The number 10 parties – They were not afraid (updated)

I have just watched an excellent monologue by Neil Oliver on GB News. Watch it on You Tube, search for GB News.

Basically, we have all missed the point of the parties. Yes, we have the one rule for us and another rule for them but the really big issue has been completely missed.

Remember that these parties took place long before the vaccinations and we were in the midst of the pandemic, when so many people were dying.

The REAL point is that all of these special assistants et all WERE NOT AFRAID of drinking, eating, dancing and having fun together, whilst the rest of us were locked down because of sheer fear.

So, the question is this. Why were they not afraid when everyone else was? Is the pandemic some sort of political ploy to imprison the population worldwide?

Common sense would suggest that if so many people were dying, why were all of these special assistants not afraid whatsoever? Is it a big great con?

I am highly vulnerable but I am not afraid of Omicron at all

It is just sheer fear mongering from all of the governments worldwide and, in particular, the English, Welsh, Northern Irish and Scottish governments.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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