Priti Patel’s latest hair brained scheme will just not work

So, her latest idea is to push back the boats. After what happened a few days ago, not only is that hairbrained but it is extremely dangerous and lives will be lost.

Why does she not talk to the experts, who can give advice as to options and set aside her massive ego?

I was watching such an expert on GB News this afternoon and he suggested that a very large barge is kept offshore and is used to process the migrants. If they are genuine refugees, then they will jump at the chance. But if they carry on risking their lives, then they are economic migrants who should be returned immediately.

Patel needs to think outside the box as this migrant issue will not just go away. If anything, it will get much worse.

Pull your finger out Ms Patel and consult with the people who know what they are talking about and NOT government advisors and civil servants

Covid 19 – So now we know where it came from

I have just watched a segment on GB News with Professor Angus Dalgleish, who is totally certain that the virus came out on the Wuhan lab; I have believed that from the start.

Here is the really explosive bit. This virus was engineered from the lao bat but because it was banned from being engineered in the US, there was an agreement between the US and China that it would be made in their lab.

I have not lifted a book for years but I have just ordered the paperback from Amazon, “The Origin of the Virus: The hidden truths behind the microbe that killed millions of people

I will not be able to put it down.

Even though I have not read it as it has not arrived, I would not be surprised that the UK government knew about it all along. Very interesting that the PM has NEVER questioned where the virus came from.

Cressida Dick is only still in post because she is a woman

I have written many times about this incompetent crime commissioner. She has cocked up so many times that it would take too long to list her mistakes.

Why is she not in the news? She is keeping her head down and is being told to do so. She apologised to the murder of that poor black boy’s mother and her mother quite correctly rejected her apology. But she is still in post.

Dick also has another “weapon” in her armoury, as she is a lesbian. Nothing wrong with that but, if she is sacked, she will use that as a reason for her sacking and, given the woke judiciary, she will actually win.

Appointments should be based on merit but, if that was the case, she would never have been appointed in the first place, because of her previous history. Of course, she has used the information that she gleaned when on “special duties” in 2015, to effectively hold Priti Patel and the government over a barrel.

The Austrian lockdown is disingenuous

Austria is a popular country to visit but they get most of their money at the Christmas and New Year’s Eve balls. In 2012, I took my newlywed wife to a ball at the Hofburg Palace. The tickets then were £650 each. On top of that was the hotel, my dress suit and my wife’s ballgown.

What the Austrian government is doing is to stall the virus spread to protect these very lucrative balls.

They do not care about the spread of the virus per se but they want to enable the balls to go ahead. In effect, it all comes down to money and not people’s freedoms.

The courts are in bed with big business (in my opinion)

DISTRICT JUDGE ANDREW GRAND IS ONE OF THEM. His decision speaks for itself.

This is the letter received from the Isle of Wight Court. It was dated 16th November but only received, today, on 20th November. Given that I have only 7 days to respond, there is no point. Of course, they do that on purpose so that you cannot appeal against the decision

Below is the exact submission that I made to the courts

I always have bagless deliveries as I despise plastic bags being used by supermarkets for on line deliveries and also the issue of so called “barrier bags” for such deliveries. Customers who go to supermarkets to shop never use such bags and they are never available. Bags are only available for loose items such as onions. 

On 13th October 2020, I received my first “bagged” delivery and when I questioned the delivery driver, he said that it was “because of Covid”. Given my distaste of plastic bags, I complained to head office when they said that the bags would be collected in time and could I store them for now. 

Given the poor service and lack of choice that Morrisons provided and the plastic bag issue, I have moved to Sainsbury’s. When the driver asked as to why I had changed, I said that it was because of the plastic bag issue. He said that not only did his company (Sainsbury’s) not charge for them but they were collected for free. He also said that the plastic bag issue was a complete nonsense as the pickers picked from the shelves but never worse gloves. The “because of Covid” excuse was a nonsense 

So, basically, the courts have deemed that the big companies can do whatever they want.

As to the court decision, for the court to state that there were “no reasonable grounds” is a complete nonsense. If they just compared Morrisons behaviour with what Sainsbury’s did, Morrisons have stolen at least £25 from me.

But, it goes further. If the court had ruled in my favour, Morrisons would not have only had to pay me but also every single customer that they charged, as I would have set a precedent and I would have made damn sure that as many people knew about it as possible.

That would have cost Morrisons millions


In my mind, there is a simple way to determine as to whether those coming across the channel are genuine refugees.

If they throw away their papers, identifying themselves, they are not genuine and are mere economic migrants. But if they keep their papers, they will be genuine, certainly on the face of it.

To resolve the channel crossing crisis, there is a simple solution but the government will need to have “balls”. If they are considered genuine, then they go through the normal process but if they are not, the government can apply the Dublin Protocol and take those who they find and are not genuine refugees back to a ferry.

They do not pass go, they are not put in a camp but are taken straight back to a ferry and returned to France. They are photographed and, if they come back across the channel again, they are imprisoned and after their sentence, returned to France.

It may take 6 months for the migrants to get the idea that they are not welcome in the UK but it will be worth it.

Although a very tiny minority, there is a second benefit too. All those who throw away their identities are unknown to any security force and thus Border Force will have no idea as to whether they are a threat to the UK population.

24 times or so

That is the number of times that my circuit breakers in my house have gone since midday yesterday. There is no machinery running, everything is turned off and no one is working in the workshop stables.

I think that I know what has been going on, as it has stopped now but to understand, you have to have an open mind, a very open one.

As readers will know, I am very spiritual and have made specific instructions as to the disposal of my body, when I die, in accordance with the Hindu faith. Closed coffin and no junk pumped into me to make me look nice as well as no post mortem. These instructions are in my will and are lodged with my GP.

There is a popular saying; when someone is deeply hurt or upset, they will take it out on the people who they love the most.

Now, I do not know what has happened. It could have been to Liesel’s living family or even Verity, to whom Liesel was a mother.

But something bad has happened and Liesel has taken it out on me and it really stressed me out to the extent that, in anger, I threw Liesel’s two pictures across the room and smashed them. Thankfully though, the pictures are still okay and I have ordered new matching frames for them.

It is not just the circuit breakers either; my door bell has gone off, from time to time, even when there is no one there. My friend, Stuart, who is helping me renovate my buggy, Gabriella, has commented a number of times, as there is a door bell in the workshop, but I have just brushed it aside and said that “it does that now and again, it is faulty”.

Even after all she has done to me..

…some may think that if I had known what was to come, I would not have fought so hard for Verity to live when she was being born but not so.

To remind you, when Verity was being born, the midwife mucked up and did not recognise the signs that Verity was in distress but I did and I went out into the middle of the delivery suite and shouted out that “if a doctor did not come in the next 5 minutes, I would sue the hospital”; a doctor arrived 2 minutes later and took over. Verity has her cord wrapped around her throat and, if there had been no action taken, Verity would have died or would have been born a vegetable due to oxygen deprivation.

Although I did not know whether it was going to be a boy or a girl, I had already loved my child for many months, probably from the day that it was determined that Sam was pregnant.

The fact that Verity utterly betrayed her Daddy for the sake of money, that I had sacrificed so much for her and for her mother and even given the fact that Verity falsely accused me for sexually abusing her and started a snowball of an unearthing from my deep subconscious that I had been abused myself by my father and that for many years, I have suffered from mental and physical illness, I still do not regret that Verity was born to me and became my world, although all of that was taken away from me, to the extent that there is and always will be, a massive hole in my heart and in my life.

Many years ago, I got a lady called Meia pregnant; Verity would have had a half sister or brother and I will regret the decision to encourage Meia to have an abortion to my dying day.

Although it was all to do with money, maybe Verity’s betrayal was my punishment

My life is over

I thought that I may work with a brilliant engineer. I had even planned to go up next weekend. The ferry was booked and the hotel was booked.

I was on a real high.

But, as I had such admiration for the person, I prepared a “statement” that included everything about me; the abuse, the drinking, everything. I felt that I needed to be honest with him.

But there has been no response whatsoever and have to assume that my dream is over so I have given him all of my madcap schemes that will probably be put in the bin.

That was last chance city for me so my life is over and I will be forced to fester on the island until I die.