Kevin Richardson and Alison Lee of Biscoes Solicitors

You will not have heard of Kevin Richardson; I had not until about 4 weeks ago.

I wanted to sue Ron Downhill, THAT mason.

The reason that I wanted to sue Downhill was that he has incited financial abuse against me, at the behest of my father, brother and the rest of the masonic tribe. On top of everything else that I have been subjected to, this financial abuse has caused me a great deal of serious mental health problems.

I sought him out, as I had used the firm before and chose him because he was a paragon of virtue when it came to mental health issues according to his profile on the firm’s website.

He was, at first, very eager and asked me to write a statement of facts about what had been done to me and how it has affected me. As you can imagine, this was very painful to write and took me days; I could not even reread it as I was mentally exhausted and could not face reliving my experiences.

So, I sent it to him with great hope and expectation. But, apparently after reading it, he declined to represent me and I believe that I know why.

Yes, I strongly believe that he is a mason and after doing a little research on the accused (Downhill) whilst he was waiting for my statement of facts, red lights started to flash and he just shut me off.

He is not the only one who I believe to be a mason either. I wrote to Biscoes a while ago seeking representation to sue my father (or his estate) for the sexual abuse that I endured at the hands of my father when I was a boy. The boss, Alison Lee, responded on a Sunday saying that “Biscoes could help me with this matter”. But, it was not long after this that I received an email saying that her firm could not represent me in this matter. Her excuse was that my father had not been arrested, charged and found guilty of the crime. But the reason that I wanted to sue my father was because the police refused to do anything, because my father was a mason and the entire police force is rife with corrupt masonic police officers. Chicken and egg? Abused women can do it, so why cannot I?

I thought that at first it was because of the usual gender bias against dealing with boys’ and men’s sexual abuse but she had been so very keen in the first instance.

There is a big misunderstanding that all masons are men. But, according to the United Grand Lodge of England, there are roughly 200,000 masons in England and of this, there are approximately 5,000 women masons.

It is my opinion that Alison Lee is also a mason and, as the head of the Met Police, I believe that Dame Cressida Dick is also a mason.

So, Kevin Richardson, Alison Lee and Cressida Dick will all be added to the list of masons who have affected my life. They will be “provisional” until I get confirmation from my “friendly” mason.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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