Verity (the rig) is coming next week

It has been very frustrating as most of my emails to the seller of the rig have not got through. Thankfully, Barry, the seller got in touch yesterday and he will be back for 4 days next week, which is when I will collect it. Thankfully he lives in Portsmouth and not Southampton, as that would have been a major problem.

If you want more information on the rig, just click below

I then need to kit out the rig with flashing beacons etc, as it goes so slowly. That will take a few days. There is already a basic bed in the trailer.

Once that is done, I will approach my local Sainsbury’s (as I have been very loyal) and I will have the greatest chance of getting free supplies, on top of what I have already bought, out of them, as well as the medical supplies that I bought off of Amazon; lots of bandages etc.

So, I am nearly there.

I approached my friend at Barclays, who is number 2 or 3 (I will not mention his name) but they sadly will not support me but he, at least, sent me a personal donation that will go towards the huge fuel bill; I am grateful for anything now. I am not even going to bother to approach the trust as, if they will not help a beneficiary, they are not going to help the refugees.

I just need to get back in touch with my Polish contact again and he will organise the export/import documents, using a Swiss lawyer, who is doing it all pro bono.

I have my special loo, which is essential because of the damage that my father did to my backside when he abused me plus lots of toilet paper, plus plenty of anti septic gel for hygiene.

I will post a photo of me with the truck in my drive when I get it and, having paid for the truck now, I am flat broke, which is quite bizarre for someone who was earning over £100K as a Finance Director, over 15 years ago; all thanks to my father who has financially shafted me, which is somewhat ironic because this is the second time that he has done it to me, although the first time was not financial. I wish it was, strangely.

Whether I actually come back or not is down to the family trust, the police and my family. If I have heard nothing by the time that I leave, I will do what I need to do.

The question that all of those who have done me harm need to ask themselves is this.


If they do nothing, they will all have my blood on their hands.

If they think that this blog will disappear when I die, think again, because I have paid up front for the next three years.

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If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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