I am simply disgusted with Colin Brazier and Andrew Neil

Let’s forget about the many failures of GB News for the moment but let us purely concentrate on these two people; to call them human beings would be stretching it.

Anyone who has read my blog knows what I have been through during my life; the sex abuse when I was a boy, the false sex abuse allegations made by my daughter and paid for by my father, the bribery by my father and the financial abuse by the entire family and its associates.

I have opened my heart to these two people and have literally begged that they do a piece of what I have been going through, which affects many other men and women.

But their arrogance is astounding; they have refused to do a thing. In fact, I received only one message from them and that was from Andrew Neil, to thank me for the very expensive and engraved bottle of whisky when GB News launched; I thought it would be the start of a new era of news media but I was so wrong.

In the first week, Andrew Neil gave Rishi Sunak a very uncomfortable time but, since then, it has all been about wokeness, cancel culture. There has not been a proper interview from Colin Brazier in Andrew Neil’s absence. Quite frankly, although a respected journalist, it is all just “fluff” and meaningless.

I respect a great number of the journalists on GB News and they have taken a big risk from jumping ship from the BBC and other outlets. But I am going to tear them down and let the other outlets know, including the Guardian and many other papers. They have not done what they said from the outset that they would do.

Watch this space.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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