I have had enough of Morrisons

Please do not get me wrong, the delivery drivers are always very friendly and, although I do not do it, they get a lot of stick from customers, although it is not their fault; it is management and the store manager of Newport, from where all deliveries come.

I have been told that they did have 5 vans for the entire Isle of Wight; remember the island is the biggest constituency with over 140,000 people living here.

But Morrisons have gone on a cost cutting drive and they have reduced the number of vans to 4; Sainsburys have 14 for the island.

Clearly, their supply network is very poor and there are so many substitutions. But, unlike Sainsbury’s, if they substitute an item with one that is a higher price, you pay the higher price, whereas with Sainsbury’s, you pay for the price for the item that you ordered.

I will be suing Morrisons for breach of contract regarding the plastic bags, during the pandemic, which was absolutely nothing to do with Covid (as I had bagless deliveries) and more to do with profiteering, but have now ditched them for Sainsbury’s.

All of this penny pinching is losing Morrisons customers and they are, at the same time, ripping off customers with not having a “price promise” and having a very poor delivery network.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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