GB News – breakfast

You may find it strange that I always talk about GB News but that it the ONLY channel that I watch.

I used to like The Great British Breakfast with Simon McCoy and latterly, Rosie Wright but Simon McCoy has left for “personal reasons”, which you can translate into meaning that he was kicked out, probably because of his strong views, which I thought was the whole point of GB News. I have tried to contact him but he is silent. In a way, I do not blame him.

Now we are going to have Eamon Holmes and the fake tanned Isabelle Lang; what a smarmy couple. It is clear that GB News is dumbing down. I remember them both from Sky, cooing at each other and they are doing the same on GB News.

But there is a benefit to this. Like tens of thousands of other viewers, I will spend less time at the screen and will go out to work much earlier; probably back to the 7.30 starting time that I used to abide by.

Colin Brazier and the management of GB News have made a big mistake in dumping Simon McCoy and Rosie Wright.

What pisses me off the most is that they needed someone with gravitas to include in the starting line up and Simon was the ideal candidate. Now that Holmes is available, they have just discarded Simon McCoy like a bit of rubbish. They used Simon and that is simply disgusting.

As to Rosie Wright, I expect that she has been dumped too. She was a video reporter but was brought into the studio. Simon is one thing but Rosie is very young and needed this break to grow into. She has been (possibly) thrown away like a used piece of chewing gum.

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