GB News – Have you noticed a difference in the presenters?

I am not talking about the fact that there are men and women; that is obvious. But, a lot of the women, certainly the younger ones, are putting fake tans on. What has happened to the English Rose, where a lady nurtured and protected her fair skin?

The other lady presenters and news readers do not; Karen Roberts, Polly Middlehurst, Michelle Dewbury and Alex Phillips for example. Save for Alex, they are all older.

None of the men, who are have a generationally indigenous “trait” do not.

Those who use fake tans may be good presenters and good people but they come over as fake and superficial. Why cannot they just be themselves? Why is it that only the women from GB News decided to put their bodies through that. I would never consider it as I want to be myself; genuine, if you like.

It is all down to the youngsters approach to life. They do not care about superficiality and, although this is a generalisation, they have no real empathy for people either. I am talking deep down, not just skin deep but part of their moral compass.

I remember long ago, before most of the “youngsters” were born when a news reader said, during the Falklands War that (and I am paraphrasing) that “it has been a bad day”. From memory, I think it was Huw Edwards of the BBC. That is never said on the news anymore. I think that the news readers “attitude” should reflect the stories that they read out; they are human beings after all. When people die or are, worse, murdered, it is just another story to be presented on the news.

Let’s take the murder of those teenagers. There were 30 last year; how bloody dreadful, the last on New Year’s Eve. They did not say that they were boys, if that was the case, but if it had been young women, they would have said “young women” or girls. Sadly, it is the biased mindset of today’s media.

The life of boys is not important but that of girls certainly is; the killing of men is unimportant but the killing of women is, and is spread across the papers and the television screens. Those of the media reading this know damn well that is true; ALL of the media and most of the public and government have been brainwashed but I have not.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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