My final message to my friend, Jeremy Bamber

My dear friend Jeremy,

I am not as strong as you, you know that, because of everything that has happened to me during my life and which still continues. You have been in prison for your entire adult life but you continue to fight for freedom, which is commendable. But, apart from everything that has been done to me, I suffer from a severe weakness and that is that I cannot deal with stress which relates to the severe damage that was done to my brain when they removed my brain cancer in 1979, when I was only 16. They said I was cured but they lied.

With the lack of ability to deal with stress and what has happened to me since I was a little boy, when I was sexually abused by my father, I carry a huge burden and I am now completely broken.

You are completely innocent but they will still not release you. It is that sheer frustration, what this world has become and what has been done to me, has forced me to come to the decision that enough is enough. I have fought for so many years but, unlike you, I am so bloody tired and I just want peace.

I have bought a restored 1940 Bedford Scammel ex MOD rig and I am taking what supplies I can, to Ukraine. I will not be coming back. I will drop off the supplies that I have collected and then go into Ukraine and collect as many refugees that I can find, until my rig and I are blown up by the Russians. I will then be with my beloved second wife who died 14 years ago, forever.

It has been really nice to know you my dear friend and to know that you have been released but that will not happen now but I know that with your immense strength, you will succeed in time.

I will say goodbye to you my friend and wish you everything that you deserve.

Your friend


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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