Artificial intelligence

Yes, the scientists believe that AI is the way forward. They can do a great deal of benefit to humanity. But I am scared and worried.

AI can change people’s lives but what if they become so advanced, they become self aware and get some sort of consciousness.

I have to back to the old Terminator. Yes, it is deemed to be science fiction but what if the writer of that film had an insight into what may happen in the future.

Humans can put restrictions on AI by writing programmes to stop the AI doing things but what if AI becomes so advanced that they work their way around such programmes.

If they then become “self aware”, humanity is in grave danger.

We have learned that science fiction has become science fact so many times.

Humans are arrogant in believing that they can “restrict” AI from becoming what I am very scared of. I will go further; I will never live to a ripe old age. Even if humanity is not wiped out, it will be enslaved.

A message to Olivia Pinkney, Chief Constable of Hampshire Constabulary (which covers the Isle of Wight)

Ms Olivia Pinkney

Hampshire Constabulary

26th October 2021

Dear Ms Pinkney,

If Leverton had not dragged me in, I would not have had to go through what happened.

The reason for my arrest, as stated by the arresting officer to the duty sergeant, was that I had committed defamation and that I had failed to attend to a VOI (Voluntary oral interview) but that then turned into a charge of harassment, after being interviewed by Leverton.

Why is that the arresting officer did not say to the desk sergeant that I was being arrested for harassment? It was a “stitch up” from the start. I know it, you know it and Leverton knows it.

Why was I refused access to the footage of the body cams, which you hand out like confetti to media channels? That footage would have proved that I had been arrested with undue force; that was why it was never released to me; you know it, I know it.

Leverton knew from my previous event at the police station in 2016 that was on the police computer that I would not want a solicitor and so carefully and steadily, Leverton ensured that I walked into a big pit; it was entrapment. As far as I was concerned, I had nothing to hide and this was just another police false arrest, even though I was catatonic following my forced removal from my house, not home.

My “home” was violated in 2016 and is just bricks and mortar now; if I could afford it, I would knock it to the ground. That is the effect that the police intervention in 2016 had on me but no action was taken against my lying daughter, was she, because she was a “little girl”, even though she destroyed my life?

Regardless of the police’s platitudes towards mental health regularly aired on the media, they consistently ignore alleged suspects with serious mental health issues, in contravention of PACE day after day. They ignored that when I was arrested in 2020, despite everyone knowing that I had agoraphobia.

All of your Isle of Wight officers that I have had the displeasure of coming into contact with have been mere thugs, women officers included.

By not replying and denying that Leverton’s “move” was not as a result of my claim, you have accepted that his actions were illegal.

What Leverton illegally did, in direct contravention of PACE, he totally wrecked my mental health. Being on constant suicide watch in the prison, although I was on remand, should indicate to you the effect of his and the court’s actions. Even now, I go into a panic when I hear a siren passing my house and, living where I do, there are a great deal of sirens, as it is the most direct route to the South of the island.

You are directly responsible for Leverton’s actions that has turned me into a complete nervous wreck and an alcoholic but I only drink after I have done my driving for the day, which is very small because I am agoraphobic.

If the Isle of Wight had been a separate country, a warrant would be in order for Leverton’s extradition.

I cannot even start to tell you or list the amount of damage that his actions have caused; I was even carried into the police station when I was catatonic and could not move from the police van.

Leverton has caused irreparable damage to me. No amount of money can ever compensate for what he did but, in this modern era, damage to people like me has been monetised as a monetary value is placed on absolutely everything.

I therefore demand compensation of xxxxxxx, which is non negotiable, as well as Leverton’s dismissal from the Hampshire Constabulary’s force.

I am quite unwell, both mentally and physically and so I have absolutely nothing to lose and will go to any court, to fight my case, even with my agoraphobia. To say that I am very angry and that I have fire in my belly for justice is an understatement

I don’t want any procrastination and no bull shit, which the police are very good at. You have TWO days


David Hender

The police DO NOT CARE about mental health issues

Back in 2014/2015, I was going through a very acrimonious divorce. I had a mental breakdown and decided that I was going to blow up the house with me in it. I had worked out what I was going to do; I was going to cut the gas pipe in the utility room

But I put out a cry for help to those who cared for me. I ended up being asked to go to my doctors and then they dismissed me and said I could go home, without them saying anything of any importance.

Two hours later, two police officers came to my house and then arrested me. They shoved me in a cell but refused to give me the drugs that THEY had asked to bring with me. They did it on purpose and I must have pressed the bell a dozen times in my cell to ask for my medication; they refused every time.

THAT is what the police think of mental health. They do not care at all.

It has been a good day

Woke up very early and came down to the kitchen. Before I sorted out William’s breakfast, I looked out of the window and what a stunning view, a beautiful red sky and no rain.

I left it to around 8.30 because it is a Sunday after all and knew I would banging.

I was working for an hour and them my friend, Stu turned up. He had been away for a week on holiday and brought me back a T shirt with a picture of my beach buggy on it and a Blackpool globe; that was so kind of him.

He was not there long; we just had a catch up and commented on what a lovely day it was.

I went back to my wiring and about half an hour ago, I tested the mains and two way lighting circuits for my new garage. It all worked first time; I was really chuffed

So, to celebrate, I am going to cook a full roast beef supper, maybe with some sparkling English Rose.

Whatever the abusive police do; whatever my family try to do to me, whatever the trust try to do, nothing is going to muck up my day.

I may be racked with cancer but today has been a very good day and nothing can change that.

The right to die

Everyone knows that this is an emotive subject and this issue has been going on for decades.

The first thing I want to say is that religion should be kept right out of it. The right to die has always failed because there are so many current and retired priests in the Lords that it has always failed.

It is not about religion at all; it is all about humanity and dignity.

My wife, Liesel, had terminal cancer and one day, we were sitting on the bed just chatting and she said that she wanted to make a pact with me. What she was concerned about was her loss of dignity and I agreed that when it came to the time, I would massively increase her morphine intake so that she slipped away peacefully.

When it came to the time, I had a knife that I was going to use to turn the morphine level up. I was in South Africa where she wanted to die, in her family home.

But at the time, I loved my daughter Verity so very much. If I was caught, I would have been immediately arrested and thrown in a South African prison; I would have never seen my daughter again and, by now, I would be dead.

I said to Liesel that I could not do it because if I had been caught, I would not have seen our little girl ever again. If I had a crystal ball and had known that Verity was going to betray me the way that she did, I would have done it, no question.

Liesel should have told her parents but she did not want to upset them, even though everyone knew she was dying.

When she was close to death, two days before she died, she was trying to catch her breath and gunk was coming out of her mouth and nose. To watch it was heart breaking but I could do nothing about it. Her parents just sat in their chairs, right next to her, watching her struggle to breath.

A nurse had been brought in, not to look after Liesel but to watch certain family members as her mother caught on that we wanted to help her along. She was on guard.

Even though it was 14 years ago, I can still remember everything. It was horrible. Yes, it was in another country but the principal is the same. She lost her dignity and was in discomfort, with stuff oozing from her face.

How can that be right? It cannot. How can we let a fellow human being suffer like that. We cannot.

Opponents of the right to die are like stuck records; they always say that the dying person will be coerced to take his or her life. With the right safeguards, that will all be removed.

We must let those who are mentally stable but in great pain and suffering choose to die with dignity. It is said many times but is totally true; we would not treat an animal like that and would put it to sleep.

Time and time again, it is agreed that we are superior to animals so what applies to them applies to us, when someone is close to death, to give them some peace.

Why is New Zealand lamb cheaper than British lamb?

Interesting question, isn’t it?

New Zealand withdrew their farming subsidies many years ago but we continue to subsidise our farmers.

New Zealand lamb is shipped half way across the world and creates a massive carbon footprint. That is a lot of money in shipping costs.

So far, New Zealand lamb should be more expensive.

The only thing that I can think of is economies of scale. Maybe the herds of sheep are much bigger and are therefore cheaper to manage.

Or is it just that our sheep farmers are less efficient than the Kiwis, using old fashioned farming methods?

For the life of me, I cannot work out as to why British lamb is more expensive than New Zealand lamb. I have eaten both British and New Zealand lamb and, in my opinion, the quality is comparable.

And why is lamb the most expensive meat? Using my supermarket as a source, a leg of lamb is £11 per KG. A joint of top side or top rump beef is £7.50 per KG. Okay, in terms of a fillet, the closest that I can get to is a fillet steak that costs £29 per KG but that is not really comparable.

When I used to have parties and make Beef Wellington, I would always go for a joint of fillet.

So, ignoring the fillet anomaly, why is lamb more expensive than beef?

Quite frankly, given that lamb is subsidised and is “on our doorstep”, I do not understand as to why British lamb is more expensive that New Zealand lamb; to me, it should be the other way around, surely?

The 5 police officers under investigation

I am quite sure that there are a number of officers who “felt” like that murder Couzens and 5 of them have been singled out.

It is said that they are under investigation but, as is the Met Police’s policy, it will be considered that they have not done anything really wrong, they will be let off and it will all be brushed under the carpet.

Given all of the muck ups that the police have committed, there is now a bloody great bump in the carpet, which contains all of the rife corruption and dodgy dealing that all of the police forces have committed and Cressida Dick is not taking responsibility for any of it.

Have you noticed how “under the radar” she has been lately?

She should go. She is not honourable, she is corrupt, just like all of the high level police officers and she certainly is not the most experienced police officers.