GB News denies free speech

I only watch GB News and no other channel.

I have written to Colin Brazier, the head of GB News and I know that he has read my blog posts and emails; I can tell that by my stats on my blog and elsewhere. I am, after all, a tech guy.

99% of my emails have gone from my ordinary account but I have others. I have written to hundreds of times but have received no reply at all.

But I tried sending an email from a different account and, after sending the email, I received an auto response. This proves unequivocally that GB News and Colin Brazier in particular, have blocked my normal email address.

Automatic reply: Vaccines

As I have said, HE received my emails but no other. He has used my suggestions for alterations to the “layout” of GB News but has never replied to me so that he can take all of the credit.


  •  David Hender

The GB Views Team 

<xxxxxxxxxxx>Fri 07/01/2022 18:26

Thank you so much for emailing GB News. Unfortunately we will not be able to reply to you individually. We appreciate your time and views.
GB Views Team

I have said that I would work with them, to improve the channel, for no money but even that is not good enough

GB News is said to promote free speech but that could not be any further from the truth

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