I am suing Morrisons#4 – response from Morrisons Customer Service

You know that I am suing Morrisons as a result of their plastic bags scam; whenever I see a new delivery driver, I tell the story and they are all shocked. I saw a really friendly Sainsbury delivery driver today, my mate Colin, who I have not seen for well over a year and his response was “Sainsbury did not do that”

I did not mention the email that I received over the weekend from Morrisons. When I read it, I had gto read it twice, as I could not believe what I was reading.

RE: Notice of claim against you for your plastic bag con “because of Covid” REF: ##6033478##Morrisons Online Customer Service Team <xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>Sat 18/09/2021 13:55


  •  xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Mr Hender,

Hope you’re well;

We don’t offer customers the option to have or not have plastic bags so that is not in any way illegal.

Kind regards,

Talvin Singh
Morrisons Online Customer Service Team

So, according to Morrisons, they do not have bagless deliveries, which they are legally bound to offer. The truth is coming out now as Morrisons could not care a damn about the planet and, according to this email, can foist and charge plastic bags onto their customers at will.

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