It has taken a lot of time to piece it all together but have now proved that WITHOUT ANY DOUBT, men are treated completely differently to women in society.

It goes further. Television adverts, television programmes, films, the Police and society in general treat men much worse than the treat women.

I would not have been treated the way that I was by the Police and if I had been Verity, my story would not have been believed but because she is a girl/young woman, it was all taken as gospel.

Furthermore, if Verity had been a man, once the case was proven to be false, the Police would have arrested me for wasting police time, at the very least, if the Police had paid any attention to it in the first place, which I doubt very much; they would have ignored Verity if she had been a man

There have been a number of cases in the UK where, like me, men have proved their innocence but that is small comfort. Like me, their lives are destroyed and they are alienated by everyone in society. BUT NOTHING HAPPENS TO THE WOMEN WHO HAVE PUT FORWARD THESE FALSE ABUSED CLAIMS.

Just look at that woman who a while ago swore an oath in the US that a senator had abused her. It was proved to be complete rubbish but did anything happen to that woman who had lied under oath? i doubt it very much.

It would seem and this is not just my opinion as their are hard facts that women can accuse whomever they want to with impunity. 

This goes much further as this attitude towards men has infected every single bit of society like a deadly virus; divorce cases, just about every area of the so called justice system, the Police, producers of adverts, television dramas of all hues and by film producers.

Craig Mclaughlan would never have been treated the way he has been, if he had been a woman. In fact the Australian Broadcast Company and the producers of The Blake Mysteries would never have even thought up the underhand way to get rid of the character.

By their own admission and by their action, they have now displaced a man with a woman and have destroyed a male actor, singer, producer and musician who has an impeccable reputation purely to increase their viewing figures and that of course equates to more money.

ABC in Australia, the media around the world and the Police in most countries including the UK and Australia have been exposed for what they are; sexual discriminators of men.

Just look at Murdoch Mysteries, who insert women and pretty girls in as many episodes as possible, purely to titillate the audience and get more viewers and more profits.

Just look at the Heart Guy/Doctor Doctor, where if the character Hugh, had been a woman, she/he would not have been portrayed as someone who wanted to get her end away all of the time, was portrayed as a fool and where women would not have been described as having small vaginas.

The list goes on and on

If Craig Mclaughlan’s lawyers are up to the task, then his case is not just about him but is an investigation of all manner of attitudes of society of men as opposed to women.

Of course, Craig wants to be fully cleared and awarded what he is due (I can imagine what he is going through as I have experienced similar) but it goes far far further than just him and if there are some enlightened people in the justice system, then this may be the start of rebalancing society. If it starts in Canada and the producers start to write decent balance episodes and in Australia where Craig is not only cleared of all charges and is awarded his compensation, then maybe we are heading for a better world.

It is very long overdue

As my daughter said to me when talking about her choice of family law as a career, I WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE

If Verity goes against this and does nothing, then she is going against everything that she believes in or once believed

Murdoch Mysteries – Unequivocal evidence of female gender bias AND SEXUAL DISCRIMINATION AGAINST MEN

Here we have it; total proof and coming out of Dr Ogden’s own mouth.

In the “Devil inside”, when James Gillies’ chat with Dr Ogden was being discussed, Dr Ogden said that she was going to section his brain on his death by hanging as she believed that there was something wrong with his brain and “something made him with a physical abnormality” and that she was going to find out the cause but cutting open his brain.

So, she has said, IN HER OWN WORDS, that there was something wrong with his brain, causing him to act as he did.

But, WHEN IT CAME TO WOMEN, even if they murdered someone, they were locked up in an asylum to be “treated”, rather than being hung, as society does not like seeing women, especially on television, being hung.

So, out of her own mouth, she has effectively confessed that there is a gender bias against men and thus, as it is a drama of sorts, there is a gender bias against men by the writers of Murdoch Mysteries and by default, a female gender bias conducted by the producers and the directors as well.

So, there you have it.  I have proven gender bias and that it is a reflection of how society treats men as opposed to women and this goes further.

In my last post, about The Heart Guy/Doctor Doctor

and its effect on the attitudes of people that links to the the unjust case and treatment of Craig Mclaughlan, I have now proved unequivocally the difference in the way that men are treated by the Police, the media and society as opposed to the way that women are treated and perceived.

If Dr Blake had been a women, this whole debacle of a case against Craig Mclaughlan, would never have happened and ABC, as well as others, would not have gone out of their way to destroy someone’s career and there would NEVER HAVE BEEN THIS TRIAL BY MEDIA.

There would also NEVER have been a steady stream of men being interviewed detailing how they were sexually abused by a woman. The news channels would have not aired them, the papers would not have reported them and NO ONE including the Police would have taken any interest.



I refer you to my post where I have proved unequivocally that sex discrimination against men is rife in just about every corner of the world AND EVERY CORNER OF SOCIETY

A classic example of female gender bias – THE HEART GUY

You will never see a man touching up a woman unless it is a contextual part of a plot involving sexual abuse.

Now I know that “The Heart Guy” is supposed to be funny and it is, don’t get me wrong.

But the episode “What difference the day makes“, the replacement lead doctor for the character “Penny”, decided that she was going to touch up one of the male administrators. That was supposed to be funny; it was not

The character “Meryl” referred to her mayoral opponent as having a tiny penis. You would NEVER EVER have a male character refer to a woman as having a tiny fanny.

It just goes to show that men are fair game when it comes to sexual innuendos, but referring to women in that way is just not allowed.

It is clear that women can just about get away with everything whilst men are always held to account.

That goes for sexual abuse too. If a man, in real life, touched up a woman, he would be arrested or, at the very least, sacked for indecent conduct but, turn the tables and a woman can get away with just about everything.

Take it further. If a man is accused of abuse, he will never be believed and his career will be over but if a woman does the same, her career will not be affected at all; IN FACT, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN TO HER AT ALL

I refer you to my post, where women are treated completely differently by the media, the Police and Society

I do not condone abuse of any kind but there is clearly one rule for men and one rule for women.

I refer you to my post on male sexual discrimination , where I have blown apart the gross gender bias against men by all parties.

Response from the Institute of Chartered Accountants

I have very quickly received a response from them, advising me that my father is no longer a member of the institute.

The institute are aware of my blog and have not given me permission to reproduce their letter and so I will not.

But what I am allowed to do is to reproduce the email that I have just sent to my father, reminding him of his obligations. I am unsure as to when he ceased to be a member but have received letterheads with FCA after his name until very recently.

I am quite sure that he has been fudging it for years; that would be typical of my father, as he has broken every other rule in the book

Here is the email:

David Hender
Fri 24/05/2019 17:57
  • Bill Hender
I have complained about you to the Institute of Chartered Accountants.
I received a letter today advising me that you are no longer a member. Therefore:
  • You cannot put FCA after your name on anything
  • You cannot refer to yourself as a Chartered Accountant, even on Companies House documents or to anyone
  • You cannot sign off any accounts or tax returns where you refer to yourself as a Chartered Accountant
  • Without being a member of the institute, you are merely an accountant and nothing more
You must therefore amend your letterhead and any documents at Companies House that refer to your occupation as a Chartered Accountant
If I find any records or documentation that refers to you as such, I will report you to the institute and they will take action against you.
I, like many of my colleagues, protect our reputations and our qualifications with great vigour. We will not have anyone sullying the name of the institute, especially you.

I used to worship my Dad

My earliest memory of my Dad was at Christmas, as Martin and I were presented with a Christmas house filled with presents. I do not know if he built it or bought it but given my father’s aversion to all things practical, I suspect that he bought it but it was lovely nevertheless.

My father worked all hours and I rarely saw him, even on Saturdays and so I asked him if I could come to work with him and I played Solitaire on his boardroom table whilst he worked but I had to keep quiet in fear of him having a go at me.

My next real memory was when I was 13 and he recognised my abilities. He said “David, it is time that you come to work for me”. So, at 13, he took me to work and his secretary, Win Boden got my sandwiches for me and I ate them in her office.

In those days, we had no air conditioning but regardless of the temperature all men had to wear jackets and ties. I literally fried but the lovely ladies who I worked with took me under their wing, as they felt sorry for me. Why should a young child have to abide by the same rule as the adult men? I have to say that it was pretty brutal.

I even remember my first “pay packet”. It was a bundle of notes shoved into my hand by someone in personnel. I spent little of it and put most, if not all, in my post office savings account.

I carried on working for my father for many years but when it came to my exams, I had to study at home.

It should be noted that my so called brother never made any appearance as he was allowed to do whatever he wanted, which mostly included bonking the next pretty thing on legs.

Win Boden took me home many times as my father worked very late but on one rare occasion when I was due to go home with him, I knocked on his office door and, with no answer, I walked into his office.

At that time, I was so very proud of my father and what does a little boy want to do most? Sit in his daddy’s chair. So, I sat down behind my father’s big desk.

All of a sudden, he returned to the office with some colleagues and seeing me in his chair, he told me to get out. As a 13/14 year old, I was very upset. Today, that would seem a strange reaction but just remember that this was in the old era when children were really children and acted as such.

Once his colleagues had left, he came over to me and just looked down at me like a haunting man and told me in no uncertain terms to “NEVER, EVER SIT IN HIS CHAIR AGAIN”. I really had to hold back the tears.

Then when I was roughly 16 or 17, Martin decided that he would come and work for his father. For some reason, my father agreed to some of his friends coming too. It was not for work experience as my so called brother could not even do Maths properly; it was purely for beer money. But the prodigal child was allowed to do whatever he wanted, within reason.

Many posts ago, I talked about how proud I thought my father was when I qualified. My Mum, on the other hand, was very proud, as her “baby son” had achieved so much and it did not go unnoticed that I had achieved so much more than the prodigal child, my brother. I think that this was where the bitterness from my father really started.

I achieved, far more, in the early days than my brother ever did but he did suggest me for the Premium Credit job and then rightly took a back seat.

Do not get me wrong; my brother is extremely eloquent and is a great salesman. He could even sell oil to the Arabs but a businessman he is not and that is why his pet project, his brewery failed, being propped up by his father.

Compare that to my football boot business. Yes, my father lent me money but all of that was paid back but in Martin’s case, it was just written off; hence the need to merge with a far more successful brewery. He has now gone from sole owner to being just a salesman with shares.

My father, whom I looked up to for so long, has become a self centred, evil man, who has been quite willing to try and destroy his son assisted by my very own daughter due to my success but my unfortunate divorces and nervous breakdown, has brought me back to more or less where I was when I was at 30, Lincoln Road in Guildford ably assisted by his campaign to destroy me of course.

Talk about hitting a man when he is down



My Mum and Verity’s Nana

I have just watched a Dr Blake Mysteries episode and it concerned a painting of his mother’s.

My darling late Mum did not set the world alight, she was not a businesswoman, she was not clever at making things but she was one of the kindest, if not the kindest, person that i have ever known.

Yes, I am sure that I am biased but there was something very special about my Mum in that she was just so kind.

That is very surprising, given that she grew up in the slums of the East End and was a true Cockney. My father gave her a lot of flack because he was a sexist bastard and just wanted a stunning woman on his arm and boy was my mother stunning.

It was my father’s actions that eventually broke my mother, causing her to have a serious nervous breakdown and that is why my parents had my brother and I quite late; certainly for the era.

I dread to think how my father treated her but I can imagine and it sends shivers through my spine. Just look at the way that he has treated his son; me. There is something in my father that has made him that way and I believe that it was partly due to the way that his parents treated him; he could do no wrong and created a massive ego for himself.

One of the kindest things that Verity’s mother has ever said was about my mother and she said that she really liked her because she was so kind and kind she was to everyone. I can honestly say that there was not a bad thought in her body, which is quite amazing given what she was put through and the environment that she grew up in and the way that my father treated her.

It was from my Mum and my Mum alone that I am what I am today. She taught me humility, kindness, morality and humanity and, even though I am speaking for myself, that is how I have led my life.

But people have taken advantage of my kind nature; basically my whole family including my very own daughter and others too.

I think the best of people or rather I did and I trusted everyone with whom I was friends with and, of course, trusted my wives and my family implicitly.

But people have taken advantage of my kind nature, including all of my family and so I have turned into a person who really trusts no one, certainly not Verity or the rest of my so called family, as those who have taken advantage of me have turned against me for personal gain of whatever sort.

So, I am now really a recluse who only leaves this bloody house to pick up my meds or see my osteopath.

I do not wish to be like this. I want to enjoy my life and share good times with the people whom I love and respect.

This may happen if there is some sort of change but I do not see that change coming any time soon.

My home was to be my sanctuary but it has turned into just bricks and mortar and is just like a prison.

Yes, it has no bars but there are bars in my mind because if I stay in this house, then no one can hurt me anymore but hurt I continue to endure through other means; by the campaign that my father and the family are waging on me to ensure my destruction.

Quite frankly, I now long to be with my Mum and my beloved Liesel again, because there is nothing left on this earth for me; my darling Verity has made that especially plain to me

Murdoch Mysteries – yet more female gender bias

Here we go again but I will carry on until there is change

In “Murdoch of the living dead”, the episode surrounds medical experiments by irresponsible doctors. ALL AND I MEAN ALL OF THOSE EXPERIMENTED IN WERE MEN

Yet again, it is the man who was the thug and wife beater but the child at the centre of it all was, surprise surprise, a little girl; it could have easily have been a boy but we all know why they chose a little girl; don’t we?

I have to say it makes me want to puke.

Yes, I get angry by watching Murdoch Mysteries but I will continue to do so and write about it and then maybe change may happen.

The Canadian producers are certainly taking notice 

Do not get me wrong; Murdoch Mysteries has a good format but until this gender biased is eradicated, I will carry on and on. Given my thousands of visitors, I wonder how any times, it has been tweeted or Facebooked, not that I have used either anymore for long time.

And in fear of labouring the point, in Murdochphobia, only one out of five of the patients under Dr Ogden’s care was a man.

I know that they are not alone; adverts and films do it all the time but they are fewer or even singular in number.

I will soon be doing a sort of chart exposing the worse female gender biased adverts and I already know who will be in the top three.