In the days before the time that anyone could be whatever they wanted, men dressed up in women’s clothes and visa versa to make them feel better, as they may have been born in the wrong body but continued to show an air of propriety.

But nowadays, if you want to identify as a woman, you can do it, purely by wearing women’s clothes or growing your hair long or the other way around.

Although I respect that anyone can do what they want to legally do, I really do not get the concept of being a transgender individual. In my mind, surely if a woman identifies as a woman, he/she will want a sex change.

Surely, if a person believes that he/she has been born in the wrong body, they would do whatever they could to ensure that they were a “proper” woman or man, if not a biological one. But they stop short of going the whole hog and are either men just wearing dresses or women cutting their hair short and wearing men’s clothes.

To me, this concept of transgenderism is totally illogical as wearing a dress does not make a woman. Alternatively, a woman cutting her hair short and wearing men’s clothes does not make a man.

As for someone saying that they do not have a gender is just plain stupid and goes against biological fact, as every species in the world is gendered, save for a few species who have the unique ability of changing their sex. But those species actually change into a female or male; they do not go off half cock.

In my opinion, Sam Smith is not gender neutral at all; he is just getting on the bandwagon to inflate his career, because all of this transgenderism and being gender neutral is just trendy at the moment. He has his “wedding tackle” and dresses as a man; I consider him a charlatan.

This trendy self identification is a mere phase, as those who are obsessed with political correctness, are pushing the narrative and they shout the loudest. Most men or women who identify as men or women are just quiet and get on with their lives, without wanting to make it a political statement.

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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