No Dad can give up on his daughter, not even if they commit a horrible deed and I have not given up on Verity.

So, I have been re-engaging with her and have sent many heartfelt messages, explaining what she should do.

Although I have had no reply, I think that I am starting to get through and that she is finally realising what her mother is really like, even though she still loves her mother.

I believe that she now realises that she was put in a horrible position and now feels utterly terrible as to what she has done to her Dad, who loves her beyond all others.

Whether she can face me again, I do not know but I have always said to her that my door is always open (even though it is locked shut because I am scared of the police and other family members)

Abuse against women and girls

Following on from my article on abuse against women and girls


insofar that the more the media try to brainwash people, the more the message will get lost

Sky/Crime and Investigation have teamed up with a charity called Refuge. They have clearly done a deal (heavily subsidised) as the adverts are everywhere. Here is the advert

Sky/Crime and Investigation ran this advert during their “domestic abuse of women” week but it is still being run, weeks after that special week finished.

It seems absolutely clear to me that the message has got completely lost and Sky/Crime and Investigation are running this advert purely to curry favour, get more viewers AND EARN MORE MONEY. HOW CYNICAL SKY ARE

Of course, there is also domestic violence directed towards men but that doesn’t sell screen time and so they do not heavily subsidise adverts that

Highlight violence towards men

and I have been a victim, thanks to Rosanna, my second wife, who drew a 12 inch kitchen knife on me



Well, I warned Peloton, which you can see from my posts




Yes, they have used the excuse of making it Christmasy to change the advert but that it is


You were warned and this is what you now get

Peloton gold star REMOVED

black mark PELOTON#2

Clearing the decks

Some may have noticed that I have been rearranging my posts to take the “featured” bit off of some of my posts.

I have done this to clear the decks as there are some significant postings going to be published in the next day or two

And it will be very unpleasant for all concerned; there will be some arrests and inevitable sackings but those who are held to account, will deserve everything.

I have dealt with Samantha but I will be asking for confirmation of her termination of employment, otherwise there will be more exposure of Vertu Motors PLC

Now, it is time to deal with the rest