COMPENSATION – Part 1 – Premium Credit and the destruction of my career

I have had to think about this long and hard, apportioning blame to the various parties involved.

I should stress that this compensation EXCLUDES:

  • Unpaid dividends to me as joint beneficiary of the Hender Family Settlement
  • Illegal “draw back” of dividends by the trust officers for illegal non existent loans
  • Monies that I have identified or have been disclosed to me, paid to my brother only; for example the “advanced inheritance”


Monies and the reasons for the claims against individuals or organisations are detailed below:


The claim against this person amounts to £500,000

The reason for this claim is that after putting my career in jeopardy for disclosing the fraud to him, he directed me to then cover it up and preventing me from informing the outside investors, which was part of my duties as Finance Director.

The cover up was only instigated because of the family connection with the fraudster, Michael Cobb and the fall out that would cause within his family, particularly his sister, the wife of the fraudster.

This went against everything that I believed in and was trained to uphold, both professionally and ethically.

If the outside investors had discovered the cover up, as the person who was in sole charge of the finances, I would have been used as a scape goat and my career would have been over.

This claim also reflects that he did not have the gumption to sack his brother-in-law for the fraud, for fear of upsetting his sister, the fraudster’s wife, who benefited from artificially high incentives also,albeit indirectly.


Michael Cobb, head of the Commercial division; the fraudster

The claim against this person amounts to £750,000

This individual hid bad debts, amounting to tens of millions, in order for him to pretend that he was managing the division correctly and professionally. He also hid the bad debts to ensure that with low bad debts and a healthy surplus in his division, his incentive was artificially uplifted.

After committing the fraud, he also had the arrogant audacity of accusing me of betrayal by reporting to the chairman, his brother-in-law, details of the fraud itself.

Ken Garrodd, my immediate boss

The claim against this person, for whom I had and have no respect, amounts to £1m.

That may seem a particularly large figure, especially considering that he was not at “the top of the tree”. The claim, against Garrodd, is so large for one simple reason.

He and he alone destroyed my career.

I have already recounted the fact that he refused extra staff for my department FOUR TIMES  so that particular fact does not bear repeating.

But because he DID refuse me extra staff, out of arrogance, wanting to keep the costs down and his incentives high or for whatever reason, he broke me.

Yes, I had a weakness but under Leon Stoffberg, I managed my staff and the the throughput very well. In fact, save for the debacle of the fraud, I worked well with Leon, highly respected him, as I still do and was firing on all cylinders.

I had already warned Garrodd that my team and I were getting stretched by the increase in activity of the company but he paid no heed. Writing report after report was just a delaying tactic and a very short sighted one at that.

Even the compensation that I received would have paid for extra staff and more qualified staff that I had already. Staff were thrown at the sales divisions, for obvious reasons but, with extra sales, comes extra workload for the people who have to manage it.

My team did a sterling job and any one of us could have broken but I broke first, as I took on the extra workload myself and just worked longer and longer hours.

Garrodd is not uncommon, as my department, like many others in different companies, are seen as pure cost centres, regardless of the fact that they facilitate the completion of the sales process.

Before joining Premium Credit, Garrodd moved from company to company, one of them being the failed lottery bid by Virgin. As to why he was chosen is beyond me; he was not hands on from the start and it quickly became apparent that all he was, was an “armchair director”, completely “hands off”. But he raked in the money. Bringing his Aston Martin to work was like putting two fingers up to his staff and those who worked under them.

I worked bloody hard to get my qualifications, building up experience as I went.

I was only 38/39 and he took all away all of my dreams, all of my aspirations and my future and so, out of all those with whom I worked, he has to pay the most

Graham Puttergill, Chairman of Premium Credit

I remember that when I was disgusted about the lack of acknowledgement of my efforts that was reflected in my bonus, I did go over Garrodd’s head and went straight to Graham.

I was very blunt and said that I was underappreciated; I had sacrificed a great deal for the company. I said that in order for one of the lady sales directors to get big bonuses, all they had to do was to walk into his office and flash their legs. I remember his exact words “David, you are not worthy of such a comment” but there was some truth in what I said.

But he has to contribute for one reason and one reason only.

I had sort of left following my breakdown and the family trust now held a great deal of shares. When the compensation was negotiated, it was quite clear that given my young age, experience and remuneration, the level of compensation was purposely depressed, due to the expectation that I would receive millions when the company was finally sold.

This was totally wrong because I should have been treated as an individual and any income that I may have received from the family trust was irrelevant.

To put it bluntly and remember that I was only 39 with my career over, the monetary compensation that I received only equated to 5 years of salary, if that and when I received shares, as did all of the junior management, my allocation was the second smallest. That was an insult.

Sharon Beckett, the sales director of the personal lines division, received £1m in shares, promptly resigned and then walked into a high paid job working for Leon Stoffberg. Lovely, if you can get it.

For the reason detailed above, Graham Puttergill’s contribution is £500,000




I have pretty much thrashed this to bits now and this will probably be the last time that I revisit it.

Of course, this is all supposition and so I do not have clue but, from a process of iteration, it really boils down to one of these.


  1. My father was behind it solely
  2. Verity’s mother was behind it solely
  3. My father and Verity’s mother were colluding with each other
  4. It came out of Verity’s mind, with no external influences

As I have said many times, there is a wall of silence, which I have tried to break but have failed.

The worst thing about this all is not knowing but, just as importantly, why?

From both my father’s and Verity’s mother’s behaviour over the years, it is easy to surmise why they both would want to do it.

The “big elephant in the room” though is, if it was all Verity, why she would want to do that. One could suggest that because of Verity’s unbreakable silence, it is this scenario that is most likely. But, of course, I do not know.

If this scenario is the right one, then a choice has to be made, not by me but by Verity.

The choice is this. Is she prepared to not talk to me or not see me for the rest of her life and thus part of her will always be missing


Do we draw a line in the sand? Quite frankly, we all cock up from time to time but we learn from our mistakes. If this scenario is true, then I am sure that she is truly sorry and is guilt ridden but the point is this.

I would rather she admit that it was her, give me a damn big hug, say that she is very sorry for what she has done (and for the unforeseen consequences that it created, which were probably more painful than the original act) and just sit down with me and a friend for moral support and try to explain as to why she felt that she had to do it.

I am sure that there would be a lot of tears from the both of us but I would rather have her back in my life and for it to all be over, rather than me being in this painful state of limbo and Verity being in a painful state of shame and guilt.

I would rather be together with Verity than apart; it is a “no brainer”

If Verity did cause all of this, I know that she is articulate enough to try to explain her reasons for doing it. If I knew, it could be something that could change my behaviour as well as Verity’s but I don’t know.

I have stressed this so many times and that is that she will not come to any harm, from  me or from the Police. My father and her mother may be severely pissed off with her but that will pass; they are both adults and will see it, as I will, as a mistake made by a misguided and confused young person. After all, Verity has been through a lot in her short life.

We will then all get on with our lives, as it should be.

All of the pain that I have suffered is in the past and so what is the point of drawing this saga out any further?

If this is the case, Verity can email me for starters or phone or come round with a friend or indeed her mother or I can come round to her’s (with him absent) or at her granddad’s. Verity is far too important for me to close any doors.

I am starting to rebuild my life, slowly. The house is slowly being sorted and then it will be the turn of the garden. Given my allergy to grass, Verity’s help would not only be appreciated but be essential. I call that help but if Verity wants to call it something else, that is up to her.

I am not interested in any grand Mea Culpa from Verity but for her to try and explain to me why she did what she did

Then the wall of silence will collapse like a house of cards and Verity and I can start to rebuild our lives together. I am sure that there will be bumps in the road but the end result will be far better than what the situation is now.

Do you not agree?

Verity is a very bright young woman and, if it really was all her, then she is intelligent enough to realise that there is a way back and a way back to normality.

That would be like all of my birthday and Christmas presents rolled up into one.

I am sure that Verity knows that her birth and existence was the best present of them all

It has been over 4 years since I last saw my Verity; that is far far too long

I do not deny it has been painful but I want the pain to end, as I am sure does Verity.


Bring back the Brokenwood Mysteries

I am now onto series 2 of the programme and I have to say that in my experience, it is the most gender and culturally balanced programme that I have ever watched and it even beats the original Dr Blakes Mysteries hands down.

I do not know if UK TV have bought the whole series or just a part of it and so I do not know what the programme finale contains.

That may preclude bringing the programme back but Fern Sutherland who played Kristen Sims has already jumped ship to move to Canada, straight after the programme finished

Being so gender neutral may not now appeal to the producers and the directors so it is extremely doubtful that there will be a continuation, which is a great shame.


I have rewatched an episode of Brokenwood Mysteries that I recorded on a second hand DVD recorder. I bought it so that my Sky box’s memory doesn’t get used up.

When I am recording onto the recorder’s hard disc, I try to pause and restart to avoid the adverts.

My recording of the Brokenwood Mysteries was 87 minutes, give or take, whilst the published time on Sky was 123 minutes; that is roughly 40 minutes of adverts.

If we were in the US, the adverts take up a much greater proportion of the run time.

Commercial television is now not really about funding the programmes with adverts. It has now turned into squeezing as many adverts in between the actual programme content and sadly, it will get worse.

If the bean counters had their way, it would be all about adverts with no programme content at all but their licences restrict them to a certain degree but there is a great deal of latitude allowed and that is what every government wants, MORE CASH

Continuity announcers and allocation of compensation between the various parties

This afternoon, I will be allocating compensation values to the various people who have been involved in my demise.

Some may say that I am feeling sorry for myself and, in a way, they may be right, but in a lot of ways, they will be wrong. Many people in the world are unjustly treated and I know that I am not alone, by any means, but a lot of people just “let it slide” and forget about it; I am not one of those people.

The Police are not interested in any of this; they have covered their backsides because they knew that they had cocked up. Why do you think that the interrogation DVD went missing? It certainly was not a coincidence.

The only way that I can now hurt these people is through money, as it is money that has, in the main, driven them to do what they did. As for the others, they consider money to be so precious that it overrides all other considerations, including their families.

That is for this afternoon. I want to talk about continuity announcers.

Many dramas are beautifully crafted and with these come the choice of stunning music both during and at the end of the drama.

What really cheeses me off is this incessant desire to continually force feed the viewer with more and more entertainment. To do this, the continuity announcer breaks into the end piece of a drama, usually when the credits are rolling but which are accompanied by stunning music that befits the end of the story line.

When the announcer tells the viewer what is coming next, it completely breaks the “magic” of what the director has tried to achieve in that music is chosen that is appropriate for the drama ending.

Take the “Lost child” in the George Gently series. The end music is stunning and beautiful, being sung by two of the actresses but then the announcer barges in and spoils it all, by destroying the “emotional environment” that was carefully created by the director and the music producer.

It is just such a shame and pointless as the continuity announcers are just reading what has been included in the programme information by Sky

The other side of the coin- sexual abuse

Regular readers may think that me talking about sexual abuse is “out of character” for me but how wrong they are.

I am just as disgusted by cases of sexual abuse as I am of cases where men have been falsely accused. It is a simple case of justice, a simple case of balance

I am not naive. I know that sexual abuse goes on behind closed doors all of the time and, with respect to governments, the armed forces and the Police, is generally always covered up to mitigate embarrassment of the powers at be; how disgusting that is.

When I started this blog, I said that I was going to provide a balanced viewpoint and I have tried to do that within the constraints of the article; sometimes, there is a clear “FOR” and sometimes, there is a clear “AGAINST”.

I would like you to watch this episode of Soldier Soldier, which involved the abuse of a woman private, by a senior officer. It is right here for you to watch; it is only 45 mins of your time

I will not spoil it for you as to the outcome, other than to say that it was not a cover up as such but the senior officer transferred and escaped justice.

If I had proof that, for one moment, my little girl, even at the age of 21, had been sexually abused, I would go after that person and smash his or her face in, family or not and regardless of the consequences.

I have feared that my daughter was sexually abused but without any proof, I can do nothing. All it would take ironically is for Verity to just say the word, whilst looking straight into my eyes and I would take action.

But, with my Verity being silent on absolutely everything, there is nothing that I can do and I can take no action.

It is sadly ironic that women who have been abused decide, in their confused and distressed minds, that somehow, they are partly to blame and, in extreme circumstances, just bury it and that can have just as much a detrimental effect as the abuse itself.

When I was in the Priory trying to cope with my breakdown, in a group session, a young woman who was suffering from panic attacks, suddenly confessed that her uncle had abused her.

Although the sessions were supposed to be confidential, in the sense that nothing left the room, as there was a danger that other female family members of the young woman could be at risk, the session leader had no alternative but to call the Police.

I do have a strong sense that my daughter HAS been abused by possibly her step father or grandfather but without any sort of confession from Verity, there is nothing that I can do.

THAT is what abusers rely on. That the person is so ashamed of what has happened to them, they stay silent and bury it; it is then the victim who ends up suffering.

Mum could have died from Legionella

My Mum and I were very close and I took her death very badly; worse than even my father and brother.

My Mum has been in a home, as she was suffering from Alzheimer’s, a dreadful disease, which I hold my father responsible for.

The reason that I blame him is because, as soon as they got married, my father demanded that she gave up her work, such was his churlish ego and pride. But not only did Mum lose her job but she lost contact with her work friends too, leaving Mum with very little to do other than bringing up Martin and I, such was his antiquated way of thinking. Once my brother and I grew up, Mum had nothing left and nothing to exercise her mind.

Everyone knows that the brain has to be worked, otherwise, in time, the brain will fade, just like a muscle in the body. No one knows what actually causes Alzheimer’s but it is known that by keeping your brain occupied, it will prevent or, at the very least, slow down the incidence of dementia.

We were told by the hospital that Mum was suffering from Pneumonia and she eventually succumbed to that infection; we thought no more about it.

I had to rationalise her death and the way that I did that was by saying to myself that my Mum had been taken, whilst there was still some of her there, as it would have broken my heart to see my beautiful Mum succumb more and more to Alzheimer’s, as in the end, although still living, she would have been lost to me.

I was in a pub the other day and got talking to a plumber, a nice chap he was too. I told him about my Mum and that she had been in a care home and had died from pneumonia. The chap said “not necessarily”. Somewhat shocked, I asked him to explain.

He said that we all know about Legionella and that it has been found in hospitals but it is actually all around us, particularly in the soil. He said that not only was Legionella rife in hospitals but in care homes too; my interest suddenly picked up.

He said that there had been a number of cover ups by institutions and governments; indeed, he pointed out that two care homes, managed by well known care providers, had been heavily fined and that the managers of those homes were now in prison for manslaughter.

My new plumber friend said that the symptoms of Legionella are very similar to that of pneumonia but if an old person dies, the default diagnosis is always that he or she died from pneumonia, even if a post mortum had not been carried out.

I have to say that I was deeply shocked. Mum’s slow demise was horrible, with pure oxygen being forced into her via a full face mask; she must have been really scared.

I am not, for one minute, saying that she DID die from Legionella but the diagnosis of her death is now not as clear cut as before, especially as no post mortum was performed.

So, she may have not died from pneumonia after all; she could have died from legionella. If that was indeed the case, the very expensive care home that Mum resided in, were at fault.

But, it is sadly very academic now. There is no way of proving one way or the other of what my mother died from as no post mortum was carried out. If that had shown up the incidence of Legionella, then that would have led to water samples being taken from the care home and could have led to its close down.

But regardless of my Mum’s death, nothing will ever bring her back.