Don’t panic !!!!!!

This is a very clever trick by the government to boost sales and obviously tax receipts.

The ministers knew damn well that if they said “Don’t panic!”, EVERYONE would panic so look what has happened? it is in every paper and the first thing that people will do is to fill up.

I had some builders around this morning and we had a chat about the so called petrol shortage. We live on the Isle of Wight that is ten miles long at its greatest, so why do people want to panic buy fuel on the island when they cannot go anywhere?

Cancel HS2

If HS2, which is going to be a waste of money and will be a white elephant, is cancelled, just imagine how many HGV drivers would be freed up, thousands of them, to support the distribution network for food and fuel and there will then be no shortages and Christmas will not be cancelled again

Not only that, HS2 is not exactly kind to the environment and with CoP26 coming up, just imagine the increase in popularity that Boris Johnson will receive. He will be putting his mouth where he puts the country’s money and he will get so many extra brownie points.

My final words on my appeal

I had some thoughts a day or two ago and wrote to my solicitor. I raised serious issues about my arrest and the obtaining of evidence.

He said that we were not like the US, which basically means that the UK police or thugs, as I call them, can basically do what they want. As an example, the main trick that they use is the one that they used on me.

“Come in for a voluntary interview”, they would ask and if refused, they will arrest you anyway. So, whatever you do, do not go in for a voluntary interview and call your solicitor immediately, as soon as you refuse. Do not think that because it is “voluntary”, they will not try and set you up; they will, as they did me.

All of that does not sound very fair, does it? But it shows that on that matter, the US law system is superior to our own.

Anyway, I have instructed him to withdraw the appeal but he said that it was good that I was thinking it through.

But one bit of good news though; he said that I had a good civil case for breach of copyright against that bastard, Staff Officer Leverton, a very good case indeed.

“1.5M people have been left without a (gas) provider”

That is the strapline on Friday’s GB News breakfast show. The producers are clearly desperate and lazy as well.

Yes, some energy providers have gone bust but there is a mechanism for the transfer of accounts from one supplier to another. 9 companies have gone bust in 2021 and 7 have already been transferred to other suppliers.

Talk about frightening the wits about of people who are not au fait with how it works, just for a lazy strap line.

Brazier – what a bloody joke

All he does is wax lyrical about his opinions; bully for him. What people really want to see is politicians and senior people being held to account; he does none of that but Andrew Neil, whom he replaced, regularly pulled politicians apart.

Andrew Neil, in his first week, ripped Richi Sunak apart but since Brazier has been in charge, there has been bugger all of that. THAT is what he is supposed to do.

The bullish other programmes do the same. They come across as hard nosed but they do not hold ANYONE to account, other than the nutters who shut the M25. Well, that is a very easy ride.

GB News has some good journalists, very good journalists such as Mark White, Simon McCoy, Kirsty Gallaher, Alastair Stewart, Liam Halligan and Tom Harwood. These people prop up the likes of Michelle Dewbury, who is a “media sensation” but is not a journalist and is very uneducated and many others. Thank goodness they took off Rebecca Hutson, who was dreadful; what the hell were they thinking of? Head of digital? I don’t think so. Good riddance

What is good about GB News is the outside broadcasters; they are passionate about the areas in which they live

Even when I am writing this, the whole issue on Dewbury is about female crime; of course, she has an all female panel. It goes on and fucking on. What about the poor bastards (men) who are killed every single day. Don’t they fucking matter?

Murders of women and men

Apparently, there are now about 120 murders of women a year, highlighted by the murder of the 26 year old school teacher, Sabina Nessa.

Sadiq Khan wants to have Misogyny made a criminal offence but what about Misandry? There are many ultra feminists who hate men and that is what misandry is. But there is no suggestion that is made a criminal offence. I have been at the end of misandry and it is very unpleasant. If I had not had my wits about me, I would have been arrested

The death of anyone is tragic; I have lost two beautiful loved ones but not through violence so I know loss, through violence or otherwise.

It does not matter if it is a murder or a woman by a man, a woman by a woman or a man by a woman or man but our feminised society seems to think that the murder of a woman is far worse than the murder of a man.

Most men are killed by men and the number is in the hundreds, far more than the number of women killed by men.

Sadly, this feminised society does not treat the murder of a man and woman as equal and that is reflected in the media, all of the media and that uncludes GB News.

I have emailed Colin Brazier so many times about such issues and related issues but he refuses to express such views in his programme. Why? Because Colin Brazier is a fucking coward and a whimp. Fine to criticise the prats who block the M25 but talk about what is REALLY going on in the country is “off limits”.

He will not talk about the injustice against men, he will not talk about the number of men who are killed every single day but he will “clear the decks” to talk about a single lady who has been murdered, no matter how tragic it is. So much for giving a balanced view of what is going on; BOLLOCKS

I bought and sent a very expensive bottle of whisky to Brazier to congratulate him for being the new head of GB News. It cost me £170, including the engraving but I regret doing it now; not just because he did not even bother to say “thank you” but because his “big programmes” are so fucking wishy washy and do not really give ANY opinion at all

The Morrisons law suit

As you know, I have filed a law suit against Morrisons. I am claiming for the £24 of plastic bags that they charged for (and refused to collect and refund, that is a lot of bags at 5p each), (unlike Sainsbury’s who never charged for them and collected from their customers) plus an amount of £400,000 for breach of contract.

They have asked for “more time” and have been granted it as you will see below

One would have thought that there are more than enough legal professionals in a company the size of Morrisons to deal with the claim in the time frame.

I have asked as to why they have been given an extension but have not received any reply.

If I was a betting man, Morrisons never banked on anyone suing them as I have done. I am quite sure that Morrisons made tens of millions out of these plastic bags “because of Covid”, that dreaded phrase and they have now opened themselves up to a class action for millions of pounds from disenchanted customers like me

An email to my GP

This is to Dr Kitova, who is my joint GP, whilst my GP is on holiday, again! It is self explanatory

Re: Currently unwell


  •  South Wight Medical Practice

Dear Dr Kitova,
Thank you for your email and message. I was asleep as, by 12, I am exhausted, both mentally and physically.
This has been building up now for 5 1/2 years, ever since my daughter falsely accused me of sexual abuse. I proved my innocence but no action was taken by the police against her, for making a false statement and wasting police time. It was less than two years later that I found out that my father had actually paid her to do it.
It was when I came across her blog that she had written in April 2017, repeating the same sex abuse allegations that had been proven false 6 months before, that I decided to write my blog in April 2018, to counter her false accusations. If it had not been there, I would not have started it. But because I was getting no justice from anybody and I was very angry, it led me to getting in a lot of trouble and I was found guilty of harassment in my absence, even though the courts knew that I was in a psychiatric hospital and ended up spending a month in a prison whilst on remand. 
That awful episode destroyed my life as I had lost the only person who I truly loved (my mother and my Liesel had already both died), my little girl and triggered something far worse. It unblocked the deep hidden memories that my father had sexually abused me as a boy. Everything made sense, especially the many issues with my bottom and the involuntary defaecation. In 2020, I was finally strong enough to report my father for sexual abuse and for inciting my daughter. That was a big step for me but I then could not believe that the police took no action against my father
He tried to bribe me in 2018 to leave the country but the police took no action. I have suffered financial abuse ever since but again the police would not take any action.
It is the complete sense of injustice and the fact that the police brutalised me that has destroyed my mental health.
That is why I run my blog to act as a pressure valve, otherwise I would have ended my life as I have wanted to do many times; I have now lost count
Dr Hill has written to those who have controlled me but excluding my father, as he now has advanced Alzheimer’s; my brother and non family members, who are all masons like my father but I doubt that anything is going to change. Perhaps, when Dr Hill returns, you and he can have a chat to discuss the best way forward because, as of now, it is only you two who have helped; not the police, not the trustees, not the solicitors and certainly not my family
Kind regards

Just because….

…I have had to ditch my appeal because of my mental health, that is not the end of it. Starting with the false sex accusations from 2016 (for which my daughter was paid by my father to do it), to the current harassment allegations where I was brutalised by the police, just because it is “over” does not mean that I will get better.

If you can imagine being inflicted to something day in and day out for 6 years, it has to have an effect on your mental state. Forget about the haraassment but a great deal of what has happened to my mental health is to not get justice FOR ANYTHING, not even any recognition of the damage that it has done to me. Not by my corrupt family, the corrupt and brutal police, not the justice system; no one cares a damn.

My mental health issues will continue until I am either dead or leave this fucking island, which was to be my forever home but my daughter and the police ensured that it was never going to be that and, as far as my daughter is concerned, it was all for money and things. She just thought of herself and not for the many sacrifices that I made for my little girl.

That is why my darling little girl is dead to me. You normally forgive your children for what they have done but this went far far beyond the pale and has snapped the bond between us forever. I tried so hard for years to get her back but she was just not interested, just interested in herself

My appeal et all

I had a chat with my solicitor today (finally) and given the state of my mental health with my fear of going to court and the unlikelihood of having it overturned, I have called it a day and will withdraw; my solicitor will sort out the paperwork.

Given the stitch up arrest and everything, the brutalising by the police including being in prison, which nearly killed me, he said that I will just have to see that as a chapter closed.

That is all that I hear, close the chapter and try and move on. There have been so many closed chapters that I could have made a book by now. Never any justice as I saw it, very little support from anyone, except my solicitor who said I had to be careful with my mental health. I think that it would have broken me, with me ending up in a psychiatric facility for life but it is not a life, it is an existence.

I have got to get out of here