My state of mind

As no one will help me and I mean no one; not the police, the lawyers, the media, GPs and certainly not the family, I am literally teetering on the edge.

It is not as if I have not tried to pull myself out of this trough. I have always wanted a Beach buggy and found a cheap one on Ebay. As I cannot travel far, I paid for it to be brought up to Lymington; it was not cheap, I can tell you. I then endured the 40 min trip from Yarmouth to collect it. On the day, I was elated but that has long gone.

It has sat on my drive for two weeks under cover and my kitchen is full of bits and pieces to improve it. But though I love cars and love working on them, I cannot bring myself to even leave the house; not necessarily because of agoraphobia but because I have been beaten down for so long; most of my life really, well ever since my father thought it would be a good idea to bugger me and then treat me as a slave by working for him for f##ing peanuts. I guess that it was all a part of his desire to control me, away from the influence of my beloved Mum, who has gone now.

There has been a little rain since I bought it but most of the time, it has been lovely weather, ideal for me as the sun is weak and would not burn my skin due to my lack of pigment in my skin because of all that has happened. But, due to the desperation going on in my head, most of the time, it is a case of what is the fucking point so I just sit in the kitchen, speak to no one, drink and smoke and do bugger all. What a fucking life

Why don’t we play dirty too?

Israel play dirty, the US play dirty and many other countries too. Sadly, we now live in a dirty world. I should know

I have to ask the question; we have MI5 and MI6 as well as the SAS so why do we not go and grab these Russian bastards? Other countries have used rendition so why shouldn’t we? Have we got what it takes? If not, we are nothing and are cowards.

The murder of Alexander Litvinenko

The radioactive substance has now been traced back to the Russian reactor, from which it was obtained. As a result, the European Court of Human Rights have stated that there is a prima facie case that the Russian state actually murdered Alexander and has upheld the investigation carried out by the UK. We all know that the Russians murdered Alexander, as does just about every Western government.

But it is not just Alexander. The Russian’s did not care who was affected by the radioactive substance; many hundreds of innocent others were affected

Yes, we know that two “Russian monkeys” actually put the toxin into Alexander’s drink but it was the Russian state that incited the poisoning and we all know why; they are just collateral fodder.

As Vladimir Putin is the head of the Russian state, he is legally culpable, not just the people who actually carried out the poisoning. Take a different slant. If a member of the UK government seriously cocks up, it is the Prime Minister’s head that is cut off.

Although it could be argued that Putin has diplomatic immunity, a worldwide warrant should be issued for his arrest. Of course, any warrant will never be effected but if Putin steps one foot into the UK, then he should at the very least be arrested.

More so, if other Western countries accept the findings and all of the European states have to as their own high court has come to that very conclusion, a warrant should be issued for Putin’s arrest by all European countries and hopefully the US as well.

Cut off the snake’s head and the rest will die

The masons – a role of dishonour (updated and amended) – One person has been omitted as I have no evidence whatsoever

Below is a list of people who have either controlled my life, ruined my life or have sought to prevent justice from being done. They are all masons and need to be exposed for their corrupt practices, although Freemasonry is proscribed by law, which basically means that it is permitted

William Thomas Hender, my father – Now existing in Ashtead, Surrey due to advanced Alzheimer’s (confirmed by my cousin, Lori)

Martin William Hender, my brother of Bath, Somerset, who lives a life of riley and who now controls my father’s wealth and the trust (confirmed by my cousin, Lori)

Ronald Edward Downhill, the advisor to the trust on which I solely rely of Godalming, Surrey and former partner of Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, whose lodge is actually under the London office, in which he works (Governors House, 5 Laurence Pountney Hill, London EC4R 3AF) (confirmed by my cousin, Lori)

Adjustment – I cannot remember when Lori told me about the conspiracy to remove me as a beneficiary as she just said “below the offices of Berwin Leighton Paisner“. They have moved relatively recently and so could actually be below the old office at Adelaide House, London Bridge, London EC4R 9HA. I believe the lodge to be below this building, as it was built in 1925, is grade 2 listed and the attempt to remove me as a beneficiary from the trust was at a time when my father’s Alzheimer’s was less advanced

John Marriott, my and my father’s ex financial advisor and probably now my brother’s of Moulton, Northampton (confirmed by my cousin, Lori)

Staff Officer Joel Leverton 17283 of the Isle of Wight CID

Martin Egerton 24492 of West Wight Prevention and Neighbourhoods Team Police Office, Yarmouth Harbour Commissioners, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight

David Castle, my solicitor of The Castle Partnership, 1 Farnham Rd, Guildford GU2 4RG (provisional until fully confirmed by a mason)

The judge from the Southampton Court, who found me guilty, put me on remand in prison for a month, but then gave me a suspended sentence because I had found out that he was a mason

Gavin Stephens, Chief Inspector of Surrey Police

Detective Sergeant Norridge 3846 of the Isle of Wight CID

Anjali Jenkins 4781 of IOW/Hampshire police

Detective sergeant Glenn Parker 236 of Surrey Police (Salfords)

Kevin Richardson of Biscoes Solicitors, Isle of Wight

Alison Lee of Biscoes Solicitors, Portsmouth

Olivia Pinkney, Chief constable of Hampshire

Lisa Mayhew, co chair of Bryan Cave Berwin Leighton, Governors House, 5 Laurence Pountney Hill, London EC4R 3AF, who was disinterested when I told her that my father had Alzheimer’s and was “out of control”. She did bugger all

Doctor Peter Hill, founder of the South Wight Medical Practice, Isle of Wight

An old friend of mine, who I never see, showed me exactly where the Isle of Wight lodge was (in Newport); a grubby “run down” non descript building (as they normally are) and generally hidden from public gaze.

Cressida Dick, Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police

Prince Charles

Prince William

As the masons are not proscribed in law, which means that they are not illegal under law, although not palatable, none of the above can sue me for defamation. Even members of the Royal Family are/were masons

A plea to my GP, Dr Kitova

I have sent this message out of sheer desperation to my GP, Dr Kitova, a partner at the South Wight Medical Practice. It is self explanatory

Dear Dr Kitova,

You are aware that I have transferred to your list, mainly because Dr Hill has been away so much.

My appeal is due to be heard on October 15th but I doubt that I will get a fair hearing. Despite the courts knowing very well that I have serious mental health issues, particularly my agoraphobia, they have ignored this and the concerns that Dr Hill rose in the letter to my brother, they have ignored all of that and are demanding my personal attendance. But most of my agoraphobia has arisen because of the brutality of the police and my attendance in court.
The orignal trial was held in my absence even though the courts knew that I had gone to a psychiatric hospital on the mainland. Justice has not been served, particularly because I was not able to defend myself.
Since I received the letter saaying that I must attend, I have been having multiple panic attacks as I just cannot face ggoing through all of that again. I have told them that my mental health is so bad that I could not even “attend” by way of remote link.
Please will you issue a certificate to say that I must not go due to my bad mental health. The letter that DR Hill wrote to my brothrer should be on the system and as the letter is on 3 pages, I cannot add it here as you can only add one file.
Please help me Dr Kitova. I am really at the end of my tether and so tired of fighting everyone.
Thank you

I am suing Morrisons#4 – response from Morrisons Customer Service

You know that I am suing Morrisons as a result of their plastic bags scam; whenever I see a new delivery driver, I tell the story and they are all shocked. I saw a really friendly Sainsbury delivery driver today, my mate Colin, who I have not seen for well over a year and his response was “Sainsbury did not do that”

I did not mention the email that I received over the weekend from Morrisons. When I read it, I had gto read it twice, as I could not believe what I was reading.

RE: Notice of claim against you for your plastic bag con “because of Covid” REF: ##6033478##Morrisons Online Customer Service Team <xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>Sat 18/09/2021 13:55


  •  xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Mr Hender,

Hope you’re well;

We don’t offer customers the option to have or not have plastic bags so that is not in any way illegal.

Kind regards,

Talvin Singh
Morrisons Online Customer Service Team

So, according to Morrisons, they do not have bagless deliveries, which they are legally bound to offer. The truth is coming out now as Morrisons could not care a damn about the planet and, according to this email, can foist and charge plastic bags onto their customers at will.

The energy crisis

Whether you believe the politicians or not, we ARE in an energy crisis. We have gone green far too quickly, without thinking what would happen if the wind did not blow or the sun did not shine.

Well, right now, with billions invested in windfarms, the wind is not blowing and so we need more gas. Queue Russia who have put up the price of gas to screw the West.

In investments, you spread the risk, between high risk and low risk investments. But, we have not done that with our energy supply, low risk being nuclear and high risk being wind and solar.

The key to getting out of this hole is Small Modular Reactors, which can be constructed in 500 days, not the decades that the big reactors take. At the time of war, we seriously upped production and I am sure that we could cut that timetable. Rolls Royce are technological geniuses and once a production line has been set up, we can roll out many SMRs

Yes, we are in an energy war and Rolls Royce is at the head of this technology. We need to stop building wind farms and the government needs to throw money at these small reactors. Then, in a few year’s time, we will have sufficient modular reactors and we will be self sufficient. We can then put up two fingers to Russia

Nazanin Ratcliffe

The UK government has been pussy footing around long enough over the situation of this poor lady. Let’s face it, diplomacy has not worked. She has been incarcerated in one form or another since 3rd April 2016. That is 1,997 days exactly.

We should apply what Gladstone called “gunboat diplomacy” over more than a hundred years ago. It was very successful at the time.

We should do this in two ways. ANY money that relates to the Iranian government should be seized permanently and, secondly, we should go in and rescue Nazanin with the SAS or other armed forces.

If and when we get her out, what is Iran going to do? Issue Fatwahs against the entire UK government. Oooooh, so scared.

We have no loyalty to Iran, there are a terrorist and corrupt nation. So what if a few Iranian guards get killed in the process; Nazanin will be free. We cannot tell any of our allies, as people talk and governments like to “improve their lot”, regardless of who it is. It will have to be kept very close

China, the SAS and everything

We all know that Covid started in a lab but we also know that although they locked down their own nation, they let the Chinese population fly throughout the world and spread the virus.

If they had nothing to hide, they would not have “torched” their lab so that no evidence remained; China has plenty to hide.

The Chinese ruling party have a completely different sense of morality to those in the West. If they could spread the virus around the world and destroy their competing economies, they would do it without a blink of an eye; just look what they do to some of their own people.

The technical agreement known as AUKUS is a great start but we have to realise that it is just a start. Despite a few new “toys”, our armed forces is pathetic. Even with two new aircraft carriers, we were not able to provide air cover to Kabul, to prevent the Taliban taking over so quickly. How many UK citizens have been stuck in Afghanistan as well as all of those Afghans who helped us in the last 20 years and are now in grave danger?

Given the clear threat with Chinese expansion, we need to beef up all of our armed forces. This cannot be done overnight but we must start as soon as possible and throw money at it, as we did for Covid, otherwise in 20 years time, we will be all speaking Chinese. China are the new Nazis.

Part of China’s power comes from the huge amount of “stuff” that they export. By not telling the world about the transmissibility of Covid, all of the world turned to China for PPE. So China not only wrecked the world’s economies, they profited from it as well. If so many millions had not died, I would say that it was clever.

I saw a interview between Nigel Farage and an ex SAS officer, who was involved in the Iranian embassy siege. He said that the way that the SAS now works, has changed, because of cost cutting. This is so wrong. The SAS have our “ultimate soldiers” and given the rise of terrorism, the SAS should get as much money as they need. They will not waste money; they are proper soldiers, not those in charge who have comfy lives and have an open cheque book in front of them and who waste billions of pounds.

Officially, we no longer have an army, as only have 70,000 personnel; that a bloody disgrace. Recent projects that have cost billions have completely failed. If there were people, with technical experience, in charge, they could have said that at the outset and so much money would not have been wasted. Those in charge of the military just throw money at projects that have no chance of working. Just think what those wasted billions could do to improve and expand the army.

We need to up our game and spend money wisely on the armed forces and to create a defence and offensive force that we had in years gone by and to not be a laughing stock.

Turning back to the strength of China’s industry, it will collapse if exports collapse. We have 1 million out of work. Let us invest money in ourselves so that our exports grow, imports plummet and China will end up on its knees, as their industry must expand by 5% a year in order that China can keep away from their looming debt crisis.

In 20 or 30 years time, we will be in grave danger and regardless of our allies, we have to protect ourselves, as it is quite clear that the USA will not help us in a time of emergency, as they are now so self absorbed.

The “Five eyes”, Nato and the US

Given the stance that is being taken by New Zealand in prohibiting nuclear submarines in their waters and given the fact that their premier waxed lyrical about China, if I was a decision maker, I would remove New Zealand from the “Five eyes” project as, at the end of the day, it is all about commerce and power and the Kiwis feel that they can get that my siding up with China; they just cannot be trusted.

As to Nato, it has kept us safe for decades but there now needs to be a Nato Mark 2, as it is clear that the US will not pull their weight when it comes to the crunch.

More so, I have heard from contributors, time after time, that Biden cannot string two sentences together. No one, absolutely no oine, is prepared to explore the fact that he may have dementia. Why is he called Sleepy Joe and carries a book around him at all times; he even forgot the name of the Australian Prime Minister.

Why is it that everyone is blind to what may be happening to Biden? Is everyone scared that if it is exposed that he does have dementia that war will break out? Let’s face it, if this is the case, Kamala Harris is no better; she has been seen nowhere. Is it a case that with Kamala Harris, it is a case of “fur coat and no knickers”, which in this context means that she is very amiable but does not have the “stuff” to sort things out?