The reconciliation of The Prince of Wales and Prince Harry

I am just watching an event that no one expected; the viewing of the flowers by both princes and their wives at Windsor. This is clearly a reconciliation and is what the late Queen would have loved to come from her demise.

For some reason, my father would not want a similar thing to happen but our late mother and grandmother would.

I have been alone for over 6 years and it is long passed the time when we should be healing. Let the death of the Queen, as sad as it may be, be a catalyst for the healing of my family too.

I therefore make this declaration to my brother and my daughter. As painful as it has been, let the line be drawn and let us start to rebuild our relationships. I will never ask this of either of you again, ever.

On this day, 25 years ago and a message to Prince Harry

I cannot remember where I was when I heard the news but that is irrelevant. What is important is how I felt about Princess Diana and her loss, which were ones of admiration, love and sadness; she was a very special woman.

Whether I believe in if her death was a conspiracy or not; sadly, nothing will bring her back but what will always be in my heart and head will be what she did for the Royal family, the way she was, her outstanding beauty and what she did for her many charities. I believe that no current or future princess will ever come close.

You all know that I am highly spiritual and, though I have never been “in contact” with Diana, I believe that I now what she feels. She is very worried about her younger son, Harry and so this post is directed at him.

“Dear Prince Harry,

Your beloved late mother and I are very worried about you. You have changed, sadly for the worse, and “we” put this down to your wife, Megan. Neither I or your mother consider her to be a princess, given what she has down to not only break you away from your family but for what she has actively done to hurt the Royal Family.

You may believe that you love her; I believed that too with both of my ex wives but they tried to change me into something that they thought I should be and it eventually ended in a great deal of sadness and hurt. My partner, who was in the middle, took me for what I was, warts and all. We rarely argued but took care of each other, as I had done for my wives but, for them it was not enough.

It is not enough for your wife either. Even on the 25th anniversary of your mother’s death, she is dictating the narrative and that narrative is all about her, not your mother. Deep down, my two wives thought only about themselves and Megan is exactly the same; she thinks only about herself.

Like for my wives, your wife searched you out. Though you and I are very different, the marriage was not about “us”; it was about Megan and marrying a prince, with the accompanying riches and fame.

The British people loved you and were happy when you got married, as everyone knew what you had been through and that you seemed to have found happiness. No one now believes that you are happy, as your wife has shown her true colours.

My advice to you, for what it is worth, is to leave Megan and to rebuild the bridges with your brother and father. After everything that has happened, you are considered a “puppet on a string” by the British people; the puppet master being your wife. They have lost all respect for you and that is solely down to your wife.

You are lying to yourself Harry. I did during my two marriages but then I crashed and burned. Throw away those rose tinted glasses and return to being your true self. Return to the bosom of your family and the British people. Deep down, you know that you will never achieve true happiness until there are huge changes in your life.

As I was, you felt alone and wanted a soul mate. For a relationship to work, you have to be total equals but that will NEVER happen whilst you are married to Megan. I only became an equal when I was with my partner but she sadly died from cancer. Even though we were together for two years, they were the most profound and happiest two years of my life, ever.

Harry, do it for yourself and do it for your children. They will thank you for it later in life, once they realise how unhappy you were when you were married.



A list of those who do not care that I was SEXUALLY ABUSED BY MY FATHER













NOT my daughter, Verity Hender

I have accused my father of my sexual abuse many times, both formally to the Police and informally and he has NEVER even denied it. He has NEVER even accused me of defamation

My father has NEVER been arrested and NEVER been even questioned

Whereas, I have been constantly interrogated and imprisoned for crimes that I never even committed or was formally charged for

The police are corrupt, the judges are corrupt, the chief constables are corrupt, the police commissioners are corrupt and the media are corrupt

How is someone like me going to get any fucking justice?

” A well earned half term break” GB News – a part time channel

This is what Bev Turner said as an excuse for Dewbury not being on her GB News show AGAIN. Dewbury has gone on and on about her bloody baby for months and months, just like Brazier has gone on about “his girls”. Dewbury’s baby cant even wipe his arse yet. He is not even at pre school

HOLMES is on yet another holiday, as is his accessory. I dont know and dont care what he earns but if you take his ACTUAL days worked, it is a fortune.

Whilst Stephen Dixon, just back off honeymoon (congratulations Stephen), is doing a 7 day stretch

What is this channel? a part time channel- After all Muroki is only there 3 days a week if she is lucky, whilst Patrick Chrystis works ever day and does double shifts

AND the others on 4 day weeks; Brazier, Wootton, Holmes, Webster, McCaffery, Farage, De Piero to name a few and BRAZIER IS THE BOSS

The long overdue new multi parter from Jeremy Bamber

He wrote this when interest was in its 60s. Now, it is over 250 which, for a small blog like mine, is huge.

Please, spread the word as the more interest there is in Jeremy’s case, the sooner he gets out.

I am not stupid; there will be great resistance from Essex Police, the Met Police and the Masons, as both former two institutions are infected by the latter. THAT MEANS CORRUPTION OF THE HIGHEST ORDER.

Remember that Jeremy has been in prison now for 34 years and was incarcerated when he was only 25 FOR A CRIME THAT HE DID NOT COMMIT.


So, here we go. Jeremy’s 4 part message to me in his own words

GB News – I cannot wait to dump it (updated)

GB News is the best of the bunch of the news channels but that is not saying very much.

I watch no other, not even DVDs, but the language that I direct at the television is not repeatable here and to say that at many times, it raises my blood pressure, is an understatement. I have had many mini heart attacks, with excruciating pain across my chest but thankfully, I am still here but for how long, I have no clue.

Some presenters have serious gravitas, whereas most are just accessories. As to their professionalism, it can be very poor; especially the production side. I was so pleased when it started but very quickly became disappointed; I can understand what Andrew Neil left but now he is slated by most of GB News’ presenters.

I have been in exactly the same position as Andrew Neil. He left because the continuous cock ups and lack of rehearsals showed. I left because I was refused extra staff, even though it was a very profitable company. Like most people, they take on the load but the load became too much and my brain just shut down and said no more.

Even now, there are so many mistakes being made. One presenter does not always know who the next presenter is, weather segments are cut off midway through and more and more remote interviews fail, even though they have millions of pounds of new tech.

The breakfast programmes are different; they are to slide you into the day but the only presenters who have gravitas and professionalism are Eamon Holmes, the lovely Anne Diamond and Stephen Dixon. The rest are mere “accessories” although I am sure they are pleasant people.

However, I want to talk about Eamon Holmes, the “darling of GB News”. I do not know if he is diabetic or not but he is constantly munching throughout the programme, talking with his mouth full; that is just unprofessional. It suggests to me that because he thinks he is so famous, he can do whatever he wants to do; no Eamon, you cannot.

As to diabetes, Stephen Dixon has openly said that he is diabetic but do you see any munching from him? No, of course not because Stephen is a real professional.

I will not waste my time talking about the midday programmes but all of the presenters need “guests” to support the programmes, with only a smatter of real experts. If you look at the accounts of some of the so called experts, their accounts are dismal, which says more than I can say. Most of their income is earned through the media and doing interviews.

When it comes to the “lead man”, Colin Brazier, his two hour programme is a mere rehash of the news of the day. He is supposed to be the senior journalist and is called “the boss”. He is the one who makes the day to day programme decisions.

His programme is so weak that he needs a “guest sidekick”. It is notable that at least 90% of these “guests” are women; some of these are very clever, needing no notes, but the rest are just accessories, with the only common factor being that they are female and attractive, with little to add to the show. Exceptions to this are few, with one of them being so intelligent and moral that should would be an excellent prime minister, in time.

I also question Brazier’s moral compass. Not only do I believe that he is one of those corrupt masons but I also question his general morality.

Given that I was sexually abused by my father and that he continually bleats about his daughters (and never mentions his son), I asked him a straightforward question. I asked him if one or more of his daughters was sexually abused, as well as his son, who would he actually feel more sorry for. He refused to answer but I know the answer, even before asking the question; it would be his daughters.

I asked this question after opening my heart to him with regard to my sexual abuse and the fact that no one cared a damn. I literally begged him to raise the subject of male sexual abuse on his show. But he refused. That speaks many volumes about the man and his attitude towards male sexual abuse

As far as I am concerned, Brazier could not organise a piss up in a brewery.

Lost opportunities

Even though they may not have been to my taste, I wrote to Brazier saying that he should “tie down” the young guns. Due to Brazier’s arrogance, he refused to comment and he has lost Amelia Harper. I emailed him to call him a fool, which he is. He has probably lost yet another of the young correspondents, who is bloody excellent and will go far. Just as long as he gets a big fat salary; you could describe him as a whore.

No hard hitting interviews with politicians, like Andrew Neil did on his first programme with Sunak; he tire him apart. Quite frankly it is pathetic.

As to other shows, the best debate show on the channel is “Alastair Stewart and friends”. This programme is head and shoulders above the rest, with Dewbs and Co, coming a poor second. Some of the guests really know what they are talking about, after being in both business and politics but the rest are mere accessories, who merely bleat out the political views and severely diminish the programme.

For what it is worth, this is my league table of GB shows and presenters

Breakfast programmes

Both programmes are good, with three experienced presenters but with one who is a mere accessory for beauty’s sake (not to say that Anne Diamond is not an attractive woman, far from it)

Midday week day programmes

I have spoken abut Brazier and what I think of him. Phillips started off well but has turned into an ultra feminist. Presenters with no balance do not interest me; there are always two sides to an argument

Absolutely nothing to “light my fire” at all

Evening programmes

I consider these to be trash and I liken them to the worst newspaper that there is, complete with pretty women with nothing to say, just as in the papers

Headliners is sort of funny but the so called comedians are reading off a crib sheet every night. The people who are the funniest are actually the presenters


I have already talked about the excellent breakfast programme. In my view, it actually surpasses the quality of the week day programme. BOTH presenters are excellent; no one dragging the other

I have talked about Alastair’s programme and it really shows his experience and balance. I know why he was brought on board.

As to Darren Grimes, it is so amateurish, you start to have suicidal thoughts coming on

Neil Oliver – I always thoroughly enjoy his programme and his monologues are so profound that it takes your breath away. Not a born journalist but someone with history and serious gravitas, a unique wordsmith. The only complaint is that his programme lasts only two hours for just one day. It would be an honour to meet him; no one else, just him

Night programmes

They just follow on from the rubbish of the week nights. The only programme that I enjoy is Andrew Doyle’s Free Speech Nation but, after that, you might as well go to bed or end your life.


So, some good but a great deal very bad. Everyone makes mistakes but the frequency of mistakes made by the production team, beggars belief.

So, as soon as I have the chance, I will dump GB News, stop commenting on the channel and get on with my life.

The long overdue new multi parter from Jeremy Bamber

He wrote this when interest was in its 60s. Now, it is over 250 which, for a small blog like mine, is huge.

Please, spread the word as the more interest there is in Jeremy’s case, the sooner he gets out.

I am not stupid; there will be great resistance from Essex Police, the Met Police and the Masons, as both former two institutions are infected by the latter. THAT MEANS CORRUPTION OF THE HIGHEST ORDER.

Remember that Jeremy has been in prison now for 34 years and was incarcerated when he was only 25 FOR A CRIME THAT HE DID NOT COMMIT.


So, here we go. Jeremy’s 4 part message to me in his own words

Two more messages from Jeremy but he is realistic

I am getting a flood of messages from Jeremy. Whenever I have sent him a message replying to his, I always now send 4 blank messages requesting a reply, so that he can get his message out. If you are as passionate about getting justice for Jeremy as I am, do the same; it is pennies. He needs to get a voice because he has been forgotten. I will be sending a link to this post to the media.

Still have not published his new 4 parter but I have been struggling; hopefully I will do so over the weekend.

So, here you are. In Jeremy’s own words, he describes the injustice of his case and the corruption of Essex Police