A letter to the family trust regarding inequalities

Regular readers of my blog will know that on top of the issues that I have had with the Police, I have been fighting the trust. I know believe that having married various documents together, I have proved that my brother has received millions more than me, all at the behest of my father who has treated the trust like a private piggy bank.

Given the cost of living crisis that has affected me as well as everyone else, I am reticent in publishing the letter as we are talking about large sums of money. But anyone who knows me, knows that I am more interested in the principal of the matter rather than the money itself.

What is the price of a life that I have lost?

Since 2016, my life has been very grim, with false accusations and many arrests. My life has been on hold for more than 6 years now and I am quite frankly just existing. I need some of this money to enable me to start a new life for the nth time

Here is the email.

Inequalities in the trust

This message was sent with High importance.

This message was sent with High importance.


David Hender

Thu 14/04/2022 08:38


  • Clare Edwards (Paicolex);
  • Andrew Lugg (Paicolex Chairman)


This letter was signed by the both of you, as you will see from the attached document and, as such, is legally binding.

You have listed all of the dividends that were paid by the trust to the date of the letter.

In the schedule of dividends at the end of the letter, you have categorically stated 

  • That Martin had been paid an extra £77,000 when in your words, it was “previous imbalances in David’s favour”. In fact, I should have been paid that sum, not Martin
  • That Martin was indeed paid twice i.e. £400,000 with payments being made on 11/4/2018 and 14/5/2018, each of £200,000
  • That you stated that I had to declare in my tax return, my genuine income of £200,000 but you deducted the entire amount of unsubstantiated loans of £23.633.68 and that since that date, you have still been deducting both capital and interest. You have been illegally deducting me, taking the entire amount out in one go and then again deducting from my income “instalment amounts” and have been paying over the money to my father ever since. In fact, you treated the unsubstantiated amounts differently from the core loan, in that you deducted it immediately

You have both knowing broken every rule with regards to the trust and your duties of care as trust officers.

This letter will be sent to the London managing partner and chairperson of Berwin Leighton, as it is now and you will both lose your jobs.

I have always stated from the outset that there had been a campaign against me, incited by my father with you, as well as Ron Downhill, being the knowing pawns and that this has substantially affected both my mental and physical health.

I will demand that

You will repay me all of the amounts that I was underpaid, with interest paid at 2.99% and that I receive a compensation figure of £10m immediately, from either Paicolex or its holding shareholder, Berwin Leighton Paisner. As to the interest rate, Andrew Lugg stated that the loan was accruing interest at 2.5%, whereas you have now charged me a rate of 2.99%

In addition, I am repaid back all monies that have been paid by me since the legally executed loan balance reduced to £180,000; the amount that was supposed to be paid by my father in lieu of the capital payment to Rosanna, to comply with the verbal contract between them.

In addition, the interest free loan that Martin took out with you is still outstanding in the accounts of HFP Investments for the year ended 30th November 2021 but according to Companies House, the loan has been repaid, as of 26th October 2020. It has not been repaid but simply written off by ASC at my father’s command. You are entitled to dispute this but the only way that you can prove my statement to be false is to provide copies of the bank statements that show the monies have been repaid.You have always charged me interest on the loan when I got divorced. But you have never charged my brother interest. This state of affairs is not compliant with the Trustees Act 2000.

As a condition of this settlement, Martin will actually repay the £1.4m of monies to ASC, with all interest being paid at 2.9% and I will have copies of all correspondence, the ASC accounts to present and will receive them thereafter.

No one else, other than the legal beneficiaries, will receive any further sums from the trust/ASC and all monies paid to date to or on behalf of Francesca Hender, Iyshea Hender and Verity Hender will be repaid in full with punitive interest charged at 2.99% and in terms of Verity Hender, any rental agreement of a property will be immediately terminated and any property purchased on her behalf will be immediately sold. The trust officers have breached the trust deed by distributing capital to family members who are not bona fidei beneficiaries. You have thus failed to comply with the trust deed which dictates a maintenance of all capital.

Although not a Paicolex issue, the will of my father will revert to that before the death of my mother and if my father does not want to see prison bars instead of his garden at Timberchace, he will comply with this, as he has committed fraud of the utmost gravity in league with you as trustees. I will receive a copy of his will that relates to what was current before the death of my mother and confirmation that all future wills have been superceded and cancelled. The will provided to me will be previously have been presented to a notary with sworn confirmation that no will shall supercede the version that has been notarised.

Relating to my father, he will pay me personal compensation of £5m for what he has done to me, in losing my daughter who was my world and for causing me so much physical and mental distress, to the extent that I wished to kill myself. Out of sheer spite, he has done all of this to me, starting with the sexual abuse when I was a boy. 

Relating to Verity, she will make a statement under oath that she was not affected by any of the emails that I sent to her and that she was malicious in saying that it was harassment. Her mother will do likewise, stating that the complaints made to the police were at the instigation of my father. 

The house in Wales inhabited by my cousin and owned by my father will immediately be sold, with the total receipts being received by me. This is for her sheer betrayal, after everything that I have done for her over so many years, in this country and in Canada.

Furthermore, Verity will issue a separate sworn statement stating that she falsely accused me of sexual abuse at the instigation of my father, with the payment of money in consideration.

The sworn statements will then be issued to the court and the charge and sentence of harassment will be expunged, together with the issue surrounding the allegations of abuse and actual bodily harm, with my record again being expunged and I will receive sizeable compensation from Hampshire and Surrey police for the way that I was treated, firstly in the false arrest in 2016 when I was falsely accused of sexual abuse and secondly, in the manner that I was arrested for not attending a voluntary interview, even though I was severely agoraphobic. 

Furthermore, my father will make a sworn statement that due to his masonic connections, he was complicit with my arrest and charge in relation to the alleged harassment. I make no promise as to whether I will write a new will to include my daughter as a beneficiary in my will.

As my B shares in ASC are legally binding, 50% of all assets and retained profits of ASC will be transferred to another entity and then the B shares will be cancelled. In addition, due to my brother’s complicity in all activities against me, 20% of the assets and retained profits of his share will be transferred to my B shares before the cancellation and transfer.

A trust lawyer of good repute, will have a field day with the information that were legally provided by the trust and this could lead to the break up of Paicolex and will have serious inevitable consequences to the Bryan Cave/Berwin Leighton relationship 


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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