If I should drop dead tomorrow….

If I should drop dead tomorrow, I would be at some degree of peace.

Please do not get me wrong; I will continue writing for as long as I am able but I very much hope that what I have written will achieve two things

Primarily, that my daughter finally “wakes up and smells the coffee” and realises that what she has done was so very wrong and seeks a reconciliation with me, her Dad, who still loves her to bits and, if needed, will assist in getting the help that she may need but I fear that she is in total denial.

But just as importantly,if not more so, in the immortal words of John Lennon, that peace is given a chance and I mean ALL nations, EVERYWHERE. I know that few, if any, people are going to take a blind bit of notice of what I have said but maybe, just maybe, those who have an unbiased and totally open mind, with no ulterior motives, will start to even just consider my points of view and maybe, just maybe, step by little step, the world can repair itself with all people living in harmony. Naive maybe but that is my wish.

We all have neighbours living next to us and we all know that we have to get on with our neighbours as best as we can. Every sovereign state has neighbours and there is absolutely no reason as to why we cannot apply the same principle.

Some states act just like children do and continually “throw their toys out of the pram”. It is now time to put away those childish things.

The word “patriot” is used by a few nations, not many but it conjures up the thought of supporting one’s own country, NO MATTER WHAT IS DONE in one’s own name. That is a very dangerous premise to take as whatever action is taken by whatever state, there will always be a reaction and it will come back to bite them.

Please, my friends, for the sake of yourselves, your children, your friends and those who come after…


This is the only type of “social media” that I use as I consider the rest to be superficial and shallow so please do me a favour; PASS IT ON

The lesser of two evils

I am glad that Trump got into the White House but only because it kept out Clinton, whom I would not trust as far as I could throw her. However, I do not like Trump at all, seeing, in the media this egocentric idiot strutting around the stage, promising just about everything but never delivering. If he was running against Bernie Sanders, my wish for who I would want to have won the election, would have been completely different.

I see Trump as a warmonger and someone who takes credit for everyone else’s great work; just look at the recent Korean Summit for example.

Call me naive but watching the news broadcasts, I genuinely believe that both Korean leaders want peace. Even though Kim Jong Un is a pretty nasty piece of work, as is his regime, sometimes you have to “deal with the devil” to secure ultimate peace and that is what Moon Jae-in has done.

Few people will actually know what happened behind the scenes and there will be claim and counter claim but I believe that these two men genuinely want peace.

Quite frankly, it is irrelevant as to whether North Korea have nuclear weapons or not; it is more a case of their intention to use them.

Don’t get me wrong; I despise the North Korean regime for how they treat their own people but they have just as much right to nuclear weapons as Pakistan, India and Israel, the list is endless.

In actual fact, I believe that America is the most likely nation to “push the button”, such is its arrogance. In an ideal world, it would be good that no nation has nuclear weapons but the Americans dropped “those bombs” and let the proverbial cat out of the bag. After that, there was no going back and they now have the audacity and unmitigated arrogance to dictate to others, especially those nations whom they do not like.

No one on earth wants to destroy their own nation and it is irrelevant whether Iran did or did not have a programme. All they could see was Israel, with its aggressive expansionist policy, complete with a nuclear capability and so what were they supposed to do? Just sit on their hands?

What is good for the goose is just as good for the gander

(Or put it another way, you cannot have your cake and eat it)

In the very old days, most women were put on a pedestal, they did not work and were seen as the weaker sex. That is an archaic thought process and so it should be. Women are not beings that should be owned or controlled; they are just women, who have a different slant on things and, ultimately, have a different, although essential, biological purpose. Women now have the right to conduct their lives as they wish to and so it should be.

I have touched on the feminised society before but I will address it again. Women should have just as much right to conduct themselves as men do but no more; neither sex is better or worse. I am sure that we can, at least, all agree on that.

The phrase “women and children first” was used in cases of severe crisis. It is now totally outdated.

No right-minded parent would ever put themselves before their children. In a given situation, I am sure that I, as well as many others, would put the interests of a child before that of their own, whether it be your own child or someone else’s. Whether you believe it or not, even given what happened between my daughter and I, I would gladly give up my life to ensure her safety; I have even told her that but whether she appreciated it or not, I have no clue.

But, when it comes to adult women, there is no reason as to why they should be treated any differently from men.

Women, in this dreadful politically correct society of ours, demand and get everything that they want but, when it comes to their safety, also expect to be treated in preference to men and, if they are not, men are deemed to be cowards and selfish.

In what is now supposed to be a “balanced” society, men and women should be treated equally in every respect. A lot of married women no longer wear wedding rings and demand to keep their own names. That is their choice but they cannot expect to be specially treated in grave circumstances. Why should they?

There is, of course, a slight “however”. I was brought up to respect women and to put them on metaphorical pedestals and I have done that for every significant and non significant other that I have had the pleasure to meet. However, that is my choice and if I wish, like so many others, to be “old school”, then sobeit; Chivalry is certainly not dead in my part of the island.

However, women should not demand or expect chivalry, as they demand to be treated as equals, which they whole heartedly are.

I was driven to write this article for two main reasons.

Firstly, although cancer sadly affects every walk of society, young and old, men and women, it has been hijacked by what I call “the female influence”. Why, for example, do many cancer campaigns only show women in pink T shirts and why is female cancer, such as breast cancer, treated as though it is far more important than say prostate cancer when just as many men die from prostate cancer as women die of breast cancer? I would go further to suggest that breast cancer research is also far better funded than prostate cancer, as the former is, dare I say it, seen as “more sexy” and is far more publisised.

My other reason is down to this debacle over Serena Williams, who is low down on the rankings because she has had a baby and consideration is now being given to “fixing” her ceding for Wimbledon.  A great deal of women have babies but they do not and should not get special treatment in such occasions. How is that any different from a man having say a bank injury, which is also a part of life’s rich tapestry for some . When recovered, men, in such circumstances, just work themselves back if they are any good and so should women. It is just “political correctness” gone absolutely barmy mad but is ultimately down to just one thing and one thing only; MONEY.

In fear of repeating myself, those of a female gender just want their cake and eat it. I love women but there is absolutely no foundation for treating men and women differently.



Israel and Palestine

Every decent human being should abhor violence,; that should always be the way if possible.

But the issue comes when so much diplomacy has been tried but has failed. What are the options then?

It is my feeling that the Americans have always inserted them into “peace talks” to ensure that they are not only seen by the international community as the “world’s peace brokers” but, at the same time, to ensure that the talks ultimately fail.

I think that the biggest issue is this. Israel saw it as their “god given right” to have land taken away from the Palestinians to ensure the creation of Israel and, as far as I am aware, they have never ever seen it from the Palestinians point of view; that land was forceable taken from them. That my friends is the big issue; they have never appreciated the other side’s point of view.

Israel, wherever it may be, does has the right to exist as those people who say otherwise are just wrong. But what are the more moderate Palestinians to do?

Diplomacy has failed and so what is their choice? Sadly, they have ONLY one option and that is to become freedom fighters; I have chosen my words carefully.

Israel continue to antagonise those whom they lord over, with continued settlement expansions and, when there is trouble, they go completely over the top with their reaction to try to quell the trouble. One Israeli soldier gets killed so they send in planes to bomb the living daylights out of the ordinary people. They do not care how many they maim or kill; as far as they are concerned, the less Palestinians, the better.

It  is the same approach that Benjamin Disraeli took in his “gunboat diplomacy” approach that was taken by the UK many many years ago but the Israel state have turned it into a dark art. They are bombing the Palestinians into total and unequivocal submission.

Israel is where it is as far as to location; too much time has passed and nothing can be done about that but Israel must destroy all settlements and withdraw to pre war boundaries and work with the Palestinian government to form two sister states.

If Israel did not have America up its backside for support, they would be isolated and would have no choice but to recognise a Palestinian state but not give them a state as how can you give something to someone, when it was not rightfully yours in the first place?


Israel want the right to exist whilst at the same time refusing the Palestinians the same  by continual government sponsored settlement expansion which is totally ignored by the United Nations. Yes, they may say this and demand that but they are all mere platitudes

Israel have broken every rule in the book but the toothless international organisations turn a blind eye because there is this “group guilt psyche ” and anything or anyone going against Israel is seen as anti semitic and THAT is exactly what the state of Israel relies on.

Israel is so far up the USA’s backside (or is it the other way around) that they are now inseperable.

I had a Jewish girlfriend for about a year and we had a wonderful time together. However, one of her most infamous comments was

If you are no friend of Israel you are no friend of mine i.e. if you do not agree with what Israel is doing, I don’t want to hear it

Netanyahu, plus of course his right wing government, is the biggest threat to peace between Israel and Palestine and , dare I say it, the world.

The majority views of Israel are clearly reflected by the fact that Netanyahu has always been re-elected. There are of course many Israelis who just want peace between the two nations but they are sadly in the minority

Pro Israelis have inserted themselves in just about every area of American society, just like a pernicious virus and, as far as the future existence of Palestine is concerned, are in every corridor of American power; America does not want a two state solution either.

As to really current affairs, this attempt by Netanyahu is a complete farce but, of course, the Americans together with most of the world including ALL of the Western media are taking it hook, line and sinker. “Oh, I know, I will stick the so called prime minister in front of a screen and, like a magician, pull away black covers to REVEAL a load of blank CDs and photos of some files pretending that they are Iran’s secret nuclear plans”. It is absolutely no coincidence that this so called rabbit is being drawn out of the hat, just before talks begin.

I don’t like Iran  but this is all absolute cobblers and there should be FULL transparency, not a trumped up little man doing a poor “magic trick”. Despite what happened to the Jewish race throughout time, I do not trust them at all; they demand power, they demand total and unequivocal authority and respect from everyone. Respect is earned, not demanded.

Although it was a horrendous time in world history and Hitler was a mad egomaniac, it is not right that every now and then, Israel should drag up that horrible time, purely to get sympathy from the rest of the world. Time has passed and it was over 70 years ago but they continue to drag up the holocaust to curry sympathy and favour from the rest of the world. Everyone else has put events, good and bad, behind them after so much time. So, why not the Israelis? Because, sadly, they use the holocaust as their trump card.

One last question. Who actually said that Israel was allowed nuclear weapons? no one save for the Americans, that is who.

The state of Palestine has the absolute and fundamental right to exist.

The “powers at be” at the time knew that the Jewish nation needed their own state; I agree with that. BUT, if those people, who made those decisions had a crystal ball, I can tell you now that Israel would certainly not be where it is now; they were sadly and disastrously incredibly naive.




I have just received some good news, finally.

Following my intense “campaign”, I understand that the Police are now going to reopen the investigation and interview, at the relevant Police stations, the following:

Lori Cameron, my so called cousin, liar and trigger of all the false allegations

Verity Hender, my daughter who, with her mother, made and then capitalised on all of the false allegations.

Samantha Parkinson (formerly Samantha Hender-Parkinson and Samantha Hender), the grand manipulator, liar and embezzler, who ensured that I would never see my daughter ever again by any nefarious means possible

It would appear that justice is finally being done, not just for me but for my beloved Liesel who, whilst dying of brain cancer, took my daughter under her wing but whose name has now been disgraced by the very person who took comfort from Liesel

The Isle of Wight, the forgotten island

I am not an islander, having been born in Essex, nearly 55 years ago but moved to the island in late 2015, following my acrimonious second divorce. At the time, I wanted the psychological barrier of the two miles of water, seperating the island from the mainland and her! I needed a sanctuary, as the many mental health professionals told me and that is was I did, renaming my home as such.

After a mere 5 months, I became very unsettled, following those horrible false allegations that my daughter made and I started planning to move to South Africa, the birthplace of my beloved Liesel.

But with the support of my two closest island friends, I slowly came to terms with what had happened, decided to stay and fell in love with the island, all over again.

More than being finally settled here, I have become very passionate about the island’s future. No one on the mainland can really appreciate the limitations that those on the island have to endure, purely due to two miles of The Solent, but the effects are very profound.

House prices and rental rates are not far off that in the south but the average income is substantially less. I do not even believe that the so called minimum wage really applies to the island, as being predominantly a holiday destination, those in the hospitality sector are worked to the bone, for little reward but it does not just apply to those serving the needs of guests to the island; I believe that it applies to most sectors. Quite frankly, most of those living on the island merely live to work. To give an example, my best friend on the island was forced to cut down his hours when he collapsed multiple times through stress and fatigue. If he had been left to his own devices, he would have worked until he dropped but his lovely wife made him see sense; thankfully.

Those who live on the island are restricted, every which way.

From the duopoly of the ferry companies (on a mile for mile basis, it costs more for a foot passenger to cross on the ferry to fly to South Africa on a first class ticket) to the high price of just about every service that you can think of, the islanders have a tough time.

There has been talk of a fixed link to improve access to the island but the ferry companies, who have massive influence with government, will never let that happen.

There used to be so many vibrant industries, back in the “old days” but, one by one, they have closed down, never to be replaced and the whole infrastructure of the island is slowly falling apart. A fixed link would mean that the island could revitalise itself and prosperity would return to the island.

But, it is a “double edged sword”. If there was a fixed link, people would be able to cross the Solent within ten minutes rather than the normal 45 minutes to an hour (by ferry) and then what would happen.

Well, the affluents from the mainland would start to buy up property on the island, thus pricing out the youngsters who live on the island from both renting or buying their home, just as they did in the South West. But, it would reinvigorate the island economy.

But the issue is that it is not clear cut at all, as to what would be best for the long term future of the island and, most importantly, the young people who are born, grow up and live on the island.

But what is clear is that the island is ever so slowly crumbling away, both in terms of its economy but also the island as a “physical being”.

But what those two miles of water does prevent is the superficiality and shallowness that has spread through the world and the mainland like a virus and in order to protect so it begs the question…

Are those on the island happy to be forgotten by governments of all hues, in order to protect the special  “old fashioned” values that are so prevalent on the island; there are a lot of very good people here as well as bagfuls of “bad pennies”, especially those who own businesses in the hospitality sector who are more interested in their bank balances than those they work beside.







Throwing down the gauntlet

Although I was cleared by the Police of abusing my daughter, readers of this blog will have gathered by now that I will not rest until those who falsely accused me have been brought to justice.

I have written to both DC Hollie Say and DC Glenn Parker of Surrey Police to say to them that if they have a shred of decency and respect for justice, they will pursue those who have ruined my life.

Both detective constables have had all of the information for a great deal of time now and with the information that I have now included in my blog, they have absolutely no reason to not go after those who have damaged me so much.

Although I initially desired anonymity for obvious reasons, as so many people put two and two together to make five and, though a cliche, there is always the issue of “there is no smoke without fire”, I have decided that if I am going to in any way rehabilitate myself, I want justice, not only for myself but for my late partner, whose name has been dreadfully sullied.

To this end, I have written to every journalist with whom I have corresponded to before or ones who, if they have the gumption, will put my case in their papers or other media.

So, I have now well and truly laid down the gauntlet to the Police with the hope that for once in this sorry affair, they will actually do what is right and just; but, knowing the Police as I sadly do, I am not holding my breath.

Why? because as I have said before, the so called “modern” Police force are nothing more than lynch mobbers and are both morally and legally bankrupt.

The irony of it all

It has been made very clear to me that I cannot seek damages or compensation from the Police and so, as far as they are concerned, their backsides are covered.

Given that position, one would have thought that a “professional” organisation would go after those ultimately responsible; my cousin, Lori Cameron and my daughter, Verity Hender but they will not do so; not even for charges of wasting Police time, which was substantial, as there must have been at least a dozen officers crawling over my property. It clearly proves my point that there are selective who they will pursue.

However, just because they will not do it does not mean that I am not going to. I am suing my own daughter for libel as she has made a statement that was proved by the Police to be totally false and I am suing my cousin for slander as it was she who triggered this whole sorry state of affairs in the first place.

The Police – truth or perception?

When I was a young lad, everyone had respect for the Police, both young and old. When they asked a question or asked you to do something, you responded saying “yes sir or mam” and did it straight away, otherwise you knew that you would be in trouble.

Sadly, nowadays, the situation is vastly different. Officers are rude, abrasive and are not interested in the truth at all; they are far more interested in how they are perceived.

Over the last few years, I have had more dealings with the Police than in the rest of my life put together and it has been far from pleasant.

The most recent incident was, of course, being arrested as a result of false allegations made by my daughter; allegations that I might add were totally dismissed by the Police.

Going after a Dad for abusing his daughter was seen by the Police as “sexy” but once those claims were dismissed, they were completely disinterested in getting to the truth, as going after a female or females was deemed to not be politically correct.

More than that, the interrogation that I had to endure was more akin to one at Guantanamo Bay, with all of the basic human rights being withdrawn. This is England for Christ sake!

I kept on digging at the Police over their blatant failure to ensure that all of my rights were adhered to but, after they realised that they had completely screwed up, all they were interested in was to protect their corporate back sides. Even the Independent (Joke) Police Complaints Commission were complicit in protecting the good name of the Police. Of course, as an unimportant person in their eyes, they just ignored me.

But, of course, if I had money or was a celebrity, they would have fallen over themselves to apologise and make it right.

As I have said, the Police are not interested in getting to the truth; they are purely interested in what is perceived to be the truth.

I have said before that the Police have destroyed many lives, mainly men’s, due to their ineptitude and general disinterest in getting to the truth and taking everything that they are told at pure face value, with no investigation whatsoever.

The Police are now no better than the lynch mobs of old.