Hender versus Leverton

Yes, the case still continues. I had to provide a skeleton argument to the court but I decided to go in with both barrels blazing, as I cannot stand the constant trickery and underhand tactics of Hampshire Constabulary that sadly includes the Isle of Wight.

The court said that it would be a virtual event with myself, as the claimant and Leverton, as the defendant but after I told them that I did intend providing an argument against dismissal of the case, they suddenly appointed a barrister, Mr Zander Goss of the 5 Essex Court Chambers, without any prior notice.

In my statement, I made some bold accusations but I do not care. I want Leverton held to account for all that he did to me; I have detailed this in length within my blog posts. I WILL GET JUSTICE

Here is the statement in full, sent to Bristol County Court

Skeleton argument in respect of the appeal against dismissal

Case number 239MC050

I hereby provide a skeleton argument in respect of the above case

I have to state that with all due respect, I do not consider that the judiciary is independent on this matter and that Hampshire police have been liaising with the courts to have this case dismissed

I was notified by the court that Leverton had moved off the island and now reports to a police station in Southampton. Given that he is just a staff officer, this was nothing to do with any promotion but was to do with ensuring that he was kept out of the way

I believe that Leverton is a mason and has been liaising with my father and brother (or agents) who are also masons. It is well established that masons are rife in the police and, of course, in the judiciary. This allegation is not one of defamation as the masons are not a proscribed organisation.

When Leverton first made contact with me by telephone, he asked me to come in for a chat on a voluntary basis. I stated that given I was severely agoraphobic, under PACE, I was not prepared to come to the station and he was legally obliged to take my mental health into account. He responded by saying that he understood and would get back to me.

Two days later, I had two officers at my back door, saying that they wanted to come in and that I was under arrest. I opened the door a crack to speak to them but one of the officers forced his boot into the gap. He then forced his way in.

The officers stated that I was under arrest but never stated what I was being arrested for. Nor did they show me a warrant for my arrest.

I repeated the reason that I was not prepared to come with them insofar that I suffered from agoraphobia. They ignored this and tried to pull me out of the door. I immediately went to the kitchen sink and held on for dear life but the officer was younger and stronger than me and dragged me off the sink. He used unreasonable force, which is contrary to PACE, as I did not threaten anyone; it is not in my nature and has never been. It should be stated that my agoraphobia is well documented and recognised by my GP practice, the South Wight Medical Practice. Not only that but the proof of my condition can be easily determined by my activities insofar that all of my needs are delivered to my door and that I only go to two places. One is my GP practice to collect my medication and to have blood tests. The other is to my osteopath which is bi weekly, as I have a damaged back and neck.

Nevertheless, regardless of my severe condition and despite my protestations, I was dragged out of the house and thrown into a police van. I immediately became catatonic and by the time I arrived at the police station, I could not move. I had to be dragged off of the floor of the van by a number of officers and onto the car park floor.

I was then raised to my feet and held up by two officers who took me inside. Given that I had become catatonic, the police were legally obliged to call for an ambulance or a qualified medical professional. They did neither of these things.

Clearly, I was in no fit state to answer any questions, either of the duty officer or Leverton himself. These inactions were a gross breach of PACE. Indeed, if I was going to court, the person who was defending me would state to the judge that I was incapable of being able to defend myself or ask any questions that may have determined my fate. The judge would have had no choice but to defer the court appearance until I got better, if I ever did but the duty officer and Leverton ignored these core principals and I consider their actions to be a gross breach of PACE.

Despite my body being in a state of seizure, I can remember the female staff officer asking what the grounds were for my arrest. The officer who dragged me away from the sink stated and this is hard wired into my memory that I had been arrested for “failure to attend a VOI (voluntary oral interview) and for defamation”. The former was not a crime at all, as it was voluntary and the latter is a civil matter. Despite that, the duty officer authorised my incarceration. Quite frankly, the officer could have said anything and the duty officer would have authorised my imprisonment. The duty officer was wearing red nail varnish which is contrary to the police dress code. Despite my catatonic state, my brain recorded these seamlessly unimportant pieces of information and I include them with no issue whatsoever.

All of these police conversations were recorded on the officers’ bodycams, as well as the awful arrest being recorded on my CCTV. Though I do not have the proficiency to extract the video of my arrest, I am more than willing to pay for a professional to extract this information if necessary. It was also recorded on the camera that recorded all events at the duty desk

As to the bodycams, I was advised by PC Ben Boham-Jones that:

  • Firstly, the footage had been wiped off,
  • Then he admitted that it did exist but I could not have it and
  • Finally, he accepted that I could have the footage but had to apply for it, which I duly did. But it never arrived.
  • I have ALL of the emails to prove this

I compare this debacle to the real situation, where police departments regularly release body cam footage like confetti to the media. As an example, I use the very sad case of the murder of Sir David Amess MP and the footage showing the arrest of the perpetrator.

I received an email from Hampshire police stating that I had never ever asked for body cam footage. What the police do not know is that within my email account, I have a multitude of folders and pinned emails and can prove unequivocally that I did ask for the body cam footage and have all of their responses; that is the way that I organise my life and always have. Hampshire police have lied.

The entire interrogation with Leverton was a debacle. Not only should it not have taken place at all, as I was still suffering from my catatonic attack and could not think straight but he put words into my mouth, first by sympathising with what my family had done to me and then suggesting matters to which I could not give the right answer. I was not even thinking straight when I refused a duty solicitor.

His direct actions and his incitement to actions carried out by others was grossly unprofessional but it led to a situation that was even more serious. It ended up with me being judged guilty by a masonic judge, even though I was in a psychiatric hospital at the time, a position that the IOW court knew all too well because I told them in advance. That eventually lead to me being placed on remand for a month whilst on suicide watch 24 hours a day. But I fought back by accusing the judge of being a mason, to the governor of the prison and at the sentencing, despite his constant vociferous attack on me, he gave me a suspended sentence. That proved to me that without a shadow of a doubt, he was a mason. Not only that but the governor was illegally passing information to the judge.

As I can never be accused of defamation, I accuse the judge in charge of this case to not only be a mason and in liaison with my masonic family or their agents but also to be complicit with Hampshire Police

The case for dismissal was a complete travesty and for the judge to state that without even holding a hearing, he or she has dismissed the case for insufficient evidence, not only holds his or her position as an independent member of the judiciary in disrepute but is also morally corrupt by virtue of his or her masonic lineage.

Leverton (and Hampshire Police) should finally accept that he has done me great physical and mental damage, by virtue of gross breaches of PACE and that Leverton is liable for the accusation of gross misconduct and should be dismissed with compensation and damages being paid to myself. Only time will tell if I will ever recover from my horrendous experiences.

I have just received notice that Leverton will be represented by a barrister at the hearing; Mr Goss. Two matters emanate from this. Not only do I consider this to be a case of “cracking a nut with a sledgehammer” but I cannot afford a barrister to defend me. Indeed, as was notified to me by the court, the case would be held virtually with both Leverton and I being online, with just the court officials and the judge, who would determine as to whether the case would be set aside. As the barrister will be paid from public funds, I see this as not only a total waste of tax payers’ money but is also totally unjustified. Cannot Leverton stand up for himself and defend his own actions or is he so guilty that it takes a barrister to get him out of hock? Why is it that less a week before the hearing, I am notified that a barrister will defend Leverton? I see this as an unprofessional action by the Hampshire Force Solicitor in that he or she does not care how much money is spent, providing that Leverton gets off and does not care about justice; just as long as Leverton gets off, as if he was found culpable, a significant claim for compensation would be levied against Hampshire Constabulary.

To summarise, if my arrest was justified for whatever reason, Leverton would not have asked me to come in for a voluntary interview first. Instead, the police would have come to my house and arrested me. He knew that the evidence was very thin; he knew that I suffered from agoraphobia and would be dramatically affected if I was dragged out of the house.

To put it succinctly, Leverton knew that he had no case but by utilising my poor mental health and the inevitable effects of being arrested when I was agoraphobic, he knew that he could manipulate me during an interrogation whilst I was in a catatonic state, relatively lucid or not.

This is the end of my statement and I confirm that the entire skeleton argument will be published on my blog and will be passed to Mr Mark White, the Security and Home Editor of GB News. I cannot be accused of defamation with regard to any of this argument, as I can prove it all as FACT.

Total pages to this submission – FOUR

David Hender

28th April 2022

Attacking the family on all fronts

You may not know but I have re-engaged with my ex wife, Rosanna, who, as my wife, was party to many sensitive conversations, including the trust.

What we are currently working on is the information necessary to prove without doubt that my father breached a verbal contract, whilst under oath, at the divorce hearing.

But, even before that, I have been working on proving unequivocally that the trust officers of the Hender Family Settlement, have breached their legal duties of care as trustees/trust officers.

On top of that, I have sent evidence to the woman police officer, who interrogated me over the false sexual abuse allegations, to the effect that not only was I sexually abused as a boy but that it is highly likely, due to my father’s change in behaviour, he sexually abused my daughter and either one or both of my nieces.

So, my father is being attacked on all fronts and will have no idea which way to turn.

Rosanna, myself and the children will get the justice that they so rightly deserve

A new message to DC Hollie Say 40254 about the sexual abuse of me, the alleged abuses of my daughter and my nieces

I know Hollie Say because she was the one who interrogated me with her colleague, Greg Parker, when I was maliciously and falsely accused of sexually abusing my daughter BY my daughter.

I have not spoken to her for years now but, after comments that my ex wife Rosanna made in reply to the concerns that I shared with her, she made a statement that has led me to write to DC Say again.

Here is the email that I have just sent to DC Say

The alleged sexual abuse of my daughter, Verity Jade Beatrice Hender

This message was sent with High importance.

This message was sent with High importance.


David Hender

Sun 17/04/2022 17:37


  • Hollie Say 40254 (Reigate Police)


  • Olivia Pinkney (Chief Constable – Hampshire Constabulary)

Email to Joel Leverton 23rd Feb 2020 re allegations against family members.pdf

Formal allegations against W.T. Hender V.J.B. Hender S.J. Parkinson and others for direct and indirect harassment and for other crimes (amended) (1).docx

“Dear Miss Say,

I am still very angry that you and DS Parker took no action against my daughter for her falsifying allegations against me for sexual abuse and actual bodily harm. As I found out later, my father paid her to make the false allegations.

However, this is not about me; it is about my daughter, Verity Jade Beatrice Hender, who has been bribed to keep quiet, by the provision of a house, cash and loads of new clothes.

I have always been convinced that tragically, my daughter was sexually abused by my father and I also believe that my father sexually abused one or both of my brother’s daughters (Francesca Grace Hender and Iyshea Billy Hender).

As to the latter allegations regarding my nieces, I know that my brother was paid “hush money” of £1.25M by my father and, although my brother’s previous property had an annexe in which my late mother and father slept, all of a sudden, when my father went down to Castle Combe, he had to stay in a bed and breakfast, a short distance away.

Even when I expressed my concerns to my sister-in-law, she ignored me and refused to engage with me again. What a mother should have said was “dont be silly David, you are completely wrong” or “I will look into it; thank you for your concern”

It is clear to me that my sister-in-law, Alison Jane Hender was complicit in that she knew of the sexual abuse and that she had accepted the bribe readily. That is nearly as disgusting as the abuse itself.

Returning to my daughter, Verity, I have recently reengaged with my last ex wife, Rosanna Hender-Rae.

Given that I was sexually abused by my father, which Rosanna is now aware of, as it only came to light after the false allegations of sexually abusing my daughter “triggered” the release of deeply hidden sub conscious memories of my own sexual abuse by my father, I shared my concerns that my father had abused her and she responded by saying, without paraphrasing

” Ps I believe you about Verity. It always struck me as strange how much she changed around your father. She was extremely controlled ….almost like a rabbit in headlights. I’m so sad for her and your nieces. As we both know; the trauma takes hold and destroys lives. “

I reported my allegations to Staff Officer Joel Leverton 17283, previously of the Isle of Wight Police, now of Hampshire Police, by email, (copy attached) but he did nothing and it was buried, alongside the other allegations against my father and others.

Miss Say, you were taken in by my daughter, you made a mistake but you acted accordingly. As a result, my life has been destroyed. What has happened cannot be changed, no matter the level of compensation but please do not make the same mistake twice and let a paedophile go free for ruining the lives of my daughter and my nieces.


My father is a complete pervert and a paedophile

  1. I have told you that my father sexually abused me as a boy and I have the damage to prove it
  2. I am convinced that my father sexually abused my own daughter, as I heard news that she got whatever she wanted. She asked my father “I want a new wardrobe” and she got a loads of new clothes. All of her university fees were paid for, as well as all accommodation costs. She asked and got a house for her and her boyfriend to live in; not a flat as most do but a house. Rather than taking the action that a “normal” girl would do in that situation i.e. report her grandfather to the police, she used it as a bribery tactic
  3. I am convinced that he has abused one or both of my brother’s two daughters. I wondered why, all of a sudden, he was staying in a bed and breakfast close by but when I found out that my brother had been paid £1.25m, it clicked and it all made sense. I am disgusted with my brother for taking hush money and even more disgusted with his wife, who refused to discuss my concerns with her. She even blocked all of my emails
  4. But there is more that beggars belief

I am talking to my ex wife about getting what she is due for breach of a verbal contract that my father made with her and she suddenly came out with this. I am not going to paraphrase but quote her exactly

“It was one of the last times the 3 of us went out to eat together. We went to the old pub in the centre of Findon. You went in first and he stepped up really close to me and said “I cannot understand why David does not sleep with you in your bed, if I was your husband, I would sleep with you every night”. There was a lecherous hunger in his eyes with no glint of teasing on his straight face. It was totally out of the blue. It’s not as if it had just been mentioned. I honestly do not know how I managed to get through that meal. It was clear to me in that moment that his affection was not that of a father-in-law. Perhaps you always wondered why he became so embittered towards me and  so involved as a third party in our divorce, well now you know.”

I obviously know what he is like but that action was so brazen. If my father had actually listened to what I told him, he would not have made such a statement. The reason that I sleep alone is many fold:

  1. On occasions, I have what are called sleeping fits. The end result of this is that I soil myself
  2. I snore like a pig
  3. Due to my subconscious and my sexual abuse by my father, my bed is my ultimate safe space. When I was on remand, I spent 99% of my time, curled up in a ball on my bed and when I have bad days, I do exactly the same.
  4. He never made such comments to Liesel because he would have got a mouthful back and would have been kicked out of the house BY HER.

He has always interfered in my marriages, always criticising, because maybe he felt jealous. I was with three fine women, all with many fine attributes.

It is clear that after my mother died, he could not keep what is in his trousers to himself

Everything now makes sense. In the divorce hearings, he did not disclose the verbal contract was either because:

  1. He wanted to keep everything for himself or
  2. Because Rosanna would not sleep with him and he wanted to punish her

Whatever the reason was, he put his son right in the shit and burdened me with hundreds of thousands of debt

I “talked” to Rosanna about my suspicions with regard to Verity’s abuse by my father and this is what she said

“Ps I believe you about Verity. It always struck me as strange how much she changed around your father. She was extremely controlled ….almost like a rabbit in headlights. I’m so sad for her and your nieces. As we both know; the trauma takes hold and destroys lives.”

I am taking Paicolex down

Who is Paicolex? Paicolex Trust Management AG is the corporate trustee of the trust from which I derive my sole income. It is run by trust officers and advisors, In my case, Clare Edwards is the trust officer and Ron Downhill is the tax and legal advisor, who has to approve everything that the trust officer does, in this case, Clare Edwards.

Following my letter to Clare Edwards et all that is published in my post https://davidhender.life/2022/04/14/a-letter-to-the-family-trust-regarding-inequalities/, I have now written to the Solicitors Regulation Authority that controls and monitors the behaviour of the solicitors of England and Wales. They have the power to strike them off, which means that they are not legally allowed to work as solicitors anymore.

This is the letter in full

Complaints department

The Solicitors’ Regulation Authority

The Cube

199 Wharfside Street


B1 1RN

Dear Complaints Department,

Clare Edwards, trust officer to The Hender Family Settlement c/o Paicolex Trust Management AG, Kaspar Fennerstrasse 6, 8700 Küsnacht, Switzerland

Ron Downhill, legal and tax advisor to the Hender Family Settlement c/o Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner – Governor’s House, 5 Laurence Pountney Hill, London, EC4R 0BR UK

I wish to make a formal and official complaint against Miss Clare Edwards, who is a trust officer of Paicolex Trust Management AG. She is a UK citizen and a UK qualified Solicitor although she lives and works in Switzerland. I also wish to issue a formal complaint against Ron Downhill, who is the tax and legal advisor to the Hender Family Settlement

Miss Edwards is the primary trust officer of The Hender Family Settlement of which I am one of the two beneficiaries.

I have suspected for many years that she has been in league with the settlor of the trust, William Thomas Hender, my father.

Despite her protestations and her refusal to release the accounts and bank statements of the trust’s investment subsidiary, I have finally pieced together the following:

That she agreed for my father to add monies purportedly owed to him in the loan due to ASC that was signed and executed in 2015 by the trust officers of Paicolex Trust Management by me as a result of my divorce. That spurious loan amounted to £23,633.68 and was deducted immediately from my April 2019 dividend.

In the loan agreement, dated October 2015, which is governed by the laws of England and Wales, there was no provision whatsoever for any repayments or interest. However, since the 2019 dividend, I have been charged interest at 2.5% and 2.9% on the loan currently outstanding and, without my agreement, they have been deducting from my gross dividend, what Clare Edwards calls “instalments”.

Previous to Ms Edwards’ tenure, the trust officer was Thomas Meier, whom I had known for many years. As a Chartered Accountant myself, I diligently tracked all payments and changes of interest, calculating interest on a daily basis. The total amount of capital and interest was then paid shortly after the end of the month, with all calculations being sent to Thomas Meier. This ran for two years, until Clare Edwards’s tenure, when the atmosphere between myself and the trust officers deteriorated to the extent that given, they were not being compliant with the executed loan agreement, I ceased to pay any capital and interest, as I was doing before. It was not long after this that the trust officers unilaterally applied the new “instalment policy”.

I became aware that the trust officers had granted an interest free loan to my brother, the other beneficiary. This amounted to approximately £1.4m. It was secured by a charge on the assets of HFP Investments, my brother’s company. The accounts of that company show an interest free long term liability that is still outstanding in the 2021 accounts of that company. However, the charge was registered as satisfied at Companies House on 29th October 2020.

It is absolutely clear that this loan was merely written off. This is a very serious matter as it breaches the fundamental provisions of the trust deed of The Hender Family Settlement, in that all capital should be maintained.

As a result of this write off, Clare Edwards has breached her fiduciary and legal duties of care to both the settlement itself and to the beneficiaries. On this extremely serious matter alone, Clare Edwards should be struck off as a solicitor. What Paicolex Trust Management AG do with Clare Edwards, is up to them but I will be demanding her immediate dismissal for gross misconduct.

I was given copies of the trust accounts every year. I reviewed the accounts for the years ended 31st March 2018 and 2019 and was convinced that the other beneficiary, my brother, had been paid his dividend twice but Ms Edwards denied this.

It was not until I married up the accounts for those two years with the letter that she and her Chairman jointly sent on 30th July 2019, did I suddenly realise that despite her protestations, my brother had been paid two lots of dividend of £200,000, on 11th April and 14th May 2018.

The trust deed includes provisions that both beneficiaries must be treated pari passu and by approving the additional dividend, Ms Edwards has breached the trust deed, her fiduciary and legal duties to the settlement and her fiduciary and legal duties to me as the other beneficiary. This is the second major breach that Clare Edwards has committed and, unquestionably, she is not a fit and proper person to be a solicitor of England and Wales. There has been a major breach of trust.

I remind the reader that the ONLY beneficiaries of the Hender Family Settlement are

  • David John Hender
  • Martin William Hender

Since Ms Edwards’ tenure, payments have been made to both of my brother’s daughters, for school and university fees and to my daughter, from whom I am estranged, for school and university fees, as well as costs relating to the purchase or rental of a house for herself and her boyfriend. All of these accumulated costs have been included in the accounts of the Hender Family Settlement as “negative creditors” or debtors.

I do not have to remind you that these payments represent a reduction in capital, as they are not entitled to income as they are not beneficiaries.

Despite the trust deed setting down the principals of the maintenance of capital, Ms Edwards, as trust officer to the Hender Family Settlement, has ignored this and has again breached her fundamental duty of care, both of a fiduciary and legal nature, to the settlement itself and to the beneficiaries themselves.

At the settlor’s request (William Thomas Hender), Ms Edwards has basically torn up the trust deed of the settlement and applied whatever is required by the settlor, who should have no input to the trust officers, who are supposed to be completely independent.

This also brings into question the actions of Ron Downhill, a consultant and previous partner to the Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner partnership. He is and always has been the legal and tax advisor to the trust and trust officers and, without his advice, the trust officers cannot do anything.

There is only one conclusion that can be made. That is that Mr Downhill has been complicit with the trust officers of Paicolex Trust Management AG and, in particular, Miss Clare Edwards and the settlor, William Thomas Hender on this occasion. As a qualified solicitor of England and Wales, the SRA should also give serious consideration to determining that Mr Downhill should be struck off as well.

The matters raised above are very serious and cannot be swept under the carpet. In most litigation matters, there are “grey areas” that will be disputed but in these matters, it is a clear black and white issue; there is no doubt of the demeanours that have been committed by Miss Edwards. Her actions speak far louder than any words can be said or any evidence that can be produced.

Miss Edwards should be recalled to appear before the Complaints Council of the SRA and, if she cannot defend her actions, should be summarily be struck off from being a solicitor of England and Wales and, given that the fundamental attribute of a trust officer is one of TRUST, she should be immediately removed as a trust officer of Paicolex Trust Management AG

Yours faithfully,

David John Hender

Beneficiary to the Hender Family Settlement

Andrew Lugg is a Swiss national and therefore falls outside the influence of the SRA, as he is not a solicitor.. So, he is not referred to in the letter to the SRA. However, he has been joint signatory to all of the letters sent to me and is therefore legally responsible for what he and the other trust officers do.

He has been complicit in all actions taken against me and is therefore as responsible as Clare Edwards is. He must resign as chairman and Paicolex Trust Management AG must be broken up

Why I think my father has hit out at me

My father was very successful starting two companies that were very successful and he made a lot of money, more money that anyone, including me, could dream of. He was in the right place at the right time.

But despite his huge wealth, he still envies me. Yes, I am good at maths and always have been and yes, I am very logical in my problem solving.

After my retirement, I used to work with him. He did not grow up in a computer world and neither did I, but I taught myself how to use computers, whereas he did not; it is not really his fault, he was just from a different generation.

But, when I prepared accounts for him or wrote any other documents on a computer, I was always changing his grammar, despite him going to a grammar school, due to his high intellect. Private schools for him were not an option as his father was a boiler maker at Southampton; education did not come into life in those days; no one’s fault, that was just the way it was.

As he has got older, he has taken exception to this and started off with the sexual abuse when I was 12 or 13 and then moved on, once my mum had died and I was “unprotected” to complete hammer me, anyway that he could.

His first son has been a complete disappointment to him and has bailed him out countless times but he has never improved. It took him 5 goes to get his Maths O level, with the last one taken at university, as a condition to get his degree.

So, with all of this in mind, I have had to fight against him and it certainly has not helped with him being a mason, having all of his contacts in the police; he has really tried absolutely everything. It is taken a massive toll on my physical and mental health, to the extent that I have wanted to kill myself so many times.

I keep on fighting back, as I just cannot take injustice and unfairness; it is just not in my DNA.

Now, the tables are turning and I have proved, without a shadow of a doubt, that the trust officers have really tried to shaft me, with multiple amounts paid to my brother, loan write offs and interest free loans, although I have been charged extortionate amounts of interest, more than a mortgage company would have charged, even though my brother was not charged a single bean.

A new message to my friend, Jeremy Bamber

Hi Jeremy,
I have to say sorry again for upsetting you. The pain from my skin that is called Prurigo Nodularis, is triggered by stress and is
incurable and drove me to distraction. There is a drug called Cyclosporine and is like a horse tablet but it only takes away the pain. Part of the reason for what I wanted to do was that my own GP surgery refused to dispense the medication; 3 weeks of excruciating pain can send you round the bend. Nothing to do with those in the pharmacy, they are great but to do with the masonic links between my awful family and my GP. It seems that my family will go to any lengths to cause
me distress and pain.

Thankfully, I had my head screwed on correctly and I said that they were legally obliged to dispense the medication if there was a valid NHS form prescribed by a NHS doctor. So, with their tails between their legs, they have finally agreed to dispense the medication but the damage is done and so not only will I be suing for damages but I will be reporting the entire practice to the General medical Council, as they are jointly and severally liable.
As to my expedition, obviously that is totally out of the question now. My family shot themselves in the foot as, by organising to
refuse the medication, I will not be out of the hair for good. You know exactly what that means, don’t you? Setting you up with a
silencer, having you put away and then benefitting from your parents’ estate.
As to the rig, I am going to keep it. In time, I may have a new seat and gearbox and, as to the supplies, I offered them to the Red
Cross but they refused and just wanted cash. We both know why too, don’t we?
There is some good news and that is my last ex wife has reengaged with me. She knows that my father stitched both her and me up and with her notarised statement that a verbal contract existed, my father will have no choice but to pay out. Even better, she told her divorce solicitors at the time of the hearing but they said that they did not want to pursue it. She could have got over £400,000 from my father rather than £180,000 from me. Clearly, knowing how my family and it s associates behave, they got at her solicitors. No solicitor in their right mind would have ignored that. So, she can sue my father AND sue her solicitors for
Keep in touch my friend; I am glad that I am back

A letter to the family trust regarding inequalities

Regular readers of my blog will know that on top of the issues that I have had with the Police, I have been fighting the trust. I know believe that having married various documents together, I have proved that my brother has received millions more than me, all at the behest of my father who has treated the trust like a private piggy bank.

Given the cost of living crisis that has affected me as well as everyone else, I am reticent in publishing the letter as we are talking about large sums of money. But anyone who knows me, knows that I am more interested in the principal of the matter rather than the money itself.

What is the price of a life that I have lost?

Since 2016, my life has been very grim, with false accusations and many arrests. My life has been on hold for more than 6 years now and I am quite frankly just existing. I need some of this money to enable me to start a new life for the nth time

Here is the email.

Inequalities in the trust

This message was sent with High importance.

This message was sent with High importance.


David Hender

Thu 14/04/2022 08:38


  • Clare Edwards (Paicolex);
  • Andrew Lugg (Paicolex Chairman)


This letter was signed by the both of you, as you will see from the attached document and, as such, is legally binding.

You have listed all of the dividends that were paid by the trust to the date of the letter.

In the schedule of dividends at the end of the letter, you have categorically stated 

  • That Martin had been paid an extra £77,000 when in your words, it was “previous imbalances in David’s favour”. In fact, I should have been paid that sum, not Martin
  • That Martin was indeed paid twice i.e. £400,000 with payments being made on 11/4/2018 and 14/5/2018, each of £200,000
  • That you stated that I had to declare in my tax return, my genuine income of £200,000 but you deducted the entire amount of unsubstantiated loans of £23.633.68 and that since that date, you have still been deducting both capital and interest. You have been illegally deducting me, taking the entire amount out in one go and then again deducting from my income “instalment amounts” and have been paying over the money to my father ever since. In fact, you treated the unsubstantiated amounts differently from the core loan, in that you deducted it immediately

You have both knowing broken every rule with regards to the trust and your duties of care as trust officers.

This letter will be sent to the London managing partner and chairperson of Berwin Leighton, as it is now and you will both lose your jobs.

I have always stated from the outset that there had been a campaign against me, incited by my father with you, as well as Ron Downhill, being the knowing pawns and that this has substantially affected both my mental and physical health.

I will demand that

You will repay me all of the amounts that I was underpaid, with interest paid at 2.99% and that I receive a compensation figure of £10m immediately, from either Paicolex or its holding shareholder, Berwin Leighton Paisner. As to the interest rate, Andrew Lugg stated that the loan was accruing interest at 2.5%, whereas you have now charged me a rate of 2.99%

In addition, I am repaid back all monies that have been paid by me since the legally executed loan balance reduced to £180,000; the amount that was supposed to be paid by my father in lieu of the capital payment to Rosanna, to comply with the verbal contract between them.

In addition, the interest free loan that Martin took out with you is still outstanding in the accounts of HFP Investments for the year ended 30th November 2021 but according to Companies House, the loan has been repaid, as of 26th October 2020. It has not been repaid but simply written off by ASC at my father’s command. You are entitled to dispute this but the only way that you can prove my statement to be false is to provide copies of the bank statements that show the monies have been repaid.You have always charged me interest on the loan when I got divorced. But you have never charged my brother interest. This state of affairs is not compliant with the Trustees Act 2000.

As a condition of this settlement, Martin will actually repay the £1.4m of monies to ASC, with all interest being paid at 2.9% and I will have copies of all correspondence, the ASC accounts to present and will receive them thereafter.

No one else, other than the legal beneficiaries, will receive any further sums from the trust/ASC and all monies paid to date to or on behalf of Francesca Hender, Iyshea Hender and Verity Hender will be repaid in full with punitive interest charged at 2.99% and in terms of Verity Hender, any rental agreement of a property will be immediately terminated and any property purchased on her behalf will be immediately sold. The trust officers have breached the trust deed by distributing capital to family members who are not bona fidei beneficiaries. You have thus failed to comply with the trust deed which dictates a maintenance of all capital.

Although not a Paicolex issue, the will of my father will revert to that before the death of my mother and if my father does not want to see prison bars instead of his garden at Timberchace, he will comply with this, as he has committed fraud of the utmost gravity in league with you as trustees. I will receive a copy of his will that relates to what was current before the death of my mother and confirmation that all future wills have been superceded and cancelled. The will provided to me will be previously have been presented to a notary with sworn confirmation that no will shall supercede the version that has been notarised.

Relating to my father, he will pay me personal compensation of £5m for what he has done to me, in losing my daughter who was my world and for causing me so much physical and mental distress, to the extent that I wished to kill myself. Out of sheer spite, he has done all of this to me, starting with the sexual abuse when I was a boy. 

Relating to Verity, she will make a statement under oath that she was not affected by any of the emails that I sent to her and that she was malicious in saying that it was harassment. Her mother will do likewise, stating that the complaints made to the police were at the instigation of my father. 

The house in Wales inhabited by my cousin and owned by my father will immediately be sold, with the total receipts being received by me. This is for her sheer betrayal, after everything that I have done for her over so many years, in this country and in Canada.

Furthermore, Verity will issue a separate sworn statement stating that she falsely accused me of sexual abuse at the instigation of my father, with the payment of money in consideration.

The sworn statements will then be issued to the court and the charge and sentence of harassment will be expunged, together with the issue surrounding the allegations of abuse and actual bodily harm, with my record again being expunged and I will receive sizeable compensation from Hampshire and Surrey police for the way that I was treated, firstly in the false arrest in 2016 when I was falsely accused of sexual abuse and secondly, in the manner that I was arrested for not attending a voluntary interview, even though I was severely agoraphobic. 

Furthermore, my father will make a sworn statement that due to his masonic connections, he was complicit with my arrest and charge in relation to the alleged harassment. I make no promise as to whether I will write a new will to include my daughter as a beneficiary in my will.

As my B shares in ASC are legally binding, 50% of all assets and retained profits of ASC will be transferred to another entity and then the B shares will be cancelled. In addition, due to my brother’s complicity in all activities against me, 20% of the assets and retained profits of his share will be transferred to my B shares before the cancellation and transfer.

A trust lawyer of good repute, will have a field day with the information that were legally provided by the trust and this could lead to the break up of Paicolex and will have serious inevitable consequences to the Bryan Cave/Berwin Leighton relationship 


I am finally getting my medication but am still reporting my GP practice to the GMC

There has been some success today, albeit that it is far too late.

I have been emailing the Lighthouse Clinic, which is a specialist skin department of the NHS, backwards and forwards for a few hours and finally there has been a resolution.

The resolution is that provided the script that the Lighthouse clinic will send to my GP surgery, The South Wight Medical Practice, they will now dispense my medication.

I pointed out to the Lighthouse clinic that provided a valid prescription is received by Godshill surgery, they are legally obliged to dispense the medication.

I do not blame the dispensers at Godshill; they are, after all, doing as instructed but I am blame the doctors and, in particular, Dr Peter Hill, who blocked the signing of the Shared Care and Service Agreement that would have enabled me to just order the medication on line and have it dispensed by the surgery’s pharmacy; after all, I minimise my trips out of the house as I am agoraphobic.

You will remember that I previously said that I was suddenly transferred to Dr Hill’s list, without any interaction by me. I believe that this was done because Dr Hill is a mason and it is my opinion, not fact, that he is in league with my masonic father and brother.

The last time that Dr Hill saw me, he threatened me with defamation but I am smarter than that, as he cannot sue me for defamation with regard to accusing him to be a mason, as the institution of masons is not proscribed, which means that it is legal, sadly, as it is a completely corrupt organisation. You cannot commit defamation by accusing someone of being a member of a legal organisation. It would be like me accusing him of being a member of a car club.

The reason that I am still reporting them to the GMC is this.

  1. The specialist at the Lighthouse Clinic sent a valid prescription to the Godshill surgery over three weeks ago
  2. The dispenser at the Godshill surgery said that they could not dispense my cyclosporine because an agreement had not been signed.
  3. It is irrelevant whether a shared care and service agreement is in place; they are legally obliged to dispense the medication
  4. The practice’s failure to dispense the medication has caused unbelievable pain and, worse still, irreversible damage
  5. After being forced to do so, they are now dispensing the medication, although three weeks of not taking the drug has caused serious damage to my body. It will not be until next week now before I am able to take the drug that will be 5 weeks of unwarranted delay
  6. I am also considering suing the practice for damages due to their inaction and will demand that Dr Peter Hill is struck off
  7. No one at the practice has ever properly examined me and the first person to actually identify my condition was my osteopath

I have “refunded” the donation that one of my friends made for my now failed expedition

I will not name the person who very kindly donated the amount but I have written to him this morning, advising him that I have cancelled my expedition. Over £700 of medical and sanitary supplies will now go to waste.

He did not want the money back but asked that I donate to a Ukraine charity on his behalf, which I have now done and have advised him of.