The UNTOUCHABLE – my PAEDOPHILIC father – Like (late) grandfather, like father

The police have more than enough circumstantial evidence to arrest my father. But they won’t, because he is a mason. They have had the information for many months now but both Hampshire/IOW police and Surrey police just sit on their hands and do the square root of bugger all. You would have thought that TWO […]

A message to Ruth Lees of Churcher’s solicitors (if you can call them that)

The debacle of my so called show trial David Hender Fri 11/09/2020 09:10 To:  Ruth Lees – Churchers Cc:  Sky News;  Jonathan Samuels (Sky News);  Lisa Dowd (Sky News reporter) +5 others I am not surprised that you did not respond to my last email; there is absolutely nothing to defend both you and Churcher’s […]

Yet another message to Gavin Stephens, chief constable of Surrey

The harassment of my female cousin David HenderWed 09/09/2020 13:30 To:  Gavin Stephens New chief constable of Surrey Police Dear Mr Stephens,Whether you are going to take action or not, I have no idea but as my cousin is the victim, you would have attempted to contact her via me by now. It would seem […]

A message to Gavin Stephens, Chief Constable of Surrey, where my father lives

The serious harassment incident – yesterday 6th September 2020 This message was sent with High importance. David Hender Mon 07/09/2020 13:14 To:  Gavin Stephens New chief constable of Surrey Police Dear Mr Stephens,You are now well aware as to what happened to my cousin yesterday, as a result of the gross and unnecessary threats made […]