I am finally getting my medication but am still reporting my GP practice to the GMC

There has been some success today, albeit that it is far too late.

I have been emailing the Lighthouse Clinic, which is a specialist skin department of the NHS, backwards and forwards for a few hours and finally there has been a resolution.

The resolution is that provided the script that the Lighthouse clinic will send to my GP surgery, The South Wight Medical Practice, they will now dispense my medication.

I pointed out to the Lighthouse clinic that provided a valid prescription is received by Godshill surgery, they are legally obliged to dispense the medication.

I do not blame the dispensers at Godshill; they are, after all, doing as instructed but I am blame the doctors and, in particular, Dr Peter Hill, who blocked the signing of the Shared Care and Service Agreement that would have enabled me to just order the medication on line and have it dispensed by the surgery’s pharmacy; after all, I minimise my trips out of the house as I am agoraphobic.

You will remember that I previously said that I was suddenly transferred to Dr Hill’s list, without any interaction by me. I believe that this was done because Dr Hill is a mason and it is my opinion, not fact, that he is in league with my masonic father and brother.

The last time that Dr Hill saw me, he threatened me with defamation but I am smarter than that, as he cannot sue me for defamation with regard to accusing him to be a mason, as the institution of masons is not proscribed, which means that it is legal, sadly, as it is a completely corrupt organisation. You cannot commit defamation by accusing someone of being a member of a legal organisation. It would be like me accusing him of being a member of a car club.

The reason that I am still reporting them to the GMC is this.

  1. The specialist at the Lighthouse Clinic sent a valid prescription to the Godshill surgery over three weeks ago
  2. The dispenser at the Godshill surgery said that they could not dispense my cyclosporine because an agreement had not been signed.
  3. It is irrelevant whether a shared care and service agreement is in place; they are legally obliged to dispense the medication
  4. The practice’s failure to dispense the medication has caused unbelievable pain and, worse still, irreversible damage
  5. After being forced to do so, they are now dispensing the medication, although three weeks of not taking the drug has caused serious damage to my body. It will not be until next week now before I am able to take the drug that will be 5 weeks of unwarranted delay
  6. I am also considering suing the practice for damages due to their inaction and will demand that Dr Peter Hill is struck off
  7. No one at the practice has ever properly examined me and the first person to actually identify my condition was my osteopath

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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