Why women are allowed to get their own way, ALWAYS

Let’s face it, where there is a woman and a man in a relationship, who is the one that gets their own way? The answer is women and I will tell you why.

It is not just that most women are devious and can look at someone straight in the eye and lie but it actually comes down to what would happen if a man put his foot down and refused to agree to something, whether it be a holiday, a house or just about anything?

Yes, some of these subject matters may seem inconsequential but if there is a rift, on even a small thing, that rift gets larger and larger, with the sad end result that the relationship breaks down.

It does not matter if the woman sleeps around or not during this process, as the justice system, as it stands will always but always favour the woman over the man.

I thought my first marriage was going well. Yes with bumps in the road but no marriage is perfect. Yes, I would concede on a number of things to keep her sweet and sadly most women in a deep relationship rely on the fact.

I have proved that my first wife purposely broke up the marriage. She started committing adultery with my best friend, without my knowledge, and pushed me so far that I could take no more and started arguing with her. Anyone who knows me well, will know that I was very laid back but, when push came to shove, if I thought that what was going on or was about to happen was wrong, I would say so.

Here is a classic example. She moaned at me for spending £50 on a chest to keep all of my cufflinks in but was happy to spend over £3,500 on a remote controlled gas fire place that I never saw because it was installed when we were on our “trial separation”. I still treasure that cufflink box but that very expensive fireplace is long gone. She also wanted a conservatory earlier on. I said that we did not need it but she said that it was her money that she was spending and she could do with it as she pleased. But I thought that we were married and a married couple share things and agree on most things, especially to do with the family home.

The so called trial separation then instantly became a “I want a divorce” and she financially raped me, taking everything that I had worked so hard for. After all, I had paid for the mortgage and the deposit on the house.

After the divorce, I was left with fuck all and I was in a worse state than when I bought my first home in Guildford, years before; I had saved up most of the money that I had earned from working at my father’s company and more besides when I was working in my first proper job at Wilkins Kennedy.

But all of that was taken away from me. I lost so much that I had to live with my parents for six months before my father agreed to lend me money to buy my home in Brockham.

In my second marriage, it was she who walked out on me. She had brought zip into the marriage; in fact, she brought debt, which I paid off for her. But she was having an affair with a woman but swore blind in court that her children were to live with her, which there was no intention of happening, as the children’s father found out that she was a sapphist and took the children under his wing.

So, after bringing in nothing but debt to a one year marriage, I had to pay out £225,000 to her. That is not bad, is it?

That is why I am so fucked financially and am imprisoned on this island.

Do you see now why men will always give into their partners? Because they do not want to experience what has happened to me and many other men; THAT IS WHY.

It is just not just the money as that is somewhat immaterial although painful. It is the fact that in a break up, the woman always takes the children and more often than not, turns the children against their biological father.

So, the women get loads of money to buy a new house, take the children and then installs a puppy of a lover, who will agree to whatever she asks or says because otherwise he will suffer the same fate


It is a cliche to say that most women “wear the trousers” but that is why it is so true


Let me cut the wood from the trees THE FALSE ABUSE CLAIMS

A great deal has been said by me of the possible scenarios of what happened but let me take it right back to basics.

  1. I tried to contact Verity’s mother and she responded in a text that it was Pat (aka Lori Cameron) who said that I had sexually abused Verity
  2. Pat in a previous email had said that I had admitted to abusing Verity in the bedroom
  3. But, when I was interrogated by the Police, they accused me of abusing Verity in my car.

Clearly, all of that is totally inconsistent with each other supposed fact, which means that the allegations made by Pat were false as were the allegations made by Verity’s mother. Both Pat and Verity’s mother did it for one thing and one thing only…

MONEY – Even Pat had told me that Verity’s mother had been paid

Furthermore, if I had abused Verity in the car, they would have taken it away for forensic analysis but they did not.


What does that tell you? Well, what it tells me is that

  • Pat, my father and Verity’s mother conspired with each other to provide false facts
  • The Police treated the allegations as completely true but then failed to support that by taking evidence from my car
  • The Police knew from the outset that the allegations were false but undertook my arrest and the investigation purely because of my father’s masonic links with the Police.
  • It took me just three months, working on my own, for a layman to prove that I was totally innocent of all such disgusting allegations
  • Verity had lied through her teeth, either because she had been abused by her grandfather or because he had manipulated and bribed her, either emotionally or financially.

My father is and has always been CORRUPT

I have always looked up to my father, even when we have disagreed.

I saw him build up his first company, General Guarantee Corporation, which was part of the GUS empire.

He always waxed lyrical about how he got the attention of the then owner of GUS, the late Sir Isaac Wolfson.

My father was working for what is now PWC and was asked by Sir Isaac to go in and rescue his investment from a failing company. My father went in and collected money for Sir Isaac, which he kept in a suitcase under his bed.

Why under the bed? Well, what my father was actually doing was to “prefer” Sir Isaac’s investment above all other creditors and so it could not be put in a bank. He BROKE THE LAW.

Sir Isaac got ALL of his money back and was so impressed that he invited my father to start up General Guarantee Corporation or GGC for short.

Using the money of GUS, he built up one of the then largest hire purchase companies in the UK. To get business, which was mainly for cars, he did deals with the dodgy car dealers and so his corruption continued.

He was so successful that he ended up on the main board of GUS as group finance director. GUS and GGC got bigger and they did deals with all sorts of people, one of them being Wells Fargo bank to start up a charge card company for fleets of motor vehicles to buy fuel. It was quite successful for a while but then got into trouble and so my father was put in charge of the sale.

Sir Isaac had retired by then and had been replaced by Lord Leonard Wolfson, his cousin, who is now also dead.

The deal to sale this fuel card company, called Overdrive, went sour and my father was blamed for it by Wolfson. Whether it was his fault or not, I do not know but such was the scale of the blame, he snapped and drove back from London with a flat tyre, not knowing what had happened.

He was now a broken man and was put in the Priory. After a while, I was permitted to bring him home at weekends. He always loved driving but his nerves were completely shot and nearly went through the roof when a car pulled out of a side road and I had to slam on the breaks.

My mother and I cared for him at weekends. I have no idea where Martin was but he was always absent, a position that he took time and time again when there was a family crisis, even when later on, my mother was suffering from Alzheimer’s and my father from a heart condition.

Years passed and he recovered, to an extent anyway. I do not believe that he was ever the same again.

Then this offer came along to start up Premium Credit but as a consultant. PC grew and grew and for reasons that are unimportant, a management buy out was planned. I remember them all toasting each other in London when the deal was done, as all of them had become rich men, very rich.

Ignoring the other participants, when the sale to a third party would be made, my father would become even richer but he did not want to pay any capital gains tax when that happened. It was also a useful tool to protect that money from inheritance tax if he died suddenly.

The management buy out scheme was set up to ensure that my father’s interests were put in a trust so that the UK tax man could not touch it. He basically asked the lawyers, Berwin Leighton Paisner to set up a tax evasion scheme and so more illegal corruption.

When Premium Credit was finally sold to a third party, in this case, MBNA, over  FIFTEEN MILLION POUNDS came my father’s way and was stuck in the trust.


Roll on a few years and we are where we are now. My father always denied that he was a Freemason but this is untrue. He used his masonic connections in a great deal of his business dealings and is now using those connections to stiffle any investigation into the abuse of my daughter.

Whether he will actually face justice is one matter but there are other factors to consider, primarily the welfare of my daughter and I do not think that she could bring herself to go through all of that again.

She loves her granddad and has just seen the “loving” performance that he has put on, not knowing what he is REALLY like or what he has done.

I do still love my father; I guess it is a “nurturing” thing  that cannot be broken but one thing is for sure……….


The whole sordid story is about to break

I have been working on this for years now and finally, the whole story is about to break.

Numbers are boring to some but they do not lie

26th March

Once it has broken, the police and the courts will all be exposed for what they are. Of course, all of the family will be too and about fucking time.

And the rest, including Amazon.co.uk


Consider this

First off, I am not going to make any apologies about my language; I am fucking angry. I went to bed at 7 because I felt like shit, without food and for the last three hours, I have been shouting out in pain.

Not just the excruciating pain that is over nearly all parts of my body but also the pain that I have suffered and continue to suffer at the hands of my family, the police and courts, who are all harassing me to the ends of this earth and will only cease with the cessation of my mortality; cant wait.

We all know that the world is now a very female centric place; the attitudes of the police, the courts, the laws all favour the female.

But whom is it over millennia who have died the most? Predominantly the men. Even if they do not die in conflict, they end up reliving those conflicts, in which they fought, over and over again, in their minds.

But what do we do for these brave men who return from battle? Yes, we patch them up but just leave them to it. World War 1, World War 2, Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan. These brave men are basically fucked but we never look after them as we should, for the rest of their lives; after all, they have put their lives on the line for their countries and governments and we should give them as much as they need when they return.

Yes, there is female abuse but attitudes are now so bad that every man is considered a potential abuser; I should fucking know. The so called “Me too” movement is just part of the sisterhood and the feminist movement.

“Oh dont invade my personal space” is the usual thing that you will get from a female but they dont think twice about putting their arm around a man, if they feel like it. But if a man does it, he will get arrested on the spot, no matter the protestations of the crowd.

The same applies to PC Plod. If a man lays one finger on an officer, he will be tackled to the ground by a number of officers, manacaled and thrown in the back of a van. But if a woman does it, the officer will just go weak at the knees and smile.

The courts, ahh the courts, judges and magistrates. For exactly the same crime, the male will get a harsher sentence than the female. There has even been talk about closing women’s prisons and, instead, giving them a slap on the wrist.

Answer me this. Why is it that men, after sacrificing their lives in many cases, are treated like absolute shit and it is always biased towards the female.

Take this virus. A 35 year old male diplomat and a 21 year old female both died from this horrible virus; I saw them on-line as I want to try and keep up to date with what is happening. The male was hardly mentioned with all of the time spent on this pretty 21 year old. What made it worse that the strap line said that “she was believed to be the youngest UK national to die”. What utter fucking bollocks. The day before, an 18 year old boy died from the virus. That was Sky’s fault in continuing to highlight what happens to females and pays fuck all attention to what happens to males.

Why is there so much sex discrimination against males? In a lot of cases, it is the female that has the baby and the man who provides, as I did in my first marriage but even though none of them were mine, I provided for all of the children in my second marriage too.

The police treat men like scum, the courts treat them like scum and the media favours the gentler sex. I have even had battles with advertisers over this; Sainsbury’s to name just one, who tried to rewrite history in their last series of ads for Christmas and had to pull them. It is all there to see if you care to look.

So, tell me, what is it? Do all women hate men? Do they take them for just a financial ride?

If a child falls in the water, who is it that goes after them? Always the male and sometimes not even connected to that child.

The majority of men do not want to be superior; they just want an equal footing with their “opposite number” and be treated with the respect that they deserve

And I will leave you with this. If the roles had been reversed in the Jeremy Bamber case when he committed suicide and his sister was in Jeremy’s shoes, she would NEVER have been arrested, tried and imprisoned for 35 years

I cant get warm

I can roughly tell how I am doing by the time it takes me to have to go back to bed. It has been roughly 4 hours but this morning, it was just more than an hour.

Even with pjs, a dressing gown and a duvet wrapped around me, I was still cold. I had to get up cos my legs were hurting yet again and am freezing but forehead warm, very warm.

little sleep, freezing cold, isoalted in more ways than one, belittled, intimidated, bulied, harassed; what a fucking life

It is a fucking farce – the police and courts are an absolute joke

First having to tell my family, ON MY DEATH, to issue private prosecutions to the “detective”, judge, magistrate, PC Plod et all


and then, ON MY DEATH, for the police to prosecute my family for exactly the same thing, .


I liken it to a young girl who has self harmed. the police just come along and put a sticking plaster on the cuts without actually bothering to find out why she self harmed in the first place

Everyone is ignoring why I am now severely agoraphobic and shit scared of the police, all because of their brutality


Didn’t these inept, THICK police do join the dots when they were children?

obviously not

see if I can finally get a few hours sleep and get warm if I can

Manslaughter charges against Leverton, the judge, the lead magistrate and the arresting officer

My breathing is getting very laboured now and, with all of the other symptoms showing, it seems that I do indeed have the virus.

By tomorrow, it would have been 11 days since my forced exposure to the virus and with my declining health, I reckon that I have a week to ten days at the most; I am getting very weak now.

Why manslaughter?

I have severe agoraphobia and it had been accepted as severe but then ignored, in order to drag me into court in a catatonic state.

When I am dead, I want my family, who have very substantial financial resources, to issue private prosecutions against the following:

  1. Leverton 17283, for first accepting that I had agoraphobia and then ignoring it, leading to the spurious charge of harassment and my forced attendance in court,leading to me being knowingly exposed to the virus, which ultimately caused my death.
  2. The judge who issued my warrant for arrest. He first accepted that I had agoraphobia and delayed the hearing for a week but agoraphobia does not disappear like that. Given his stranding, he knew or ought to have known that my agoraphobia would not vanish within 7 days, especially given all of the submissions that I made via email to Mrs Thornton-Dale. By the issue of a warrant, he has knowingly exposed me to the virus, which will have led to my death
  3. The arresting officer who knowingly ignored my agoraphobia despite being told countless times and thus knowingly exposed me to the virus, which will have led to my death and who could have been a carrier of the virus.
  4. The presiding magistrate had clearly not bothered to read all of my notes, especially regarding my declining mental health and my agoraphobia or had just ignored it. If she had, she would have immediately dismissed the hearing or not called it at all. As such, she has knowingly exposed me to the virus, this will have led to my death.
  5. The Godshill Surgery, for failing to attend my house weeks ago, to investigate my agoraphobia after being promised that a doctor would make a house call by Dr Hill and thus failing to give me a medical exemption from court. By that failure, I ultimately was forcibly arrested twice, leading to my forced attendance at court and thus exposing me to the virus,leading to my death

The following should also be taken into account:

  • Due to my agoraphobia, caused by the brutish and false arrests over a nearly 5 year period, I had purposely isolated myself from society for many months and, save for the forced arrests, had never left home, save to collect my meds. I therefore could not have contracted the virus if I had been left at home and my agoraphobia had been FULLY recognised by the police and the courts
  • I was never shown the arrest warrant, for my arrest on Friday 13th March 2020. If no such warrant was issued, then it was an illegal arrest but if a warrant was issued, “2” above applies and the judge is culpable

It is all very well……

……for the judges and magistrates staying in splendid isolation in their palatial homes in the posh part of the island but that is no good for me.

Not only do I have to worry about my end coming from this fucking virus, all thanks to the police and the courts, as well as my family, I have got to worry about the police smashing down my door and infecting me more as well as me infecting them.

No one can imagine what it is like to have your life permanently on hold, as it has been for 5 years, now worrying about my impending departure from this earth as well as yet another illegal assualt on my senses by the police.

I have said until I am blue in the face that the only way that my health will get better is if the continuous harassment by the police AND my family ceases but it is rather academic now, as before the police pull their fingers out of the arses, I will be gone anyway and then they will just “close the book”. What a fucking waste of space the police actually are and I have proved that time and time again.

The message is FINALLY getting through, but oh far too late

Once I had decided to not only advise big media journalists but also now local journalists too of what has been going on both with the family AND the police, the hits to my blog has markedly increased and I mean big time.

Finally, the message is getting through as to the corruption rife in my very own family, the police and the courts.

After all, it has only taken 5 years

You want proof; here is the proof

24th March


Manslaughter charges against my father, Verity Hender and her mother, Samantha Parkinson

I have already asked my family to start private prosecutions against Leverton 17283, the judge who supposedly issued my warrant, the presiding magistrate at my hearing and also the arresting officer

Full details are found at https://davidhender.life/2020/03/23/manslaughter-charges-against-leverton-the-judge-the-lead-magistrate-and-the-arresting-officer/

I also want the police to pursue manslaughter charges against Verity Hender, my daughter, my father, William Thomas Hender and Verity’s mother, Samantha Parkinson.

This may seem a contradiction when I am asking some of the very same people to instigate private prosecutions against Leverton, the judge, the presiding magistrate and the arresting officer, all who ignored my agoraphobia and had me dragged into court and thus exposing me to the virus.

But the police have always taken everything in isolation; the false sex abuse claims, the bribery and the two false harassment claims and therefore so can I.


Of course, this applies when I am dead from the virus, which will not be long.

My father, my daughter and her mother have levied or have conspired to levy false allegations against me and the police have never ever taken any action on any of the allegations, not even my allegation of sexual abuse by my father.

Those three people, by their allegations, have ensured that I was arrested multiple times and recently, have ensured that ultimately I was exposed to the corona virus that will lead to my death.

Therefore, by making or conspiring to make these false allegations, I have been exposed to the virus, which will ultimately kill me and, on my death, that means that they have committed manslaughter