The damage that has been done to me

This was taken at my last wedding, with my daughter, who I was supposed to have abused for years

I will post the wedding picture of Verity and I in time

And this is what I am like now,

after the sexual abuse by my father,

the false sexual abuse allegations by my daughter,

the attempted bribery by my father to leave the country and

the continued financial abuse that I have endured

Why has Joe Biden gone silent???

I am very sorry to say that I believe that he has dementia; you can see it from his interviews when he stutters; that is nothing to do with his stuttering but due to his age.

The democratic party has covered it up and by having a young non white side kick, in the form of Camala Harris, who is a great politician, they are diverting attention from what is REALLY happening to the president. Wait a few years and I will be proven right

Olympics and mental health

During Covid, mental health has been the “big thing” but before that, mental health meant nothing to the media, NHS, or anything or anyone else.

I am concerned that more and more, the excuse for “failure” is due to the athletes’ “mental health”. These athletes go through much training and many competitions, most of this pre covid and they are used to it. They have been acclimatised to it for many years.

I am not for one moment dismissing mental health as I have suffered from it badly for many years but I fear that this mental health issue is now being used as a “get out of jail free card” for athletes.

There was a lady athlete from the US who pulled out because of mental health issues but she “managed” to do multiple media interviews and I am afraid to say that is not consistent with what she was supposed to be suffering from and, in my opinion, just does not wash

It is also strange that all of the athletes who have cited mental health issues for pulling out are women and I see a very worrying but deceitful trend

News presenters, the over reliance on autocue and dementia

It is widely recognised that the brain needs to work so that dementia is prevented or delayed.

When people go to work, both men and women, they come up across problems in their work day and the problem solving “works” the brain so that the risk of dementia is mitigated.

In the “old” days, autocue never existed and news presenters had to think on their feet. So, the brain works harder as it needs to do.

But, in this day and age, news presenters just read whatever is on the autocue. Seasoned presenters will spot errors and work out in their brain that they do not have to say what is on the autocue and say what is supposed to be said.

Inexperienced presenters, on the other hand, just read out whatever is on the autocue verbatim. I came across it today when there was an obvious spelling mistake on the autocue but the presenter just read it out without even thinking and, for me, it made the presenter poorer for it.

You do not hear about presenters of the old days getting dementia but I am very concerned that with the advent of autocue, in times to come there will not only be early onset dementia but a dearth of presenters with dementia, as they get older.

Autocue was designed to make things easier for presenters but, with such reliance on these systems, I really worry that the organisations that use it to the extreme, are stirring up a lot of trouble for themselves and, worse still, the presenters themselves are destined to have a very difficult twilight of their careers, with so many of them succumbing to dementia after they have retired at say 60 or 65.

Let me be quite clear as to those who have done me harm

Of course, it all starts with my father. As a human being, I am sorry that he contracted Alzheimer’s but I really do not care anymore; he has done and incited others to do so much damage to me.

Then there is my daughter. I have written about her many times and what she has done and so am not going to waste any more time on her.

Then there is my cousin, who I loved and supported so much. But she has sat on the fence, taking money from me and also from my father. She actually telephoned my father to tell him where I was and what did he do? Through his masonic contacts, I was reported to the police and dragged off to prison. Although the original reason for going to see her was that she said that she needed a carer, I stupidly dropped everything, went to her, ferried her around in my car, took her to dinner and paid for everything but she telephoned my father and then feigned a panic attack. So convincing was she that I called her best friend and an ambulance.

But immediately after I was arrested, she made a miraculous recovery, started walking her dogs that she was incapable of walking before I was arrested, loaded my car with my heavy bags and then took it out to the road to be vandalised, which cost me yet more hundreds of pounds to sort out.

I do not care what her own blood family in Canada think but she is a complete con artist and an absolute liar, despite her supposed religious beliefs, which are a mere cover. She has betrayed me, not once, not twice but three times but because of my love for her as a cousin, I kept on going back, with the last time being the final straw.

She lives in a house rent free, gets a bucket load of money from the family and has the biggest television that I have ever seen.

Oh and she no longer goes to church; what a surprise because the acting is tiring her out.

If her Canadian family want to argue with me, please do, but Lori Cameron has betrayed me for the last time, just so that she can stay in her free house, have her bills paid off by lying to me and get cash from the family to finance her lifestyle. To keep herself sweet with the family, she had no compulsion in feeding me to the dogs. My lying first wife has nothing on her.

Then there is my toe rag brother, Martin Hender, who holds power of attorney over my father (I was kicked out) and has complete control over my father’s millions of wealth and has millions in his bank account, as well as a £1.4m interest free loan from the trust; great if you can get it.

Like my father and the other attorney for my father, he is a mason, has no morality whatsoever and wants to keep me where I am. He knows I am in a bad way but does not care about his brother; he is far more concerned with his bank account.

Worse still, my “darling” brother was paid hush money by my father, amounting to £1.25M to keep him quiet for HIS father sexually abusing one or both of his daughters; how fucking disgusting is that. I reported it to the police but then put the masonic system went into gear and it was buried by the police.

There is then Ronald Edward Downhill, another mason, who supposedly advises the trust but actually tells them what to do. Not only has he this bizarre masonic loyalty to a very sick disease minded man but he is pissed off because I got his best chum sacked for breaking trustee law, Thomas Meier. He wants to punish me as the others do, all of the others.

Finally, there is John Marriott, my father’s old financial consultant, who is, yes you guessed it, a mason, who has the same immoral and bizarre loyalty to my father and wants to keep me where I am and wants me to kill myself. Once I actually wrote to him and said that he was a better father figure than my own father but that was before I knew he was a mason and what he had done behind the scenes to me

CHIPS, not the ones to have with fish

There is a global shortage of chips to run just about every vehicle now

Nissan have put a billion pounds into a new facility up north and there is a giga factory to manufacture batteries to run the things. Not only that but the government has out in hundreds of millions to bring these projects to fruition.

Would it not make sense that as the chip shortage will get worse, to establish a chip supplier in the UK to supply chips to UK manufacturers?

Forget about the new projects but there is major car manufacturing in the Midlands that rely TOTALLY on these chips such as Nissan and the like.

If they do not have chips for their cars, they cannot sell the cars that they produce and there will be then MASS unemployment, as the car companies will cut production and therefore cut staff.

It is a no brainer

But this needs a forward vision from politicians rather than just them “shooting from the hip” and “blowing in the wind”

MPs and their complete disengagement from the public, EVEN IF they are constituents

I have no faith in what is called “The Westminster bubble” and no longer vote. If you ever watch prime minister’s questions or any other coverage of the house of commons, they behave with eloquence and carefully crafted words but, when it comes down to it, they are just like children in a playground or people engaging in a verbal food fight. The MPs just go through the motions and do not really care about what is outside the bubble; they just care about their own gravy train.

To illustrate this, I came up with an idea to invigorate the high street and to increase housing in city and town centres, given that thanks to the internet, the high street is sadly dead.

I wrote a long paper to discuss the problems and to come up with solutions and even fired up my Chief Architect software and spent hours coming up with graphic solutions, as MPS are like very young children; they hate reading but like looking at pictures. It is all about optics.

I spent probably the whole day preparing all of this and once completed, I asked myself as to whom I could sent it.

I came up with Robert Jenrick MP, the housing minister and Michael Fabricant MP, who I had just seen on GB News.

So emails were sent to both. No response from Robert Jenrick but maybe he was on holiday ( boy, don’t the MPs get VERY long paid holidays) but maybe he did not care about the revitalisation of our high streets.

But I DID receive a couple of emails from Michael Fabricant. True to form, he came out with the standard statement “you are not a constituent and so under the rules, I cannot help you”. What a great “get out of jail free” card. I did understand the statement but this did not relate to his or my constituency but related to the whole country. Yes MPS are there to serve their constituents but they vote on laws that effect EVERYONE, so QED, you can write to MPS of any constituency that affects the country as a whole.

He even had the cheek to suggest that I wrote to Bob Seeley, as he is my constituency MP. I wrote back to say that I had asked for his help many times but he refused, citing this and that. I told Mr Fabricant that Seeley was as useful as a chocolate tea pot in very hot weather.

When I wrote back to Mr Fabricant, I pointed out that he was refusing to speak to me for the reasons above but was quite happy to speak on EVERY AND ANY subject to GB News and pointed that I was quite sure that a fee had been paid for his “contribution”. Why could he happily speak to GB News but refuse to speak to me? He is a complete hypocrite.

With MPs, it is just a case of “pass the parcel” from MP to MP and what happens in the end? Nothing and that is just what the MPS want