If you think that you will get justice from the small claims court, think again

You may get justice if there are no masons involved with the defendant or that it does not involve the police but if masons or the police are involved, you will not get a jot of justice, I promise and I will tell you why.

Masonhood, if that is the right word, is rife, like an insidious virus and has infected all of society.

I have never shied away from the fact that I was in prison, albeit that I was on remand because the masonic judge considered me a flight risk. Where was I actually going to go?

Whilst I was in prison, I received a message from my cousin, who announced that although I had originally gone up to Wales to be her long time carer because she was now disabled, an offer which she accepted, to say that not only had she put my heavy bags in my car, whilst it was in the garage, she had managed to lift herself into the high 4×4 and then drive it onto the road without my permission.

She had, by that act, broken the law, because she had no insurance on my car and she left it on the road for a month. The police refused to act or were told not to by masonic superiors and the car was vandalised.

When I was finally given a suspended sentence, I travelled by taxi from Swansea prison to pick up my car and go home. She had also sent a message when I was in prison that she wanted nothing more to do with me. That was all down to my masonic father and brother who have a hold over my cousin as my father owns her house and pays her a SIZEABLE monthly amount in addition to receiving a Canadian pension.

She did send another message to me whilst I was in prison. That was that she had taken her dogs to the beach and it was so much fun. What a miraculous recovery. If you have ever had a Husky, do you know how much they pull? After all, that was what they were built for. I am a stocky guy and I even struggled with the husky, let alone her and the other huge dog.

Her disabled condition was a mere ploy to get me to go and see her from my self imposed isolation at a Travelodge after having to leave the Priory because I could no longer afford it. I could not bear going back to the island after everything that had happened to me there and I had even asked my friend to find my beloved cat a new home.

When I got to the house after being released from prison, I rang the bell and heard the dogs. As she had said that she was selling her car (another lie), she must have been in. She even phoned the police and that started a snowball of events that cost me a lot of money.

The police ordered the recovery agent to take it to a police compound so I was stuck in Wales with only the bloodied clothes that I was arrested in and left prison in. It was a Friday afternoon and so I had no choice but to pay for a whole weekend in a Travelodge somewhere.

Basically, because of her actions, I had to pay for the recovery agents fee and the cost of the hotel and a little compensation, nothing much, just £300. I also had to contend with having few of my epileptic drugs which would have been no problem if I could have driven straight back to the island on that day. The claim in total was about £900

But as soon as I put in a claim, the masonic wheels started turning. She missed the deadline to respond but I have been told that because the system was Beta, my case was taken “off line” and I could not ask for a CCJ against her. My claim was nothing special, which would have meant that every single claim would have been taken off line and processed manually. What is the point of the computer system that must have cost millions?

It was a fix and all to do with the fact that she is the niece of a mason.

So, if you want justice and the defendant is linked to a mason, forget it. YOU WILL NOT GET JUSTICE

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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