A message to Leon

You took me on board as your Finance Director, with no real support. I had to run the finances of a multi million pound company, working from scratch.

You blamed me for making mistakes but look what I had to work with; although she tried her best, my number 1 was a waitress, known by my father.

I worked night and day, as I was so loyal and it made me ill, right in front of you. I got married a month before the buy out and my wife never saw me. I never saw my little girl either because I was working for my family. It ended up with my wife sleeping with my best friend and I hardly saw my daughter.

You knew all of that and even though it made me ill, you never recognised it. I even sorted out your special seats for the Audi and convinced our fleet operator to sell me a cheap car so that you could give it away on the firm’s anniversary and boost your ego.

Even when I made you all multi millionaires and given all of the sacrifice, what did I get? £5,000 and I was expected to feel grateful.

Just before you left, I took a holiday. I was told by my Kate that when I was away, a string of directors went into your office, showing their legs, sat on your desk and got totally inappropriate cars.

When I returned you had left, no shaking hands, nothing but your replacement gave me grief as to the cars that you had agreed to. They were all cancelled but Graham still had that in his mind that it was my fault, even though I was not there even fucking there to stop it all.

Then there was Garrod, the armchair director, who drove me into the ground and despite asking him 5 times for extra staff, he refused, to boost his bonus no doubt.

I could take it no more and snapped. My career that I had worked for, for my whole life had gone.

What was my compensation? 5 years of salary but my career was over and I have never had a job since.

Puttergill thought that I would be paid millions by the trust but how fucking wrong he was. My father is a bastard, a paedophile (of me and others) and has destroyed my body. If you bothered to read my blog, you would know what he has done to me, financially, emotionally and physically.

You have all failed me. You were my only real boss, I respected you but you let me down; you betrayed me Leon

That is why I am fighting for everything that I am due. If I go down with you all, so be it . My life is over anyway

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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