The energy crisis – this is war!

I have written extensively on the energy crisis, in my last few posts

What we all have to understand is that in terms of the energy crisis, this is war. That may sound dramatic but, in terms of our population, it has similar effects; deprivation, cold housing, loss of life and the rest.

How many billions of OUR money has been invested into windfarms? What did the government invest into SMRs? £215M. That is completely derisory and reflects Johnson’s obsession with wind farms.

We are where we are. The government should invest £1/2 billion at least into the SMR project. We are on a war footing when it comes to energy and we all know that in times of war, so much improvement in technology can be achieved and we are already starting to see the energy crisis bite.

How many billions were written off for badly ordered PPE? £7 billion? How many billions have been written off with regards to fraudulent Covid loans? 5 billion? £1/2 billion is nothing when compared to all of that.

The government saw this coming years ago but did nothing. They should now invest as much money as it takes, to get the production line running for SMRs by the end of this year at the very latest to avoid so much hardship by so many desperate people.

After all, without cheap energy, this country is nothing.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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