Foreign aid

If the countries, to whom we give massive aid, are struggling, let them shut down the areas that are wasting money. Take India, to whom we pay millions of aid, have a multi million pound space agency and their people are staving and dying.

It is not just India as the infusion of aid into countries that need it, are totally corrupt and I expect less than 30% actually goes to the people who need it.

Our economy has been destroyed and we now owe trillions on pounds as a result of Covid so how are we going to afford to pay aid to others who need it?

More so, if this epidemic ever wanes, as it will never be over, how are we going to pay back the massive loans that we have taken out?

The Britons have always been the largest charitable contributors to anyone who needs it in the world but basic economics dictates that you cannot spend what you do not have

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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