What I have become

I have been watching the excellent drama series “Peaky Blinders” for a few days now and it is not the main character that interests me but one of the brothers, Arthur. All of the three brothers fought in World War 1 but only Arthur was affected by the war.

It is said that whomever returned from that war, was never the same again and I can understand that; my granddad Fox, my mother’s father was never the same.

I was a quiet but vibrant individual, who was full of life. I endured two divorces and the death of my beloved Liesel but I have never recovered from the latter.

I did try and keep to my word to Liesel when I married Rosanna but she had two boys who lived with us and she always put me in third place. The actual divorce process nearly killed me and I was arrested for wanting to blow up Nepcote House with me in it; I had planned it all.

But what has really changed me, for the worse, is what has happened since I came to the island. The constant bullying by the police and the false accusations that were made by my daughter and her mother; all for money, from my father. I am not a religious person but a religious reference is relevant here; they sold me out for pieces of silver, be it cash, revenge or a house paid for by the trust. I saved up to buy my own house and, with a mortgage did so, but my daughter was just handed one on a plate; she will become someone no better than Paris Hilton.

When I got divorced from my daughter’s mother, I had to pay out so much money that I was homeless and I had paid for everything, the mortgage, the lot.

But, through sheer greed, she threw it all away, as she embezzled the company that she worked for. I had paid out £250,000 in the early 2000’s, effectively my daughter’s birthright and she did not care about my daughter’s future and embezzled that company; my daughter’s birthright was gone.

I have been hurt by so many women, except one, Liesel. We were a team and although she has been dead 14 years, I am still in love with her. We were “hardwired” from the moment that I first saw her and I will never love another woman like that again. I am destined to be alone and though I get lonely at times, I still have Liesel “living” somewhere in the ether, she constantly looks over me and so really I am not alone at all.

But, my life will never change, thanks to the actions of the family, the police and the justice system, all of whom are completely corrupt.

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