A message to Olivia Pinkney, Chief Constable of Hampshire Constabulary (which covers the Isle of Wight)

Ms Olivia Pinkney

Hampshire Constabulary

26th October 2021

Dear Ms Pinkney,

If Leverton had not dragged me in, I would not have had to go through what happened.

The reason for my arrest, as stated by the arresting officer to the duty sergeant, was that I had committed defamation and that I had failed to attend to a VOI (Voluntary oral interview) but that then turned into a charge of harassment, after being interviewed by Leverton.

Why is that the arresting officer did not say to the desk sergeant that I was being arrested for harassment? It was a “stitch up” from the start. I know it, you know it and Leverton knows it.

Why was I refused access to the footage of the body cams, which you hand out like confetti to media channels? That footage would have proved that I had been arrested with undue force; that was why it was never released to me; you know it, I know it.

Leverton knew from my previous event at the police station in 2016 that was on the police computer that I would not want a solicitor and so carefully and steadily, Leverton ensured that I walked into a big pit; it was entrapment. As far as I was concerned, I had nothing to hide and this was just another police false arrest, even though I was catatonic following my forced removal from my house, not home.

My “home” was violated in 2016 and is just bricks and mortar now; if I could afford it, I would knock it to the ground. That is the effect that the police intervention in 2016 had on me but no action was taken against my lying daughter, was she, because she was a “little girl”, even though she destroyed my life?

Regardless of the police’s platitudes towards mental health regularly aired on the media, they consistently ignore alleged suspects with serious mental health issues, in contravention of PACE day after day. They ignored that when I was arrested in 2020, despite everyone knowing that I had agoraphobia.

All of your Isle of Wight officers that I have had the displeasure of coming into contact with have been mere thugs, women officers included.

By not replying and denying that Leverton’s “move” was not as a result of my claim, you have accepted that his actions were illegal.

What Leverton illegally did, in direct contravention of PACE, he totally wrecked my mental health. Being on constant suicide watch in the prison, although I was on remand, should indicate to you the effect of his and the court’s actions. Even now, I go into a panic when I hear a siren passing my house and, living where I do, there are a great deal of sirens, as it is the most direct route to the South of the island.

You are directly responsible for Leverton’s actions that has turned me into a complete nervous wreck and an alcoholic but I only drink after I have done my driving for the day, which is very small because I am agoraphobic.

If the Isle of Wight had been a separate country, a warrant would be in order for Leverton’s extradition.

I cannot even start to tell you or list the amount of damage that his actions have caused; I was even carried into the police station when I was catatonic and could not move from the police van.

Leverton has caused irreparable damage to me. No amount of money can ever compensate for what he did but, in this modern era, damage to people like me has been monetised as a monetary value is placed on absolutely everything.

I therefore demand compensation of xxxxxxx, which is non negotiable, as well as Leverton’s dismissal from the Hampshire Constabulary’s force.

I am quite unwell, both mentally and physically and so I have absolutely nothing to lose and will go to any court, to fight my case, even with my agoraphobia. To say that I am very angry and that I have fire in my belly for justice is an understatement

I don’t want any procrastination and no bull shit, which the police are very good at. You have TWO days


David Hender

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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