What is good for the goose is just as good for the gander

(Or put it another way, you cannot have your cake and eat it) In the very old days, most women were put on a pedestal, they did not work and were seen as the weaker sex. That is an archaic thought process and so it should be. Women are not beings that should be owned […]

The Isle of Wight, the forgotten island

I am not an islander, having been born in Essex, nearly 55 years ago but moved to the island in late 2015, following my acrimonious second divorce. At the time, I wanted the psychological barrier of the two miles of water, seperating the island from the mainland and her! I needed a sanctuary, as the […]

The Police – truth or perception?

When I was a young lad, everyone had respect for the Police, both young and old. When they asked a question or asked you to do something, you responded saying “yes sir or mam” and did it straight away, otherwise you knew that you would be in trouble. Sadly, nowadays, the situation is vastly different. […]