The incompetence of The Priory Group – Putting lives at risk

I am not going to mention the specific hospital or even name names but there has been a major cock up at the Priory Before I came to the Priory, I was instructed to wear a mask as soon as I got out of the car, which I duly did. I then entered reception and […]

Birthdays, Verity and my Dad (updated)

After throwing up violently before attempting a few hours sleep, I came down again and cancelled something. I have got to know this lovely couple, all on-line of course and Tracy was great at baking; Trevor was great at metal fabrication. I had got to know them both through You Tube. So, I thought to […]

Vote against Bob Seely in the next election

In desperation, I asked for help from my very own MP. I received a “one liner” saying that “MPs are unable to involve themselves in ongoing legal matters” What a complete cop out. I will ask a question of us Brits; what does your MP actually do for you? Bugger all is the answer. They […]

Another go at Isle of Wight Magistrates court and look who is defending me?

Rather self explanatory I think. What an absolute disgrace our courts and police are; they are a rule unto themselves Re: Re Police v Yourself David Hender Fri 29/05/2020 01:39 To: ¬†iowmagistrates; ¬†Joel Leverton 17283 (IOW CID Team A2) As I cannot be there myself, I have decided to appoint Mr Farley to act on […]