Another message to Colin Brazier of GB News

There is no doubt that I need help. Not financial help as everything has been paid for but logistic help. Although GB News is a media company, their research department has so many contacts, far more contacts that I could ever have.

But I am also asking them to film what I see when I go into Ukraine and I know that I am going to see many horrors, horrors that I have never experienced before.

So, I am trying to “push” Colin Brazier to help me. If he does nothing, I will have zero respect in GB News and any of their presenters. They deal with “easy” subjects but they also need to deal with the horrible ones too, otherwise they are not a proper news organisation at all.

Here are the messages

My Ukraine expedition

This message was sent with High importance.


David Hender

Mon 04/04/2022 09:05


  • Colin Brazier (GB News)

Dear Colin,

You are probably on the train to work or have arrived.

I have a suggestion and that is that “we” could expand the expedition. People need to know what is going on in Ukraine and the war crimes that have been committed. My suggestion is that you do a news special on the war crimes. The camera team could fly out but, for context, there needs to be a shortened running commentary on the long trip to take out supplies. I see the only issue as when and how it can be aired with respect to the Ofcom regulations.

You know that I wish to go into Ukraine to collect as many people as I can, whether with your help or not, and I know that I am going to see some awful things, things that I will never have seen before, except on News clips. I would be lying to say that I am prepared for what I am going to see as you can never prepare yourself for that, unless you are a hardened military man or woman. I am not only going to be physically affected but mentally affected as well but if no one does it, no one will know and the West will be “uneducated”. Just look what has happened to Paul Hawkins; he was out there for a month and is off air because he has been so badly affected.

I have suggested Patrick Chrystis but maybe Mark White is a possibility.

There has been a little “bad blood” between us, as I have been critical of both you and GB News but we need to set aside the acrimony for the sake of what is going on; I have also done so with various MPs who I have had issue with and have said to them that we all need to put the issues between us in perspective.

I cannot force you Colin but not only do I wish you to help, but I really need you to help me please.

Kind regards



There is one more thing


David Hender

Mon 04/04/2022 09:45


  • Colin Brazier (GB News)

Dear Colin,

You may have wondered why I have always emailed you and have not tried to phone. 

The answer is simple but sad. Even before Leverton’s infamous phone call, I was withdrawing from society, as I saw this as the only way to protect myself from hurt and pain, whether that was rational or irrational.

But when I received the phone call from Staff Officer Leverton 17283 asking me to go in for a voluntary interview, that was the final straw. I have no idea if you have read my blog that diarises all events but two days after I refused, which was my right, to not go in because of my agoraphobia, two officers pushed their way into my house and illegally arrested me under duress, causing me to go catatonic. That illegal arrest led to a series of events that ended up in being me imprisoned in Swansea on remand, continually under suicide watch for a month.

I have directed you to these posts and have no idea if you have read them but, if you are a good catholic and a good moral man, you would have done so. 

But sadly, you have completely ignored me and have shown no empathy at all, which would suggest that you (a) have not read them (b) do not care (c) are not a moral man and (d) are not a good catholic

That is why I have shut myself off from society, only engaging by email and none other but now with the Ukraine crisis, I am forced, by my moral fortitude, to plan an expedition to take myself way out of my comfort zone and to drive 1,200 miles to drop off supplies and then to put myself at high risk by going into Ukraine to find refugees and to bring them out to safety.


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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