The proof that Berwin Leighton Paisner and Paicolex Trust Management AG are RIPPING OFF their clients (republished and edited)

Regular readers of my blog will know that I have been engaged in a long running battle with Berwin Leighton Paisner and its tax evasion vehicle subsidiary, Paicolex Trust Management AG together with some of my family.

Let’s ignore the family, for what it is and concentrate on the two big corporates, one owned by the other.

I must have sent hundreds of emails to both entities now and all recipients will have had to read them, plus of course my nearly 1000 posts on my blog.

That, my friends, will have taken them all a great deal of time and, as they say, time is money.

Neither Berwin Leighton Paisner‘s nor Paicolex’s time is cheap; all of their clients should know that.

So, how have all of the people absorbed all of the time that they took to deal with my dispute?

The answer is that they have written it all off? How could they possibly do that, you may ask?

Well, they charge such massive fees and make such huge profits that they can afford to just write off many hundreds of hours, costing many hundreds of thousands of pounds.

That proves to me that both Berwin Leighton Paisner and Paicolex Trust Management AG are ripping off their clients, all of them.

{They would not have charged my father or the trust because not even my father is as stupid as that. The billed fees would now be MORE than what we are arguing about. Surely, my father is not THAT ill and to repeat myself, stupid}

A beginner’s guide to how to bugger up your Dad’s life forever in 14 easy steps

  1. Get lots of prezzies from your mother and granddad
  2. Be allowed to do whatever you please
  3. Be convinced by your mother and grandfather that your Dad is a bad man
  4. Invite him over from the Isle of Wight to come out to dinner with you, involving ferry and hotel costs
  5. Two hours before the pick up from college, change your mind and go home with mummy
  6. Walk down to the Police station hand in hand with your mummy and accuse him of sexually abusing you and hurting you
  7. Tell the police that your Dad abused you, even though you had not seen him for ages and forget that he had moved to the Isle of Wight
  8. Go on a lovely holiday financed by lots of cash given to your mummy by your granddad
  9. Have photographs taken with you lying seductively on some rocks in a white bikini. Ooops, nearly forgot to delete them off Facebook. Thank you for reminding me Dad
  10. Carry on going to parties although you were supposed to have been abused by your Dad over 5 years
  11. Watch your Dad’s life crumble and read about his pain in his blog
  12. After the case has been thrown out by the Police, write a blog about how you were supposedly abused
  13. Feel guilty and delete your blog
  14. Carry on your life as normal

The web of family lies, bribery, manipulation, pay offs, false accusations and false arrest – THE WAY OF GETTING YOUR FATHER’S SON AND DAUGHTER’S FATHER PUT IN PRISON

I have written a great deal about the false allegations and all of the “actors” in this horrific drama but have never really put it in graphic form but now I have. This will be the first of three webs, the other two explaining in graphic form how I am being seriously financially disadvantaged and the last one being my father’s tax evasion.


Suicide and assisted suicides

I believe that everyone has the right to commit suicide although it is “banned” in the Roman Catholic faith.

What got me thinking was an old episode of Rush when a woman tried to commit suicide by driving her car into a river. Another well meaning person contacting the police and they managed to get her out of the car and revived her.

But the reason that she had tried to commit suicide was because she had terminal cancer and, after the rescue, she then had to endure more pain until she passed away.

It is part of our makeup that we wish to save people but some do not wish to be saved. Let us ignore mentally unbalanced people for a moment otherwise my viewpoint will get confusing.

This inevitably flows into the subject of assisted suicides. Sometimes, someone is so incapacitated that they cannot commit suicide themselves and need help.

In both world wars, there were mercy killings, where soldiers were so badly injured that a friend shot them, before the enemy could get to the injured person. Is that fair enough?

Yes, it is a cliche but when any animal is in pain, we put it to sleep. If my beloved cat, William was in a lot of pain, I would agree to it out of love for him.

When my mother got Alzheimer’s, I was seriously thinking about ending her life, when all of her had gone. When I told my brother, he went berserk. But why?

Why do we leave these people, who are effectively vegetables and cannot recognise anyone in such distress and with so little dignity?

Those of you who have a strong faith will jump down my throat and you have every right to do that and will remind me of the sanctity of life.

People who have read my blog from the start will know that I had a secret pact with Liesel. In blunt terms, she wanted me to help her on her way by an overdose of morphine but her mother was so religious that if I had been caught, I would still be in a South African prison even now, if I was still alive that is.

I chose my darling daughter,Verity over her and she was my darling daughter then but, apparently, not now. But given my current situation, I regret not keeping to the pact and wish I had taken the risk. I will carry that guilt until I die and if I see my Liesel again, the first thing that I will say to her is that I am sorry that I put her through all of that pain and loss of difficulty. 

I didn’t do it out of fear for my life or what would happen to me. I only did it out of my fear for Verity, not having me there to guide her. 


Aircraft redundancies

I was watching an interesting documentary on the Singapore giant wheel, like the London Eye but only bigger, when I thought back to my earlier posts on aircraft safety.

The reason that I thought of this was that there was an incident when part of the control room, for the wheel, caught fire and the wheel stopped, with roughly 70 people on board. They did have a back up generator but this was routed through the control room, at which point I went “Duh”. They managed to get everyone out by the use of ropes.

I have always been interested in how things work and how a designer settled on a particular way of doing something and that was when I thought back to aircraft.

Yes, aircraft have multiple redundancies but, because of that horrible word COST, they are routed close by the “permanent” cables or pipes, which are used all of the time.

Some of the disasters are caused by either fire or damage. When the permanent or main cable or pipe is damaged, the others are damaged too and that leads to crashes with many fatalities.

Given that when there is something seriously wrong with a plane, there is the tragic tendancy of it to either blow up or fall out of the sky, would it not be much more sensible for aircraft manufacturers to route these redundancies in a completely different way than for the main pipe or cable?

The trouble is that when something happens, what caused the main pipe or cable to fail also wipes out the redundancies and that is generally why these sorts of plane crashes happen.

Take dual circuit brakes in a car. Yes, for some of the time, the pipes run together but then they branch out to completely different areas of the car.

Even wires in a car do the same. If one light fails, then there are still others.

But routing cables or pipes in an aircraft is time consuming and costly and that is why they are generally run together,

Yet again, it is a question of cost of lives against the cost of making the plane, on which profit depends.

Thinking about these aircraft safety issues, it is surprising that I fly, although I have not done that for many years now. Although completely terrifying, at least my end would be quick, not like having cancer or motor neuron disease and dying slowly.

I don’t fear death itself because I believe that there is somewhere where I will go and where I will be happy again but I certainly fear how I will die. That is why I have a DNR on my medical records and in my living will.