A message to Colin Brazier of GB News

I have written to the only person that I know who can change things. No one can change everything for the better but we can do our little bit.

So, as the rig for Ukraine is on the way, (collection Sunday week), I have asked the boss of the only news channel that I watch, to help me, as a man, a human being and a father.

This is the message that I have sent to him and I follow it by the email that I have sent to John Elliott of Ebac, with whom I am quite close; he is my sort of mentor, surrogate father and gives me a great amount of advice from his wisdom that he has generated over his many years. My own father could not care a damn.

My Ukraine expedition

This message was sent with High importance.


David Hender

Sat 02/04/2022 09:35


  • Colin Brazier (GB News)
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Dear Colin,

Yesterday, once I had paid for the rig, I emailed GB News and copied you in. I am putting all of my money where my mouth is.

I am already buying beacons etc for me to travel safely. Although you have sadly never replied to me, I need to know if (a) You will sign off on Patrick acting as co driver and (b) he is prepared to do it. I need to know as, if it is only going to be me, I just need to prepare for a journey of one but, if he is coming, I need to buy items like internal lights for the trailer and a walky talky so that he can talk to me from the trailer i.e. when he wants to go to the toilet or is refreshed enough for a driver changeover plus a new duvet and pillows for him.

There will be plenty of water on board but I will rarely stop, except for a short sleep, and will eat cold tinned baked beans, bolognaise and ravioli and bread, as there is no power in the trailer. There is not time, nor do I have the funds to start putting a mini kitchen in, as that is not a priority.

There is no doubt that this will be quite unpleasant, especially for me as I am agoraphobic and I suffer from a horrendously painful skin condition, but I am putting all of that aside because my priority is to help the refugees, not my comfort.

I have thrown my time and all of my available funds into this expedition and save for setting up the rig for safety, there is little more that I can do.

I have personally bought over £600 in medical supplies but that will take up a tiny proportion of the available space in the trailer. If GB News is on board, that may encourage the supermarkets to “open their wallets”. It would be a bonus for GB News and a bonus for the refugees. I cannot think of a better arrangement.

Last night, I was finalising the order of the banners that will be on either side of the trailer, as I was discussing the strength of the banners and safety to other drivers and I have just bought 300 feet of parachute cord to safely attach them. At present, they will read ” UK to Poland Ukrainian humanitarian expedition”. As far as I am aware, there has been no news channel that has launched such a humanitarian expedition. 

It would be a real “feather in GB News’s cap”.

Please get in touch if either you or Patrick are interested in this expedition.

Kind regards


Do you know what drives me?


David Hender

Sat 02/04/2022 15:55


  • Colin Brazier (GB News)

Just take a simple example of your DEC appeal. I have watched it countless times but there is always one point where my heart drops, every single time.

It is where that little boy, crying, is walking on his own, with his family probably dead. I guess that he is 7, if that he does not know where to go, he cannot hold a loved one to cry and gain succour and is just following the crowd.

Can you even start to imagine what is going through that little boy’s head, so much that he cannot even process it. I do not know his name and I do not know where he is now but I wish that I could scoop him up and bring him home to safety. As I did with my own daughter, where I sacrificed everything, I would do so for that little boy and dedicate the rest of my life to him.

I am sorry to write to you at the weekend but we are all so cosy here, but the refugees are suffering 24/7 and there is no weekend for them. That is why I ditched everything else to concentrate on planning for my expedition; no day is different for me as I now have just a single purpose.

That is what drives me, Colin.

Please help me if you can

Thank you


Your interview with Nana


David Hender

Sat 02/04/2022 16:40


  • John Elliott ( Chairman and founder of Ebac )

Dear John,

Yes, I may be biased, but your interview was superb. However, I disagree with you on one point; we cannot look to government to change things, we have to do it ourselves.

The reason for me to put my life in danger by helping people in Ukraine is not just down to what has happened to me, although I would have been well justified but it is my sheer frustration (and I am sure yours too) that our lovely country is falling apart and our government are just not interested that has caused me to give up.

I will be going out in two or three weeks, as I am picking up the rig Sunday week. Whether I come back John is as to whether I feel that there is a future for me back in the UK; after all, John, I have lost everything that matters to me.


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