GB News – Faked email addresses

I know that GB News is a start up but it has a website. I do not do twitter or Facebook because I deem them naff, so after a little research, I worked out the email address format. So, I emailed Andrew Neil who responded and so I emailed Colin Brazier with suggestions for improvements; I do not want to blow my trumpet but most have seem to be made. Complete redoing of the breakfast programme (twice), shortening of the Michelle Dewbury show (as she was awful) and separating Simon McCoy and Alex Philips, as it was like being in a children’s programme. It had to be far punchier and they have that with the “To the point”.

All of these suggestions were sent to Colin Brazier or Andrew Neil. I have sent many other emails to the presenters and correspondents but never received an answer. But, one of the journalists had his/her own website so I contacted them through that and got an immediate response.

It never “clicked” but given the issue with the email of help to Ellie Costello not being responded to, which was forwarded to the advertised GB Views email address, given that it was a highly moral issue and an offer to help, there was no response. It took my brain cells to work out that I was actually emailing into the ether and that has made me very angry indeed.

GB News has some good presenters and journalists but the rest is “smoke and mirrors”

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