The Conservatives are not even a “just in time” party

Any government, of whatever colour, has to plan and plan ahead, continually asking the question “what if”. But the current and previous conservative government have just sat on their hands and continue to come out with platitudes when a crisis occurs.

Grant Shapps has known for months that there was an issue with the supply of HGV drivers because of the issues with the DVLA and DVSA but has done absolutely bugger all.

Priti Patel knew that there was an issue in the police and has known that for years but has done nothing. It is only when the tragic murder of Sarah Everard happens that Patel pipes up and says that the police should do more. Yes, the police need to do more but she is home secretary and she should have got off her backside and driven changes in the police. But, of course, Cressida Dick is at blame too. Does she need a murder to remind her that there need to be changes in policing? Does she need to be told to do it? She is supposedly the most experienced police officer; a statement which I strongly disagree with.

It is only when the S##t hits the fan do the likes of the government and Cressida Dick actually start to do anything positive. It is called crisis management.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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