The energy crisis

Whether you believe the politicians or not, we ARE in an energy crisis. We have gone green far too quickly, without thinking what would happen if the wind did not blow or the sun did not shine.

Well, right now, with billions invested in windfarms, the wind is not blowing and so we need more gas. Queue Russia who have put up the price of gas to screw the West.

In investments, you spread the risk, between high risk and low risk investments. But, we have not done that with our energy supply, low risk being nuclear and high risk being wind and solar.

The key to getting out of this hole is Small Modular Reactors, which can be constructed in 500 days, not the decades that the big reactors take. At the time of war, we seriously upped production and I am sure that we could cut that timetable. Rolls Royce are technological geniuses and once a production line has been set up, we can roll out many SMRs

Yes, we are in an energy war and Rolls Royce is at the head of this technology. We need to stop building wind farms and the government needs to throw money at these small reactors. Then, in a few year’s time, we will have sufficient modular reactors and we will be self sufficient. We can then put up two fingers to Russia

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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