My final message to my last wife, Rosanna

Your previous message and the future


David Hender

Wed 06/04/2022 19:15


  • Rosanna


I was just going to ignore your previous message, where you yet again, threw your toys out of the pram.

Whether you believe it or not, I wanted you to get proper justice and to get the money that you deserved. But, at the hearing, no mention was made of the verbal contract between you and my father in that “the family would pay for a house for you and your children”.

As this was never mentioned by you or my father, I took the financial hit, even though I had no capital whatsoever, which was the reason for the conversation with my father in the first place. With paying you off, paying for the JOINT mortgage and everything, I borrowed over £1m.

On top of that, I lost £240,000 from an old trust fund. The money never came from my father but from the UK trust and because my father paid me, he paid my shit of a brother another £240,000 on top of the £1.25m he was paid on top of the £1.4m of trust loans that were written off. So, he is a king and I am a pauper. He even said that he had never been so rich before

It would be thus fair that if you received a settlement from my father or the trust, I should be reimbursed for the amount of money that I should not have paid in the first place.

Indeed, you agreed to the pre nuptial agreement and the settlement would have meant that you would have had far more money. But I am quite sure that in league with your mother, you thought that you could get much more and thus refused to sign the prenup, with me wasting thousands of pounds but you got far less. 

Given that you had put nothing financially into the marriage, I paid for everything for you and your children and paid off your pre marriage debts, you should not have got a bean. You gave up nothing, I gave you everything.

I am sure that you will be pleased to know that I am quite ill and am continually stressed, due to the campaign that my father has directed at me; he has illegally told the trustees to reduce my income because of some spurious loans, nothing to do with the trust.

Of course, that is in addition to the sexual abuse (by my father) memories that I have to endure,  as well as blackmail and false accusations of sexual abuse, alleged by Verity and paid for by my father; all true, just read my blog if you can be bothered.

But, I have come to a watershed. I had had enough of everything.

For the last 6 weeks, I have been planning to go to Ukraine and have bought a vehicle to carry supplies. Once they are dropped off, I will then go into Ukraine to rescue as many refugees as I can. That will be dangerous but I do not fear death; in fact, I welcome it.

Then my pain will be over, I will be rid of this sick, corrupt and greedy world and be with the one that I have always loved, even when we were married, Liesel; we are soul mates.

So, as soon as I have confirmation from my Ukrainian and Polish contacts, I will be off and will never return.


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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