The Police – truth or perception?

When I was a young lad, everyone had respect for the Police, both young and old. When they asked a question or asked you to do something, you responded saying “yes sir or mam” and did it straight away, otherwise you knew that you would be in trouble.

Sadly, nowadays, the situation is vastly different. Officers are rude, abrasive and are not interested in the truth at all; they are far more interested in how they are perceived.

Over the last few years, I have had more dealings with the Police than in the rest of my life put together and it has been far from pleasant.

The most recent incident was, of course, being arrested as a result of false allegations made by my daughter; allegations that I might add were totally dismissed by the Police.

Going after a Dad for abusing his daughter was seen by the Police as “sexy” but once those claims were dismissed, they were completely disinterested in getting to the truth, as going after a female or females was deemed to not be politically correct.

More than that, the interrogation that I had to endure was more akin to one at Guantanamo Bay, with all of the basic human rights being withdrawn. This is England for Christ sake!

I kept on digging at the Police over their blatant failure to ensure that all of my rights were adhered to but, after they realised that they had completely screwed up, all they were interested in was to protect their corporate back sides. Even the Independent (Joke) Police Complaints Commission were complicit in protecting the good name of the Police. Of course, as an unimportant person in their eyes, they just ignored me.

But, of course, if I had money or was a celebrity, they would have fallen over themselves to apologise and make it right.

As I have said, the Police are not interested in getting to the truth; they are purely interested in what is perceived to be the truth.

I have said before that the Police have destroyed many lives, mainly men’s, due to their ineptitude and general disinterest in getting to the truth and taking everything that they are told at pure face value, with no investigation whatsoever.

The Police are now no better than the lynch mobs of old.



I know that when one says the two words “conspiracy theory”, one’s eyes glaze over but conspiracy does exist otherwise the word would not be in the dictionary, would it?

Whilst writing these blogs, I have been working through what happened to me.

From what my daughter’s mother has said, it is clear that my cousin, Lori Cameron (or Pat Doswell) was the trigger for all of what happened to me. But there is a big BUT

Although Lori was the trigger, it has been compounded by two people that I know of, my daughter, Verity, AND her mother, Samantha.

Verity has, on WordPress, stated that not only did I abuse her but her “step mothers” did also. These are all blatant lies.

With the lies that my cousin has told, did either or both then use that information to get back at me and to capitalise on it. After all, Samantha especially has wanted me out of Verity’s life ever since the divorce and did she manipulate Verity to such an extent that Verity actually believed it all? After all, if you say something to oneself enough, you start to believe it.

Until someone breaks their silence, I will never know BUT I will get to the truth and I think that I am getting very close.

Lies, deceipt and ultimate betrayal

This subject, which is dear to my heart, sadly involves my cousin, Lori Cameron (previously Pat Doswell) whom I am no longer in contact with for one reason and one only.

I first reconnected with Lori, when my Dad and I were invited to one of her son’s weddings which, like American/Canadian weddings, was an absolute pantomime. I had not seen her for many years as she had gone to Canada when I was just a boy but, especially post wedding, when we were sitting late at night by a lake with the wolves howling, did we really reconnect but no, nothing happened, even though she was a stunning woman, both outside and particularly inside.

Roll on quite a few years and I was languishing in a state of deep depression, following the death of my beloved soul mate, Liesel. I was working at my internet company but my life was not going anywhere, mainly because I did not care a damn. Lori emailed me and suggested that I came out to Pugwash, Nova Scotia, for a two week holiday so that I could just get away from everything for a while; I jumped at the chance. Even though there was three feet of snow everywhere and it was minus 30 at night, I did not care, as I was having a great time, with my cousin, who I loved deeply.

By this time, she had “turned to god” and was a Seventh Day Adventist. I am not religious at all and am spiritual in my beliefs but I respected her beliefs and anyone else’s for that matter; we cannot all be the same.

Roll on more years and she told my Dad that she wanted to return to the UK and wanted to live in Wales, near her brother. She was pretty broke and so my Dad agreed to buy her a small bungalow, close to one of her churches. I was delighted that she wanted to return as it meant that I could see her more but, in the end, it did not turn out like that.

Not long after she had moved back, my Dad and I fell out and forbade her from speaking to me and visa versa, such was his controlling nature. We both ignored that and continued to email each other.

The time came when she was quite ill and as she lived on her own, I agreed to travel from the Isle of Wight, to look after her; I was there for roughly a week to ten days and by the time I left, she was nearly recovered; all good.

Over the course of the next six months or so, I travelled up to see her; maybe two or three times. During these visits, we talked a lot and the discussion inevitably turned to the family. She told me information that I was completely unaware of, as I had and still am out of the “family picture”, particularly about the amount of money that was being thrown at my brother, as Dad had always considered him the favourite son and continued to make excuse after excuse for Martin for everything that he had failed to do for the family, particularly when my late mother had Alzheimer’s; quite frankly, he has always thought about one person, himself.

Just before my last visit to Wales, she suggested that I moved to her village and, as I had not really settled on the island, consequently becoming quite unhappy, I gave it serious consideration, not that the logistics of moving from the island to Wales was going to be easy or cheap. On the last visit, she even took me to see the bungalow that she had in mind, even though it was under offer. It was run down but I loved it. She even said that if I was able to get it, I could stay at her’s whilst I was doing all of the refurbishment work. Sadly, this never panned out as I could not get a loan to buy it.

A few weeks later, after I had been abruptly kicked out of Lori’s home, I decided to try and get in contact with my daughter again; it had been far too long and even though I had been unjustly accused of abusing her, I wanted to try and reconnect with Verity.

Nothing happened for a day or two and then I received a telephone call from her mother; her tone was rude and combative as usual. To my absolute horror, Verity had forwarded the email to her mother and her mother threatened me with just about everything, although Samantha could not do a damn thing, as Verity was no longer a minor.

I  texted her back and the “conversation” got very heated. Then she “said” something that made me pay attention. She said and I quote from my phone

it wasn’t me who accused you. it was her after Pat (Lori’s former name) told us what you had said.

It was actually Lori who triggered the whole horrible saga. On one of my visits, I sat down and asked Lori if she believed I was innocent of all charges. Her response was thus

If I didn’t believe that you were 100% innocent, I would not have ever let you into my home

All the time that we were together in Wales, she was effectively leading a double life and living a lie.

As I never did a damn thing, all I can imagine is that as Lori was so beholden to Dad and was concerned that she would lose the roof over her head, she either told a blatant lie to my Dad or told him about how close we were, both of which would have sent Dad apoplectic.

Her unburdenable guilt clearly got to her and this was what was behind her desire for me to come to Wales; out of sheer, unadulterated guilt.

I am disgusted that someone could live such a lie and, not only that, cosy up to the person who suffered from that lie, whilst at the same time, profess to be religious.

It begs the question as to what else she has lied about. She changed her name because she supposedly “ran away” from abusing husbands BUT  we only have her word for that; is it the case that she is actually mentally ill and it was SHE who was behind all of the divorces and, of course, the false allegations that were made about me. She had supposedly roughly 5 ex husbands who all allegedly abused her. Who could be that unlucky? I doubt that this abuse actually happened, certainly not by all of them.

When I sent her an email saying that I was going to come up and talk to her so that I could get to the truth, she had the audacity of threatening me with harassment. If that does not show that she has something to hide, absolutely nothing else will.

Guilty until proven innocent

No, I have not written this the wrong way around. It is the system that applies to any crime involving a “child”, particularly in abuse cases.

If you have read my other posts, you will have gathered that my daughter accused me of abusing her over a ten year period; with a great deal of the time being covered when I either had a live in partner or when she was accompanied to the house by a boyfriend or I was not even there!

Being arrested was a massive deal for me. I think that I did not fight the arrest because I was in so much shock. But the worse was yet to come.

After languishing in a Police cell for about 6 hours, I was interrogated  by two detective constables from the mainland, one male, one female; DC Hollie Say 40254 and DC Glenn Parker 236 of Surrey Police

It was clear to me from the outset that they believed that I was guilty but I refused legal counsel saying that I did not need it as I had nothing to hide. Some of the things that I was being accused of deeply shocked me and I cannot even repeat it here. As I said, they had already made their mind up before walking in the door but one of the most clear examples of their distrust of me came when my father’s health was mentioned. I said that my father had Alzheimer’s to which DC Glenn Parker said “how do you know” to which I shouted back at him whilst staring into his eyes “he bloody told me”. He had nothing to say to that.

The interrogation continued and they kept on throwing blunt accusations at me but I was just not going to have it. The interrogation finally ended whilst I was then returned to my cell for another few hours, probably when they were having their dinner and countless cups of tea and coffee, wanting me to suffer some more.

I was finally released on bail but it was now so late, maybe 2am (I had been arrested at 11am the previous day) that I was returned to my home by police car.

When I got home, I had a few strong drinks and then went to bed but, as you can imagine, I did not sleep well. If it had not been through sheer exhaustion, I would not have slept at all.

When I finally woke, I realised that there was only one issue and that was to keep me from going to court because, had I done so, once the charges had been put to me, I knew that most, if not all of the jury, would have already decided that I was guilty.

I refused to let that happen and so, using my logic, I slowly, over the course of the next four months, dragged every email and other piece of evidence that I could find that proved my innocence. Even when I did sleep, which was not much, I had a note pad by my bed so that I did not forget anything.

Part of the evidence was my interrogating, which under PACE guidelines, was recorded and videoed. Under my most basic human right, I was allowed a copy of this but despite numerous requests, this was ALWAYS REFUSED. Why the refusal? Because, when someone is accused of abusing a child, ALL and I mean ALL of one’s basic human rights go out of the window (including being refused a phone call to a family member). Not only that but the Police quickly realised that a blatant false accusation had been made and if they had released the DVD, that would have been the evidence that I needed to accuse the Police of bias, false arrest and not doing their job properly.

But it is just the celebrities, who have pots of money, get some sort of justice, by being proven innocent in court or by getting substantial damages. I do not call it compensation as you can never be compensated for the horror that you go through and, as in my situation, where your life was destroyed. So many men’s lives have been ruined through such false accusations. Even some celebrities have had their careers ruined and, not only that, have been financially ruined also, even though they were totally innocent of any crime and are now mere shadows of their former selves; where is the justice for them?

Even when I proved myself innocent, it was the responsibility of the Police to then re-interview and charge the false accuser but they never did so as they could not be bothered. In this context, the Police are not only corrupt but morally corrupt.

This is not to say that there are no “sickos” out there; far from it as sadly there are many. The Saville cases did so much damage and I am not just talking about to those poor victims who were dreadfully abused. What the horrible Saville cases also did was to force the Police to go with public opinion and the burden of proof was not just corrected but went in the completely opposite direction, to the extent that in cases of abusing a child…..




I am watching the Korean summit unfold and it is good to see that some people REALLY do want peace. Both sides have made small steps and I hope that it continues.

Sadly, I do not believe that Mr Trump is happy or anyone else high up in America for that matter.

I have come to the conclusion that Americans are only interested in one thing, Americans and absolutely nothing or no one else.

There is a good chance that this summit will lead to great things and it may result in the American armed forces being asked to leave South Korea and the Americans certainly will not like that

I am sure that Trump will take full credit for this summit but the credit should go to the Koreans; both sides

Sky News and BBC News

Facts are a matter of one’s perception but these are facts as I see them.

As to Sky,

  • ALL of the weather presenters are women
  • On press reviews, women are generally placed for the best camera angle
  • On press reviews, you see two women together but I have only seen two chaps together once
  • The majority of the interviewees are women, no matter what the context is

But, there are many fine female journalists on Sky News; it just does not have to be a “beauty parade”

Is this a true reflection on our society? I suppose that actually it is but it is wrong

And, to give some balance to this, BBC News are far from being innocent either!

Adverts AND fairness

Please do not bother to read this if you do not have an open mind

I have mentioned that society is now getting very feminine leaning. The most obvious example of this is in advertising when advertisers choose lots of little girls and women in their adverts. They include, of course, a smattering of men but we all know where the advertising agencies are directing their adverts; don’t we?

Most men on adverts are made to look like prats, sticking fingers in pies for a lottery advert, being covered in whatever, badly making something; I think that you get the picture.

It is now so bad that I record 90% of all of my television, so that I can fast forward through the wretched adverts and I am now put off by most charity ads. Please do not get me wrong; I am not anti charity and support many worthy causes.

Some may argue that my opinions on this is down to my life experiences, especially with my daughter and my horrendous divorces.  But, I am not alone. My FEMALE cousin agrees with me.

But what really drives me to say all of this is that it is just simply unfair and fairness is one of my core moral codes.

Some may accuse me of being a misogynist but this is not so. I  have loved many women and dearly loved my wives before the relationships broke down. There are some lovely women out there and I am not just talking about their looks either!

But it is ironic and dreadfully sad that out of all of them, the one who I loved the most is the lady that I lost to cancer at the age of just 39; that was 10 years ago but it feels as though it was just yesterday


I have always wished to get my many views across, particularly since my arrest following unfounded and subsequently damned allegations that my daughter made about me.

These posts will reflect my disdain of how predominantly men are treated (women have had more than their fair share of publicity through all mediums) and how society has sunk to such a low ebb of superficiality and “over the top” feminism.

I recall that probably twenty years ago, in an episode of Kavanagh, played by the great John Thaw, was reference made to how feminist leaning ALL society had become.

Fighting fire with fire

I started to write this blog for two main reasons, Firstly, so that I can put my points across as to my views on society and what it has sadly become but mainly to put right the comments that my daughter has written on her blog; they have been hurtful and totally wrong.

She has implied that I have abused her but what she did not say was that as a result of a Police investigation, instigated by her and her mother, I was fully cleared. I proved over a course of many months that I simply could not have done what she said. In a lot of cases, I was not even with her or on the same piece of land!

Her totally false allegations have had many ramifications. The most important thing is that I have lost my daughter, the girl for whom I sacrificed more than she can ever imagine but, as a result of her comments on her “step mothers”, she has sullied my soul mate’s name, the same lady, who whilst terminally ill with brain cancer, took my daughter under her wing, whilst my daughter’s own mother was sleeping with everything in trousers; even my daughter’s grandmother told this woman’s new husband to divorce her daughter! But he was just gutless, as he has always been, and did not have the courage of his own convictions.

I discussed this issue with my soul mate’s father, as I am considering suing my own daughter for libel and he said the following:

“Hello David

I am sorry that you are going through a really tough time .

I do think that Verity is a complex human being .

She may need expert attention of a psychological nature .

To litigate will bring you heartache and grief . There cannot

possibly be a positive outcome . Only pain and suffering .

I would like to suggest – let it be and walk away .

Don’t worry about Liesel . She is with the angels .

Dont think about justice either . The world often is a cruel place .”

The trouble is that I am BIG on justice and injustice.

I will NEVER let this go; I simply cannot as it is  in my genes to not give up. I am just too upset, it has ruined my life but also, as a father’s love for a daughter is unconditional and everlasting, I want her to get better too but it is going to be an uphill battle.

The Journey Begins

I started this blog to enable me to have a forum to vent my frustration as to certain grave injustices, which I have suffered from personally plus, just as importantly, inequalities that are targeted at certain areas of society, whether it be in this country or overseas

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton

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