The PM’s comment over Saville

Quite frankly, I see this is as a storm in a tea cup.

All throughout the party gate scandal, the PM has been blamed for everything that has gone on at Number 10, regardless of whether he knew about it or not and regardless of whether he was there or not.

Starmer and many others have continually blamed the PM for everything that has gone on, because he is the leader but when the tables are turned on Starmer, it is considered to be an inappropriate comment.

Rightly or wrongly, if you are head of an organisation, if something bad happens, then you have to take responsibility; in the private sector, there have been many such examples.

Do not get me wrong. Johnson is a good PM in terms of using his character to gain popularity for his party but he is the worst prime minister there has been in my lifetime. He is total rubbish and any PM must have a handle on everything. Maggie did and so did May and , yes, there has been a culture created at number 10 that there is one rule for those in power and another for the rest of us. Johnson must take the blame for that.

But Starmer was the head of the CPS at the time of the Saville cock ups and he should take full responsibility for the failures of the CPS. He is a hypocrite for pretending anything else.

As to the reasons for the head of the policy unit blaming the comments that the PM made, for her resignation are, quite frankly, total rubbish.

As to the raft of resignations, there is something else at play here. Sunak has been disloyal in saying “he would not have said that” because he is after Johnson’s job. I would not trust Sunak as far as I could throw him and that is not far at all; he is a very privileged chancellor who has no concept whatsoever as to the pain that everyone is suffering. Quite frankly, he would be as worse a PM as Johnson

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