An email to Lisa Mayhew, chairwoman and senior partner of Berwin Leighton Paisner

The Hender Family Settlement and Paicolex Trust Management AG- WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE

This message was sent with High importance.

David Hender


  • Lisa Mayhew Co Chair Berwin Leighton


  • Ron Downhill;
  • Clare Edwards (Paicolex);
  • Andrew Lugg (Paicolex Chairman)

Thu 19/05/2022 10:55

Dear Miss Mayhew,


I have proved without any doubt the following

  • That Clare Edwards lied to me, constantly denying that any of the below had taken place
  • That with the co-operation of Clare Edwards and Andrew Lugg, my brother stole from the trust on two occasions, one for £200,000 of dividends and one for the non repayment/write off of a £1.4m interest free loan
  • That as a UK solicitor, Clare Edwards has professionally failed in her legal, ethical and fiduciary duties, as a trust officer to the Hender Family Settlement and has not only broken English and Welsh law, on which the trust deed is based but has breached multiple provisions of the trust deed with regard to the distribution of capital. I cite the multiple distributions to Francesca, Iyshea and Verity Hender and the write off of the £1.4m loan from Adriatic Sea Corporation to my brother and joint beneficiary, Martin William Hender
  • That as a UK solicitor, Ron Downhill has failed in his professional, legal, ethical and fiduciary duties, as the tax and legal advisor to the Hender Family Settlement
  • That as a UK solicitor and former tax partner to Berwin Leighton Paisner, Ron Downhill facilitated the tax evasion of William Hender, and Leon Du Toit Stoffberg ,which is in contravention Criminal Finance Act 2017 and which is retrospective. I have complete documentation. 
  • Furthermore, with regards to the “Project Vendcrown” legal bible, an error was made insofar that the reference was made to “Mr Hender’s shares” (8.5.2 page 15) and not the trust or Michael Cobb’s shares, thus proving that the Michael Cobb settlement for William Hender’s children was a tax evasion scam
  • That Ron Downhill, being a mason, has knowingly conspired with his fellow masons, William Thomas Hender and Martin William Hender, as well as the aforementioned trust officers ,to directly and indirectly harass me and to cause me mental and physical harm by detrimentally affecting my legally entitled sole source of income, which is contrary to the Harassment Act 2010, as superceded by the Harassment Acts of 2014 and 2019 and in contravention of the Criminal Justice Act 1977 

Miss Mayhew, these are just a small part of the egregious actions of the trust officers and Paicolex Trust Management AG.

I have the stored emails to prove that I have notified you of all of the above, in a variety of emails that I have stored but you refuse to do anything, even though you take ultimate responsibility for the actions of the staff and partners of Berwin Leighton Paisner, the UK part of the merged partnership of Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner. These are no longer allegations but fact. Your personal assistant, Gaby Kaiser, was well aware as to what you were doing by diverting emails to her and was no longer prepared to risk taking responsibility and consequently advised me that she was leaving. I have her relevant email and this is shows that you are FULLY EXPOSED

May I remind you that as the 100% shareholder of Paicolex Trust Management AG, you, as chairwoman, take ultimate responsibility and are solely culpable for the egregious and illegal actions of not only the partners and consultants of Berwin Leighton Paisner but also for the actions of the employees and trust officers of Paicolex Trust Management AG and its subsidiaries.

You have NEVER responded to a single one of my emails. Not only is that EXTREMELY discourteous but is also grossly unprofessional. I have never seen such unprofessional behaviour in my entire professional life.

I have to wonder as to what it would take for you to take action. Full disclosure of the tax evading “planning” of the BLP partners for the benefit of their clients to the HMRC, who would no doubt bury it, and to the media maybe?


Another Conservative masonic parliamentarian is arrested for rape

I have talked about the masons, who are so rife throughout society that they consider themselves above the law. They are paedophiles, rapists and tax evaders.

But now, yet another has been caught out for rape. We don’t know his name but it will surface very soon.

It may be a secret society but is secret no more; they are filth and are at the bottom of the sewer

With extreme prejudice- a message to the masons

Now that I have collated all of the information and recovered from making that YouTube video, regarding my sexual abuse by my father, I have now written a damning email to those who call the shots, especially as I cannot email either my brother or my father, as I do not have their email addresses.

What is said is self explanatory.

Just one matter that was not in the email. I forgot that my ex wife had written to her divorce solicitors, Weightmans. The reason that she had written to them, with a copy of the notarised statement, was to prove that despite Rosanna telling them about the verbal contract with my father, they said that they were not going to raise it with the judge. Just two words – MASONIC INFLUENCE.

She had written to them before, asking for the files, but they never responded. But as soon as the notarised statement dropped on their mat, they were so very willing to oblige and are prepared to send them all of the files. As Rosanna said, they are running scared, very scared.

So, here is the email. I have slightly redacted it to protect the innocent

From: David Hender <>
Sent: 12 May 2022 13:49
To: Ron Downhill <>; John Marriott (Private) <>
Cc xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Matters at hand – WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE


You will have now received the notarised statement of my ex wife, Rosanna; it does not take a rocket scientist to work out that we are working together and have done for a number of weeks.

Some of what she said in her statement shocked me but was totally believable, given what my father did to me. Her statement collaborates everything that I have said publicly on my blog and elsewhere.

I will remind you that despite my accusations, my father has NEVER denied sexually abusing with me, members of my family or other step members.

At this point, although I am not a mason and have never desired to be, the masonic brotherhood must have a code of practice of some sort. So, given that all of my assertions regarding my father and brother have been substantiated, I have to consider why those in charge at the lodges, have not admonished my father for sexually abusing his son, granddaughters and xxxxxxx.

But he is not alone, far from it. My brother took a bribe to stay quiet when one or both of my nieces was sexually abused and that this was backed up by his wife. Their actions are indescribable and, as I see it, are just as bad as the abuses themselves. Would either of you have taken hush money if some of your children or grandchildren were sexually abused by another mason? Would your loyalty to the brotherhood supersede your disgust for what had happened to your family by a fellow mason, with the innocence of the victims, your family, being denied them for life? Whatever I may think of my daughter, her innocence was taken by someone whom she loved and trusted.

At this juncture, I have to thank my estranged cousin, Lori, as it was she who allowed me to fill in the missing pieces of the jigsaw. Without her, I would be years away from finding out the truth, if I ever fitted it together at all.

As a simple example, I would never have known about the meeting in the temple, below BLP (Berwin Leighton Paisner), when there was an attempt to remove me as a beneficiary of the trust, with my father, brother and Downhill present.

Of course, if questioned, she will deny it all but ask yourself this; how would I have known about this meeting and the fact that my father paid my daughter money to falsely accuse me of sexual abuse? There are many other examples, as she wanted to ingratiate herself to me and con me into believing that she was “on my side”, which she was not, of course.

I have brushed away the pain that all of those awful incidents from the last 6 years have done to me, have pigeon holed my own sexual abuse and am now ready to put the final nails in many coffins.

You will now be aware that I have started a YouTube channel, with the first video being the most painful of all of those planned, that of my own sexual abuse by my father.

My next video is to be a detailed account of the activities of the masons, who have brushed my life in any way; the family, you two, the police, magistrates and judges; all will be named; I have no qualms in doing that. In fact, it will be a release of all of the information that I have had bottled up inside me for so long.

Then, I will turn my attention to the activities of the trust officers, the actions of you, Mr Downhill and the proved inactions of Lisa Mayhew. That will include the facilitation of tax evasion, the tax evasion itself and the tax that has been evaded by my brother and daughter, the later with the help of you, Mr Downhill.

Alternatively, I may bring in a trust barrister, whose sizeable fees will be based on a large share of the damages awarded to me; it is not about the money but is about the principle, as I hold a different “covenant” to the one by which my family abide.

There is now corroborated legal proof that my father breached a verbal contract with Rosanna, with regard to a property for her and the boys, in the event of a divorce.

There is now proof that the trust officers not only double paid my brother but also wrote off a £1.4m loan to Adriatic, all in the trust officers’ OWN HANDS and so much more.

I have not even started on Harwyn, where money was funnelled to my brother’s failing brewery company and was not even disclosed in accordance with the Companies Act. I am quite sure that dividends were paid out of this company but, without a subpoena, this is yet to be proved, although as a shareholder of Harwyn, I am legally entitled to receive the full accounts of the company.

There are, as I see it, a number of matters that need to be rectified:

A full pay-out to myself, for the historic sexual abuse by my father, the attempted bribery, the facilitation of false sexual abuse allegations alleged by my daughter, the facilitation of false harassment claims, leading to the life long suffering of a painful and incurable skin condition, Prurigo Nodularis, with compensation to be paid by my father personally

A sizeable amount of compensation to be paid to me, by BLP and/or Paicolex Trust Management AG, for the gross and egregious breaches by both the trust officers of Paicolex Trust Management AG and the tax and legal advisor to the trust with the trust’s assets being transferred to Barclays Wealth, to be held under their diligent and uncorrupted care.  

A full pay-out to Rosanna, for breach of a verbal legal contract and for breach of a promise, to be paid by my father, as he was legally bound to disclose, UNDER OATH, during the divorce proceedings. 

Monthly maintenance payments being made by my father to Rosanna, for the rest of Rosanna’s life to allow her to devote her entire time to caring for xxxxxxx who, in addition to the xxxxxxxx, has wild mood swings, as a result of the abuse. Sadly, xxxxxxxxx consciousness was unable to bury the nightmarish events that he suffered, as opposed to what my memory did many years ago but which, are now sadly in my full consciousness


These are the main matters but there are also administrative matters to attend to such as

The repayment of the £1.4M loan granted to my brother by Adriatic Sea Corporation, to be proven by evidence of the bank transfer

Past and future accounts of Adriatic Sea Corporation to be sent to me

The payment of £1.25M of “advanced inheritance” to me, as paid to my brother, by my father

The payment of £200,000 of dividends paid to my brother and not to myself, contrary to the trust deed

The payment of the current balance due by me to Adriatic Sea Corporation, by my father, approximating £180,000

The eradication of falsified and illegal additions to the amount due by me to Adriatic Sea Corporation with the illegal deduction in 2007/8 being repaid to me

Gentlemen, may I remind you that I have the will, the means and the evidence to prove everything that is mentioned in this email; It can be sent with the “Without prejudice” header if you prefer

I have all of the evidence, some of it proffered to me by Lori Cameron, to prove the masonic link to the family’s affairs and to the disreputable, disgraceful and corrupt way that I was treated by the police and the judiciary, with all of the names of the actors, which will cause the Masonic brotherhood to be deeply embarrassed. 

Remember that I have been in regular contact with the media and I can only suggest that my corroborated evidence will blow the secrecy of the Masonic brotherhood wide open and especially its connection with the corrupt judiciary.

My mother instilled in me a strong sense of morality and so I am neither scared nor worried about blowing the whole thing wide open

Whilst you process what I have said in this lengthy but detailed email, I will be preparing my next YouTube video that will be go live over the weekend. To remind you, it will concern the masonic interaction with the family et all.


GB News is like giving a baby a loaded gun

Quite frankly, they have absolutely no clue what they are doing

At 6pm Sunday, it was scheduled to be Ministry of Offence, a programme that is pre-recorded so there is no excuse not to air it but instead that had the dreadful Political Correction, again a pre-recorded programme.

Quite frankly, GN News could not organise a piss up in a brewery

Every judge, court officer, council member and the police are corrupt

That may be a weird statement to make and I am sure there are exceptions but even if someone starts off with good intentions, that is very soon knocked out of them.

I had great hopes for District Judge Matthew Wales but sadly, he is just like all of the others. The judges, officials and the police are inextricably linked and their sole purpose now is to put people away who do not deserve to be put away.

Take me, my case against the fucking bastard Leverton was dismissed, despite the overwhelming evidence to prove my innocence, including the fact I WAS NOT EVEN CHARGED.

District Judge Wales is a mason and is as morally corrupt as the rest of them. I would go further and suggest that he is financially corrupt as well, though I cannot prove that. I am sure that access to his emails, phone records and bank statements would speak volumes. I would put deputy district judge Gorman in the same category.

I may have lost a battle but there is no doubt that I have certainly not lost the war. A legal document will arrive on certain doormats, either today, tomorrow or Monday that will blow this all apart and the recipients will be shitting themselves