Everyone completely misses the point, even GB News.

If you had a “hand to mouth” business, the business would bend to whatever the customer wanted. But if you have a steady income that you can always rely on, it is human nature to become complacent.

When you become complacent, you then feel that you are entitled to do whatever you want and to say whatever you want.

That is why the BBC has become the way it is. It was a great British institution, when the BBC was the only provider of television but that is now not the case. There are so many other channels but the BBC still get millions of income from the license fee.

I can tell you that if the BBC could become a subscription model of some sort, the management would be always looking at the viewing figures and would amend their programming and their attitudes accordingly.

At the moment, it is just “money for old rope” and the BBC are so happy with that, paying their main presenters huge and unjustified amounts of money.

But, if it changes to a different income model, just see how quickly the BBC will change and how many jobs will be cut from their obese business model.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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