Thomas Markle and me, Verity and Megan (updated)

I was too unwell to watch the Dan Wootton interview with Thomas Markle last night but I watched the entire interview on YouTube this evening, even though I cannot eat again tonight as I have been constantly vomiting.

I must give immense credit to Dan Wootton and GB News for doing this interview as, for the first time ever, we have all heard Thomas Markle’s side of the story. All we have heard so far, is the total guff coming from the other news media such as the BBC and Sky, who have been pandering to Harry and Megan, for the sole purpose of getting increased viewing figures.

I have now heard both sides and, in my opinion, the truth comes from Thomas Markle’s side and that, in my opinion, Megan (and Harry) are total liars, purely to curry favour with the US press and, of course, to receive millions of dollars.

I will go further. It is my opinion that Megan planned all of this from the start, when she started courting Harry. I will not refer to them by their titles as they neither deserve them or should rightfully have them; I have no respect for either of them; Duke, Duchess, Prince and Princess; refer to them as you please.

It is my opinion that Megan sought out Harry and then turned him. He is to blame also, as he is now going after the memory of his late mother, his father, Prince Charles and the Queen. THEY are doing all this for money and for celebrity and for no other reason. She had already planned in her mind that she was going to return to the US after she had attained some “gravitas” in the UK, as Harry’s wife and then make even more money. Everything that she said in that Oprah interview, if you can call it an interview, was totally false and this has now been countered but substantiated by her father, Thomas.

Let me divest myself of this horror of horrors and compare Thomas Markle to me and Megan to my daughter, Verity.

Thomas said that he paid all of her school costs from pre school to the whole shebang; so did I.

Thomas said that Megan was not a liar when she was young, although I suspect that he is somewhat misguided out of his love for her. Verity may not have been a liar in her early years but acquired her mother’s talents for lying after 9 or 10. For the avoidance of doubt, I divorced her mother in around 2000.

Megan has badly hurt her father. Verity has badly hurt me, by taking money from my own father, to accuse me of sexual abuse and actual bodily harm. Both of them have done this, out of their love, nee obsession for money.

Neither of them have any morals whatsoever; all they want to think about is how big their bank balances are.

I was pleased with the interview as Dan Wootton did not “feed” Thomas Markle but just put simple questions to him and just let him speak; unlike THAT interview, which was very carefully choreographed.

Megan, as Thomas said, had a very happy school childhood, with no racism issues and Verity had a very privileged childhood, thanks to both me and her grand parents, my late mother, my father and my late wife, Liesel.

What Megan has done is to have shown total unappreciation for what her father has done for her. What Verity has shown is a total lack of appreciation and respect for what I, my late mother, my father and my late wife, Liesel, did for her.

Both Megan and Verity are only interested in themselves and they do not care who they hurt or damage.

As for our respective grandchildren, I am sorry to say that Thomas is very unlikely to see Archie or Lily, as he calls her, or indeed Megan ever again. I am very unlikely to see Verity or any of her children in my lifetime. I do have the resources, thanks to my father and brother, to fight Verity in court if she ever chooses to have children of course, which, I feel to be highly unlikely as all she thinks about his herself and maybe her boyfriend, both encamped in a house paid for by the trust, even though she is not a legal beneficiary until I die.

I have meagre funds and am unable to curry up interest from solicitors for a legal battle against my daughter, as well as having to deal with the corrupt masonic brotherhood but would be willing to send to Thomas Markle, funds that would hopefully enable him to achieve his dream of seeing his grandchildren, at the very least; I know that I will never see my little girl, Verity, ever again.

Thomas Markle is very much like me; both of us are suffering from lies ushered by our daughters. Megan is the splitting image of Verity; shallow, cheap and immoral.

The two most important women in my life, my late mother and my late wife, Liesel, who loved and cared for Verity until their last breath and who was always in their thoughts, are no longer with me. Both of them will be turning “in their graves” as to what Verity has done to her father, a person who sacrificed absolutely everything for his daughter, as Thomas Markle has done.

I am a very spiritual man and although the both of them still love Verity, as a grand daughter and step mother alike, even though they have both passed, they are so angry with her for what she has continued to do to this day and with absolutely no remorse whatsoever, I know that Verity will be the subject of their retribution and displeasure; forgiveness is not an option for what she has done.

Not only that but Liesel will seek retribution from the person who prevented Verity from being with her at her end, out of pure and childish jealousy. If you could have heard the screams of anger, pain and tears when I had to tell Liesel that her little girl was not coming to South Africa to be with me and the rest of her family, so that the two girls could say their final goodbyes to each other. That person is Verity’s mother.

Liesel is with me for every moment of every day, to support me through my awful circumstances, all created by Verity, her mother and my entire family; father, brother, cousin and the masonic “hangers on”. All of them will be the subject of Liesel’s and my Mum’s retribution, not just Verity and her mother but anyone connected to them, who has benefited from my father’s and brother’s “patronage”, maybe not right now but soon. But it has already started; my father’s Alzheimer’s (how can an intelligent man who worked every day of his adult life and into retirement get that disease), her failure to complete her degree and many things I do not even know about. They just let her waste her time and a great deal of money; legal career over.

For me, I can do nothing. I am up against a wall of corrupt and masonic police, corrupt and masonic solicitors and, of course, the masonic brotherhood itself that is effectively unbreakable and has infected every area of life. How can I possibly get justice for myself? The simple answer is that I cannot and so I suffer every minute of every day.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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