Dictated by David today 28th June 2019


“I have just watched a very old episode of Soldier Soldier, made before Verity was born I think.

One of the soldier’s wives wanted to go to art classes and the shithead of a tutor really wanted to get into her knickers. But more than that he thought that he loved her and she him. In the end, the affair became open and the shithead had the audacity to go round to the soldier’s house and say that he wanted to take the wife away from it all and also wanted to bring up her son.

The soldier was absolutely destroyed and he tried to fight for the marriage but she just ‘wanted space’.

But her selfishness meant that not only would the soldier lose his wife but his child also.

This brought everything back to me about what happened in my first divorce. The shithead weaselled his way into her bed and then took both my wife and daughter. I lost both of the precious people in my little family, not one but both.

This was far too close to home and I broke down in tears, saying that the shithead had got a ready-made family and my daughter plus a load of cash too. How lovely for him!

I had never touched Sam, I had abused her in no way but she was so fucking selfish that she wanted it all on a platter, my daughter included.

I have no time for the people who waltz their way in and break up a family. The wife is absolutely fine of course but it is the husband, the fucking innocent party, who really suffers both financial hardship and worst of all, the loss of my child.

And believe it or not, the so called fucking justice system sides with the woman, every fucking time and shafts the poor innocent husband every fucking time too”.