence to the contrary, in the minds of the Police, I am still guilty. That is the real reason why they will not pursue other avenues.

The Police knew that they had really cocked up but rather than admit to their mistakes, they just covered up their failings, which were supported of course by the entire Surrey Police, including both chief constables and their aides.

It would be extremely embarrassing for them if they actually admitted to making a mistake because, if they did, that would mean huge damages being due to me but the way the Police think these days is that they would rather save money than admit that someone was actually innocent all along.

It is for that reason that I have absolutely no respect for the Police, the justice system and, of course, their masters, the government.

But it goes further than that. When someone such as me (and there have been many) knows them to be innocent, the thought of people thinking that you were guilty goes against everything that you believe in and that thought just takes over your mind, leaving no room for anything else, no life, no love but just an existence.

My situation is complicated further by the fact that there is a powerful patriarch in the family and he has garnered all of his resources to ensure that I have no peace by bribing all of the family with vast amounts of money and by bribing the institution that I now have to rely for my livelihood; the family trust.

Being in Switzerland and being controlled by a huge law firm in this country, Berwin Leighton Paisner, they can do whatever they like to me.

Even though the loan agreement that I had with the trust’s subsidiary neither included any repayment date or included the spurious loans that are now being forced to pay off, I can do absolutely nothing and I am powerless.

My only hope was my daughter, as it would be she who would have ensured that the house of cards fell but would she do anything; of course she wouldn’t as she is sitting on a pile of money paid for by both the trust and my father and so “she is alright Jack”. She has been prepared to put the welfare of her father before all of the money and favours that she will gain.

She never actually had to do any of that because, by the terms of the trust, she would have been looked after very well indeed and I would have helped her too, as I do have all good income, even if it has been cut. I know exactly what is going on in her household and was prepared to help her break away by paying for a place for her to stay, so that she could spread her wings.

But no, she chose the coward’s option and decided that she liked the status quo and was not going to help her Dad; the one who put her to bed every night, the one who fed and changed her every night and the one who sung lullabies to her every night. Her mother was never interested, as she was a confessed non maternal mother but I wanted to do it anyway because, when Verity was born, she was my life, my everything.

When I was unceremoniously kicked out of the house that I was paying for, my grief was not just because of what my wife had done to me; it was far more to do with my little Munchkin who I would not see.

Even though I have no real idea as to who was behind it all; maybe my father, maybe Verity herself, maybe her mother, I continue to fight for my daughter and for being totally exonerated.

I am literally a small David fighting against a huge Goliath, a Goliath that has conspired with so many people to make my life as miserable as it is.

For what? I have done absolutely nothing wrong.

The Police will not help; they are morally corrupt at the very least and just think about themselves.

So, I continue to dig deep and hope that this blog will gain some serious traction. I am not just talking about the tens of thousands who have already visited my blog and have read what I have got to say but I mean millions of people.

Only then, Can I put pressure on the Police as their actions are always swayed by Public opinion and to bring those who have gone out of their way to ruin my life.

Those people, including the Police are:

  • Current Chief Constable of Surrey Police, Gavin Stephens
  • Former Chief Constable of Surrey Police, Nick Ephgrave
  • The chief Constables’ aide, Detective Inspector Alik James
  • Detective Constable 40254 Hollie Say (one of the officers who interrogated me)
  • Detective Sergeant 236 Glenn Parker (the other officer who interrogated me)
  • William Thomas Hender (father)
  • Verity Hender (daughter)
  • Samantha Parkinson ( daughter’s mother and first wife)
  • Martin Hender (brother)
  • Alison Hender (sister-in-law)
  • Lori Cameron ( cousin and niece of my father’s)

All have lied and absolutely no one has come to my aid. Even after the accusations fell apart, my father then tried to bribe me to leave the country.

That bribe was in the form of a letter, which I sent to Surrey Police. What was their pathetic and impotent response? It was “simply a business arrangement”. That is the metal of today’s Surrey Police; they neither deserve my respect or will ever get it.

The ultimate culprit? My very own daughter, who regardless of my feelings for her, will be completely destroyed; career, reputation, the lot. Not out of spite but to teach her a very important lesson. That is that you cannot play god with peoples’ lives.

That is my solemn promise to all of them, on my darling Liesel’s and my mother’s life, until my last breath and hopefully beyond that too

Arrow Air flight 1285

This involved a DC8, carrying soldiers back to the US. It crashed with the loss of all on board.

The Canadian Air Safety Board (CASB) were investigating.

A Mr Mcnaire and Bouse (selling may be a bit wrong) determined that the crash was caused by two factors, an overweight plane, as the passenger weight averages that were used were incompatable with the weights of individual soldiers plus there had been ice on the wings.

A very similar crash had occured at Dryden with the same make of plane and the cause was down to overweight issues and ice.

But 4 out of 9 of the CASB panel disagreed saying that it was down to an explosion.

No one knew what cargo was being carried on the plane as there was no manifest.

The formal report was issued but the people who disagreed issued a minority report.

As a result, all hell broke out and in the end the CASB, as it was then, was disbanded.

Talk about divide and conquer.

Because of the disagreements, the message of ice on the wings coupled with an overweight plane, as lost and many people died as a subsequent result.

But one thing really strikes me. Given that the NTSB muscle in on just about every investigation involving a US plane, why did they not get involved in such a high profile investigation? Had they been told that there was dodgy stuff on the plane or did they know it was down to ice and an overweight plane.

Was the real reason that the NTSB didn’t get involved because they knew that either way, the issue was going to be so toxic that they steered well away?

As a result, there was no agreement

Soldiers are, after all, a disposable commodity, especially when the US aviation industry is concerned

TWA Flight 800

This involved the crash of Boeing 747. The plane blew up in the sky with the loss of all passengers and crew.

The crash came down to two possibilities.

Either, the Navy shot it down with an errant missile or the fuel tanks blew up.

The NTSB checked with the Pentagon who assured them that no missiles had been fired. The naivity of the NTSB is outstanding. Do they honestly believe that they would admit to shooting down a commercial aircraft? Of course they would not

Now to the fuel tanks

Some idiot, when designing the 747, put the aircon packs under the fuel tanks. Any idiot knows that air con machines for any purpose get hot so why put them under fuel tanks, where the fuel would then be heated up to a vapour?

Worse than that Boeing ran loads of cables through the fuel tank. In a car, the electrical supply for the sender unit is kept well away from the fuel. It is just common sense.

Did no one think to put a serious amount of insulation around the air con packs and between them and the tanks? Do they not have people with brains at Boeing?

The spark for the explosion, if it was one, came from wiring that was said to be crumbling, which caused a short. Wires do not crumble

They also found bomb residue on the plane. A retired NTSB person said that it came off the boots of those recovering the plane. What bollocks.


  • The Navy shot it down and there was a cover up
  • The aircon units heated up the fuel in which case Boeing were at fault
  • The wires sparked the fuel in which case Boeing were again at fault

Either way, in my opinion, the NTSB is just a mouthpiece for the US aviation industry and the government to cover up cock ups.

When will people wake up to this or is the patriotism of the US public so obsessive and are they so gullible that they just believe anything that they are told?

Here we go again- another suspected cover up from Boeing – West Caribbean Airways Flight 708

I have just watched the documentary of the crash that killed everyone on board the MD80

The Venezuelan authorities didn’t trust the yanks and I don’t blame them so the flight boxes were sent to the BEA in France; good move.

But the flight data recorder recorded gibberish and all of the important parameter recordings of the flight were missing.

It then went to the NTSB (Surprise surprise) and they miraculously recovered all of the important data.

They then factored in gross overweight estimates to make the accident “fit”.

First of all, a Venezuelan investigator said that the pilots should have had the anti icing on for the entire flight and then, surprise surprise, they changed their minds, as it drew power from the engines

What concerns me is that no BEA investigators were interviewed, the people who had their hands on the recorders first and why despite all of the protestations of the Venezuelan government in the first place, did the recorders end up in the hands of the yanks.

The BEA has the same technical know how as the yanks and, if something could be recovered, it would have been

I suspect that there was a fault with the engines but it was the yank engine manufacturers who determined that on inspection after the accident, there was nothing wrong with them.

If the Venezuelans were suspicious of the yanks, which they were right to be, why did they not get the BEA in to help but, like so many other accidents, the NTSB forced their way in, even on the crash of Concorde because it had American tyres

So, yet again, it would seem that we have another cover up of the NTSB/Boeing/FAA and that they generated the data that would fit the story.

Of course, the pilots were blamed as well as the airline that subsequently collapsed but, of course, the latter was not American and so was fair game

Reaction from the Police

I have recently discovered that Surrey Police has a new Chief Constable, Mr Gavin Stephens.

Given the lacklustre approach that the Police have taken over the last 4 years, quite frankly, I have no faith that even this new top dog is going to do anything different than the last, Mr Nick Ephgrave.

The difference is, of course, that my blog is visited by more people than ever before and that I am now going to take legal action against those officers who have either blocked me or stonewalled me.

That recent threat letter by DS Glenn Parker really says everything that anyone needs to know about the Police, in that:

  • They will protect their own
  • They will cover up their mistakes
  • They will never admit to their mistakes
  • They will never reopen a case where an innocent party was put through hell and whose life has been utterly wrecked by both false accusations and false arrests
  • They will NEVER understand that even though someone has been found to be innocent, the trauma that was caused, as a a result of the accusations and arrests are irreparable.
  • No one even says sorry for the false arrests, not the Police, no one
  • They will NEVER re-investigate a person who has made false accusations

With regard to my case, it is not as if they have to start from scratch; I have given everything to them on a plate. I have been working on this full time for the last 4 years and it has consumed me but I will never stop until I am completely exonerated and those people who have done me wrong are convicted.

I have gone well past the stage of trying to get my daughter back in my life. She is as culpable as the rest of them and should be punished accordingly

The Police will always justify their actions by saying that the accusations were very serious. Abuse certainly is but they had absolutely no evidence and I am not alone. Many innocent people have had their lives and careers ruined through false accusations but we/they are just a statistic.

But not everyone is treated the same. Celebrities are interviewed first but, for the man in the street, the Police come in with both “size nines”.

It should be clear to any intelligent person, if Mr Stevens is one of them, that there has been a cover up.

  1. Why did the DVD of the interview disappear?
  2. Why did they arrest me and then search my property without warrants?
  3. Why was the arresting officer’s name on the papers false?

Their answer to the second is that they “had reasonable expectation that a crime had been committed”

But you could say that about any illegal entry by the Police into someone’s home. No one is really safe, absolutely no one, if the Police “on a whisper” decide that you are guilty before any proper investigation is carried out.

Call the UK and every other country around the world a Police state and you are getting close to the answer.

The police are like a self fulfilling prophesy. They target mainly men; of course women could not possibly abuse children or commit any crime, for that matter, could they? The more men they arrest, the more brownie points they get and the more money they get. So you have yet more Police literally hungry to make an arrest.

Even in the so called customs programmes that I watch, they say it is “a good result” if they find drugs or other contraband. Wrong. A good result is if they fine none because then all of the customs agencies around the world are doing a damn good job

Sadly, there is a mindset in society that men are guilty and women are not. A classic example of this was a NZ programme with an ex pat British police man. He was following a car and said “I am going to pull him over” before he could even see the driver. It turned out to be a drunk woman.

Even the justice minister said that women’s prisons should be closed; talk about pandering to the crowd

They say that women commit less crimes. I do not believe that to be true. If the Police just target men and they get arrested, you will come to that incorrect conclusion. Even when my second wife pulled a 12 inch long kitchen knife on me, she called the Police and then put it away before they arrived. But when the Police came into the house, they came straight for me, a person who had done nothing, rather than go to her because a weepy woman had called the police.

Lesson 1 in any police course should be that women are very manipulative, great actors and are liars.

People who do not believe that either are in fairy tale land or were born under a rock


Snapped -Chandaliea Lowder – Sky Crimes FAILED attempt at “balancing” it out

Was she justified? She admitted to have shot a man twice, after taking him to the woods. Apparently, he had been abusing a daughter, which he had not

I am sorry but this is fucking crap. If it is literally a momentary thing and one fears for one’s life or for the safety of others, then maybe, just maybe, it is justified but this was all premeditation.

Yet again, the Snapped programme tries to mitigate the actions of a woman.

Whatever happens, you just walk out of the door if something bad is happening; you do not kill them in a premeditated way or you call the police

This is a pathetic example of Sky Crime trying to balance all of the male so called offenders with incidents involving women.

No evidence of sexual assault of a 3 year old child. How can you believe anything that a 3 year old child, any child be believed.

Apparently, the perpetrator had been sexually abused as a child but there was absolutely no evidence of sexual abuse

Guess what, she took a plea bargain.

  • Husband got 10 years
  • Associate got 5 years
  • She got 13 years, with parole after 10

Victim survived but was paralysed from the neck down but later died.

So many interviewees supported the perpetrator for which there was ABSOLUTELY no evidence.

As he had died, she was sentenced to 18 years. Just 5 years for killing or not killing him.

They talk about vigilantly justice but the chap who was killed was innocent and had not interfered with the daughter.

I have just had enough of this programme. I tried to keep an open mind but even though, time after time, the woman was guilty, there are plenty of people interviewed to mitigate what this woman did

But, this post will be read by many thousands of people, who will pass it onto many others and then the message will be spread like a virus


If in doubt, blame the pilots

I have just watched yet another air crash investigation, this time, the crash of Singapore Airlines 006 flying from Taiwan in 2000.

The crash happened because the pilots ended up on the wrong runway, which was having construction work done on it.

The pilots were deemed to be to blame but I completely disagree because:

  • The runway that was having work done on it, still had all of the runway lights on
  • Going from A to B at an airport is difficult at the very best of times, even with a map
  • The plane was just about to take off at the start of a typhoon and visibility was very poor
  • They didn’t have a “Road closed sign” at the beginning of the runway. Every single road in the UK that has work done on it has a road closed sign at both ends. It is sheer common sense
  • The airport did not have ground radar even though they had 3 typhoons a year. If the airport had it, the crash would have been averted. Clearly, no one learned the lessons of the Tenerife accident, the worst ever, 23 years earlier

The airport got a slap on the wrists, 86 people died, ground radar was installed and many other changes were made.

Singapore Airlines sacked both pilots (there were 3 in total). They should have stood up for their pilots and blamed the airport but that would be bad PR and it is much easier to ruin the lives of two very good pilots. The pilots were scapegoats

It takes so many lives to be lost and two careers ruined for changes to be made. Changes which should have been made long before this accident.

It all comes down to money in the end; doesn’t it?

As I have always said, life is so cheap these days; certainly in the airline industry

And I bet that no one at the airport lost their jobs either