The GB News 4 day week (updated)

Well, it is alright for some, isn’t it?

When GB News first started, most if not all of the presenters worked 5 days a week, with copious repeats at the weekend.

But now, most of them work 4 days a week; Phillips, McCoy, Gallagher (who left weeks ago, although she is still on the website) and many others including Darren McCaffery. Muroki seems to appear on the “To the point” when she feels like it but thank goodness that awful fake blonde media social woman is nowhere to be seen.

It is quite clear that GB News is being government funded as no organisation could survive with a few adverts selling gold bullion and other dross adverts. Furthermore, no businessman would pump in such money, with such poor ratings.

It is also clear that they have “bought cheap” when it comes to the production staff. Numerous cock ups, video feeds being cut off, very poor sound, mainly from the video journalists. It is reported that they supposedly spent millions on setting up the channel.

That was the real reason why Andrew Neill was ousted. He did not want the channel to be like this. He wanted hard hitting interviews as he did in his very first week, taking Richi Sunak apart, piece by piece. That was why he was ousted; the government did not like that.

Andrew Neil’s replacement, Brazier, is a shadow ; his programme gives his opinion, no hard hitting interviews and repeats what the other presenters have reported. It is merely a fireside chat. It is not a “spark” but a damp squib

Brazier does work most weeks but he is not a director of GB News so you do not know what he is paid; I suggest an absolute fortune. But now, he works a 4 day week as well, as was confirmed by Alastair Stewart at the end of his show today.

He is supposed to be the boss? What is this? A part time channel?

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