Anthony Fauci and Ukraine – Now we know what is going on

Not only was Fauci involved with the Wuhan Institute that unleased the Covid-19 virus but we now learn that he was involved in the construction of not one, not two but 13 biotech labs in Ukraine . That is the only reason why the US has warned that Putin will unleash chemical and biological weapons, because the bugs in these laboratories have not been secured.

If even one of these laboratories is bombed, viruses that will make Covid look like the common cold, will be unleashed.

Yet again, it is clear that the US and Fauci in particular have “sub contracted” the production of the worst viruses to third world countries, then China and now Ukraine.

In my opinion, Fauci has been totally complicit in the production of deadly viruses and whilst the Ukrainian viruses have thankfully not yet been released, he is responsible for the deaths of millions throughout the world and he should be arrested and charged with murder but the US government will cover up his activities.

Being spiritual, I am not religious but there is only really one phrase that is appropriate


Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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