American aircraft accidents – Northwest Airlink 5719

Yes, this does JUST apply to the yanks. Their country is huge and there are many companies that offer commuter services, effectively just like getting in a taxi in the UK

Through the many episodes of air crash investigation that I have watched, the commuter airline companies treat the pilots as cattle, moving them from here to there, without any consideration of the effect on pilots, being away from their families, moving them to distant locations etc.

This, of course, involved the fatal crash of an American plane; a Jet Stream BA3100.

They were flying to Hibbing, Minnesota.

Before the accident, in order to save money, they directed that all pilots should live in various outstations, which were many hundreds, if not thousands of miles from their friends.

There had already been many complaints from pilots in that the tail section of the aircraft was icing up in winter conditions. 


So, the pilots had to work away around it; this was the “slam dunk approach”, where they flew at a certain height, then rapidly descended to get through the ice danger zone as quickly as possible.

The runway was so basic that it had no control tower or had lights that were on all of the time, BECAUSE THE BULBS WERE SO EXPENSIVE.

There was a “remote” controller, who could have easily turned on the runway lights.

Furthermore, the ILS system was only at one end of the runway. Winds change direction all of the time and the instrument landing system should have been at both ends of the runway but were not BECAUSE OF COST

The crash was initially blamed on the co pilot; this was his first job in an airline, following his training. He was first in his class. The so called paid interviewees said that he was inexperienced but someone who has just been trained may be inexperienced but he readily has all of the knowledge that he learned and will be highly proficient.

Even the so called analysts have said that in other episodes.

It has been proved that some crashes are as a result of complacency of the captain, who may have flown for tens of thousands of hours but has “got into the groove

The episode never considered why they were off course.

All they zeroed in on and ultimately blamed was:

  • The anger of the pilot and
  • The relationship between the pilot and co-pilot and
  • The inexperience of the co-pilot

Who they should have blamed were:

  • The airlines for treating the pilots like cattle
  • The failure of the airfield to have ILS systems at both ends of the runway
  • The failure of Jetstream to modify the plane so that there were no icing issues, thus not requiring the “slam dunk” approach, taken by many pilots


But, like in many accidents, the pilots were killed and so could not defend themselves

This is the classic NTSB (and FAA) tactic, blame the pilots, not the plane or the airline

I will continue to examine and analyse every single word spoken in these programmes; if the powers at be offer me millions to shut up, they can stick it up their arses


Verity Hender is a psychopath

Being a psychopath means that you do not have a conscience.



  • Because she tried to have me put in prison, through false allegations of sexual assault
  • She has refused to engage with me over the last 4 years, DESPITE knowing that her father was suffering from deep depression and wanted to uncover the truth
  • She was more interested in having fun than seeing her father
  • She did not worry about me
  • She did not care if I lived
  • She did not care if I died

Why I NOW do this blog

I started this blog for one main reason; to get my so called “daughter” back.

But now, my reasons for the blog have changed. They are:

  • To bring down my bitch of a daughter
  • To bring down her bitch of a mother
  • To bring down my father
  • To bring down my so called brother
  • To bring down my so called cousin
  • To fight and expose injustice wherever I find it


I no longer care if that so called daughter wants to come back; I would probably now show her the door

Quantas 32 – 2010

The story of Quantas 32 in November 2010 is well known

All of the pilots did a great job but something is forgotten. The plane itself, the A380, the biggest aircraft in the sky, did not fall apart when the engine blew up and stayed airborne.

In my view, if that had been a Boeing, with all of the shortcuts that they make (remember the multiple DC10 accidents, coverups and deaths), everyone would have been lost.

The yanks ensured that in Air Crash Investigation, they made such a meal of what happened but when it came to a Boeing accident, they just whitewash over it, the NTSB, so called “analysts” and the US FAA combined.

Every other narrative in the episode was doom and gloom, just to frighten people from flying on an Airbus

And no, I do not work for Airbus or have any shares in the company; in fact, I have no shares 

I have watched many many air crash investigation episodes and I would rather fly on an Airbus than on a Boeing. If I was flying on the latter, I would be making my will

And, of course, they could not deny themselves to have a pop at Rolls Royce, the best aircraft engine manufacturer in the world.

Just strange that they do not concentrates on “errors” made by the US manufacturers

The difference between this incident and most of the other incidents is that this was a manufacturing fault but for Boeing, most of the errors have been caused by DESIGN ERRORS

This is the difference between European and yank aviation. Parts were sent back to Rolls Royce and, to cut a long story short, a stub oil pipe had been incorrectly manufactured, not by Airbus but by a supplier. They faced up to the error and fixed it properly

BUT, if that had been a yank/American plane, the error would have been covered up.

It was not Airbus’s fault; it was a manufacturing error BUT  just look at the MD DC10, made by the Boeing group. They knew that there was a design problem with the cargo door on initial testing but they covered it up by using sticking tape as a quick fix


I will repeat what a so called paid analyst said

“Air crashes are the price of doing business”

Why I am so angry

My “dear” father wrote to me recently, asking me to go over for a chat and explain as to why I was so angry.

Remember that these are just not my opinions, these come from actual experiences

Mmmmmm let me think:

  • I was fucking falsely accused of sexually abusing my bitch of a daughter
  • I was fucking falsely accused of physically harming my bitch of a daughter
  • Female police officers are as useful as chocolate teapots – they are all bark and no bite
  • Just watch any crime programme; these females just pussy foot around but it is the male thugs who always bring the “criminals” down, normally 6 against 1
  • Most male police officers are thugs; most have shaved heads or ultra short haircuts and fucking look like thugs
  • The police do not treat women as suspicious
  • Customs officers do not treat women as suspicious (I have been stopped and searched but my partner hasn’t)
  • Even when those accusations were proved to be false, they didnt bother in re-interviewing that bitch of a daughter who accused me BECAUSE SHE WAS A GIRL and oh so fucking innocent
  • The Police know that my bitch of a daughter is a pathological liar but they do NOTHING
  • The corrupt Police covered up that they had fucked up
  • Anti social behaviour arrests only seem to relate to men
  • More than half of shop lifters are women but they do not get arrested; it is always the men
  • Advertising agencies seem to think that the only way to sell products is to have women spread across the screens
  • Advertising agencies seem to think that the only way to sell products is to have to denigrate men and treat them in a sexually discriminatory way
  • If you watch crime programmes, you would think that women never commit crimes at all
  • In a crime programme, SIX male officers dragged to the ground a man to handcuff him but he was never charged
  • In a crime programme, a man, who had driven into a brick wall, was arrested before he was even breathalysed
  • In the same programme, his wife came along and did not want to be filmed by the oik cameraman. The twat officer then had the audacity to threaten her with arrest, because she complained
  • In crime programmes, you never see the drunken sluts, like my bitch daughter, being arrested for disorder
  • There is so much corruption in every walk of life
  • The police are fucking corrupt
  • The police don’t care if you are innocent, they just want their “gold stars” and, of course, the fines
  • Women get lighter sentences for the same crime as a man
  • The justice system is corrupt; they don’t care if you are innocent because they will always get their massive fees
  • Barristers should be renamed the “COSY SOCIAL CLUB
  • Reported my father to CHIEF CONSTABLE of Surrey Police for BRIBERY, WITH EVIDENCE OF THE BRIBERY LETTER. They said it was a FUCKING BUSINESS ARRANGEMENT. If that is not bribery, what is?
  • My father has tried to shaft me financially with the help of BERWIN LEIGHTON PAISNER and PAICOLEX TRUST MANAGEMENT AG
  • People who have lost their loved ones in a crash would never normally appear on a programme and relive the ordeal. Those interviewed are all yanks and they do it for money.
  • Male prisoners caught abroad for drugs or whatever are left to rot but everything is done to bring the little girlies back and they get far more media coverage
  • When these toe rags get back, they sell their stories and it is all written as though they were the victims
  • So called celebrities would sell their grandmothers for money; all of the famous actresses especially, such as Dame Helen Mirren, selling muck that doesn’t work and then do a bit of acting
  • Stop search seize episode 11. Two passengers, man and woman flying on cloned cards. She sad that she had booked all flights on her card. 95% of the scene was with the man being grilled. Never arrested but sent back. If it has been two men, both would have been arrested. Need I say more
  • Car full of women in Police ten 7, classified as boy racers, assuming that car louts are all men
  • Woman found drunk in drive. Helped home by police. Boyfriend answers door. Asked by police if he had been drinking; so it is illegal to drink in own home now? If it had been a drunk man found, he would have been instantly arrested
  • Women get let off by Police; men do not
  • Woman found in a crashed car. She had been feeding baby on the fly. Normal acting hysterical behaviour. Found guilty and got a fine but no points for careless driving
  • Narrator of Road Wars say that boys want to get on mopeds. So do women, my first wife did. Gross sex discrimination
  • Road Wars is the same programme that films the short haired or shaved headed thug police
  • Road Wars concentrates on 99% of men
  • Road Wars S5 EP 7 – man does not want to be filmed. Officer 1745 , SIMON HILLS, said he does not care. GROSS BREACH OF HUMAN RIGHTS BY POLICE, AGAIN
  • DVLA allows me father to drive and police are not interested. HE HAS ALZHEIMER’S
  • How much of these crime programmes, relating to women, end up on cutting room floor; miles I suspect. Because men are an easy target
  • Boom boxes in cars. These systems send out music so loud that it will break eardrums but the Police do nothing. What is more distracting to a driver? Holding a phone or music running at 100 decibels
  • Get these poofters on Sky Bingo adverts off the screens. I am not a homophobe
  • Road Wars – according to officer, DO NOT do presentation in 7 days, ALL DONE at roadside. a bull faced lie
  • Brit cops law and disorder – Caught short – where are there loos in London?
  • Brit cops law and disorder 100% all to do with men. So there are no female shoplifters then?
  • Brit cops law and disorder – Man on crutches picked up a watch. with a woman. he was arrested for attempted theft. Store found watch in another department. No charges. Blatant discrimination against men
  • It goes on and on. There will be more, much more
  • Brit cops law and disorder. Because a man does not have ID on him, he is arrested for driving  a French plated car
  • Four men arrested for assault and shoplifting.Two were totally innocent but arrested anyway
  • Two drunken women with two men in a taxi. Women would not pay. BUT the two men arrested. Police takes woman to cash point. Nothing happens to the women
  • For being WRONGLY accused of careless driving. This is a bit complicated so will be linked to another post that I wrote, I was watching a Police programme in New Zealand where a lorry driver had an epileptic fit and the Police decided that it was a no fault accident. But thanks to the Police’s brainless attitude and the arrogance of the anal magistrate, together with being sent to the wrong part of the court in the first place, they wore me down so much with their stupidity, I gave up and pleaded guilty; even though
  1. I had a letter from an expert neurologist, who I had been with for over fifteen years saying that one of my drugs had failed
  2. I had a multitude of tests following the accident with my neurologist, which determined that a drug had failed
  3. I had surrendered my licence as a result
  4. Did not drive again until re-approved by the DVLA
  5. If I had taken that stupid driver awareness course and broken the law as a result, NONE of this would have happened


I have sent the link to this post to The Chief Constable of Surrey Police, Nick Ephgrave but this will be blocked too.

I have sent numerous complaints to the Chief Constable of Surrey Police but they have always been blocked by his assistant, DI Alik James. Here is his response to my blackmail complaint and other complaints. 

The difference now, of course, is that when I sent that blackmail complaint, my blog had only run for 3 months but now, I have tens of thousands of hits to my site, with visitors from all over the world. SO, EVERYONE WILL NOW KNOW ABOUT THE IMPOTENCY OF SURREY POLICE

RE: My last email- Disgusted
You replied on Wed 13/06/2018 14:19
!Surrey Chief Constable (Surrey) <>
Wed 13/06/2018 12:03
  • You

Dear Mr Hender,

Thank you for your email and for taking the time to expand upon your concerns.

I see that there are two issues here, the first being a complaint about the police conduct and the second being allegations against your father of attempted bribery, fraud and tax evasion.

With regards to the first issue of police conduct, I will forward your email to our Professional Standards Department for their review. A member of their team will be in contact with you in due course.

On the second issue, the allegations, I will start with the tax evasion. You can report someone to HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) if you think that they are evading tax. You can do this by completing an online form or calling the HMRC fraud hotline on 0800 788 887. Here is a link to the website Here you can find out more about reporting tax evasion or making complaints about a limited company.

In respect of the bribery, or attempted bribery, you have still not provided any information to suggest you have been, or attempted to be, bribed to perform one of the relevant functions or activities set out in the Bribery Act 2010. Returning shares, selling your home and removing your posts do not constitute any improper performance of a relevant function or activity you must undertake. You have not provided information to suggest, that on the balance of probabilities, you have been bribed or an attempt has been made to bribe you.

Moving on to the fraud you propose, you have not provided information to suggest that on the balance of probabilities a criminal offence has been committed or that an attempt is being made to commit one. Your fathers letter states his proposal to give you £250,000 if you agree to the conditions. Subsequent to which he proposes that a legal agreement would be drawn up. This appears to me to be a transparent proposal, which seeks your agreement and with there being subsequent legal oversight. In short, it could not be argued that this is a dishonest attempt to obtain these shares from you. In respect of your being refused copies of accounts, this is not a policing matter, it is a civil one.

In conclusion, I shall forward this email to our professional standards department for their review and response to your complaints. I shall not take any further action with regards to the allegations of bribery, fraud and tax evasion you make against your father.

I recognise this is not the news you would wish to receive and acknowledge you may believe my knowledge of the law to be inadequate and the police are lazy, ineffectual and impotent. If you wish to make a complaint about me or my review of the circumstances as they have been presented to me, you can contact our professional standards department using the methods outlined on our website at:

Yours sincerely,


DI Alick James

Staff Officer to the Chief Constable

Surrey Police

Oh I NEVER HEARD from Professional Standards


I have absolutely no respect for the Police and if they asked for my assistance to find a criminal, I would not help them. GUESS WHAT, I WOULD BE ARRESTED ALTHOUGH IT WOULD HAVE BEEN NOTHING TO DO WITH ME

I will bring down:

  • That bitch of a daughter
  • Her mother

Both of whom are psychopaths.

I have no love for that bitch

I will bring down:

  • My father for fucking me up
  • DC 440254 Hollie Say
  • DC 236 Glenn Parker

I will bring down:

  • My father for tax evasion
  • My so called brother for tax evasion
  • That bitch of a daughter for stitching me up
  • That bitch of a first wife for stitching me up for all of Verity’s life


Oh and do not buy a smart meter; they are a complete con. I refuse to have one The sexual degradation of men – SEX DISCRIMINATION

I have written about this advert before but they still persist in using it.

It has that slut Turner who will do anything for a quick buck. It shows the score of the woman that is in the 600s


Adverts used to be professional in the old days but it seems the only way that products can be sold these days is to take the piss of men, denigrate them or to have a pair of tits flashing across the screen, which is sex discrimination

Anyone who finds such an advert acceptable is clearly “living on another plant”