It is a fucking farce – the police and courts are an absolute joke

First having to tell my family, ON MY DEATH, to issue private prosecutions to the “detective”, judge, magistrate, PC Plod et all and then, ON MY DEATH, for the police to prosecute my family for exactly the same thing, . I liken it to a young girl who has self harmed. the police […]

Manslaughter charges against Leverton, the judge, the lead magistrate and the arresting officer

My breathing is getting very laboured now and, with all of the other symptoms showing, it seems that I do indeed have the virus. By tomorrow, it would have been 11 days since my forced exposure to the virus and with my declining health, I reckon that I have a week to ten days at […]

The message is FINALLY getting through, but oh far too late

Once I had decided to not only advise big media journalists but also now local journalists too of what has been going on both with the family AND the police, the hits to my blog has markedly increased and I mean big time. Finally, the message is getting through as to the corruption rife in […]

Manslaughter charges against my father, Verity Hender and her mother, Samantha Parkinson

I have already asked my family to start private prosecutions against Leverton 17283, the judge who supposedly issued my warrant, the presiding magistrate at my hearing and also the arresting officer Full details are found at I also want the police to pursue manslaughter charges against Verity Hender, my daughter, my father, William Thomas […]