Donna Jones, The Police and Crime Commissioner of Hampshire, Baby Peter and me

Following an interview that I just saw on television regarding the possibility of Baby Peter’s mother being released, I was both incredibly sad and angry at the same time. So, I have written to her to hopefully shame her into actually doing something about my situation.

Here is the message that I sent to Donna Jones

Baby Peter

This message was sent with High importance.


David Hender

Wed 30/03/2022 17:28


  • Donna Jones

Dear Mrs Jones,

I saw you being interviewed on Colin Brazier just now regarding Baby Peter and whole heartedly agree with your assessment that “the key should be thrown away”.

Peter had a miserable but “thankfully” short life and he is now with the angels. However, I have suffered many pains in my life, from sexual abuse to false and illegal arrests; I will have to endure that for the rest of my life and I have already suffered 58 years of it.

I wrote to the commissioner of Surrey, as that is where my paedophile father lives but it was passed to you; it was a case of just passing the buck but that buck stops with you. Chief Constable Pinkney was not interested, as was her Surrey colleague, Gavin Stephens, even though the lack had been broken many times by my father, not just sexual abuse.

If I had been a female, my father would already be behind bars for the many crimes that he has committed against me but, because I am male, you and others deem me to be totally irrelevant and unimportant. He continues to walk free whilst I am forced to live within a prison of my horrendous memories.

How can you just do nothing, after talking about the tragic events of Baby Peter? You cannot because if you do, you are a complete hypocrite and you can never be respected.


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