Electric bikes and electric cars

Now tell me, how are these going to be powered? Thin air? not a chance. Solar or windfarms? they cannot produce or store enough energy. All people are doing is to move power stations from one area to the next and the emissions from one place to an other..

Yes, it will reduce the junk in the air in the cities but, taking it in the round, unless we go completely emission free in our power production, electric vehicles are just a waste of time and will not affect the global climate one jot. Cities will be healthier to live in but that is all that electric vehicles will achieve.

But it is not just emissions, is it? It is the energy that it takes to produce the damn things in the first place. That is why I will keep my diesel 4×4 for as long as it lives. To replace it, will cost far more emissions in producing a new car than my truck emits in the very few miles that it covers per year.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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