Nana Akua -a message to Colin Brazier of GB News

Nana Akua

This message was sent with High importance.


David Hender

Fri 04/03/2022 17:55


  •  Colin Brazier (GB News)


I know that you think that she is the best thing since sliced bread but I have an alternative view in that she is not good for GB News.

She has clearly risen up the greasy pole but I do not see the merit in doing so.

You know that this is nothing to do with her colour, as I have criticised Michelle Dewbury, Dan Wootton and Alex Phillips in the past.

I am sorry to say that she is ill educated, as she is constantly talking about “me and my panel” that makes me cringe; it is my panel and I. You know that, I know that. (Even Beverley Turner, who is on for just one night, said it the correct way)

But more to the point is that she does not even listen to her contributors. Today, she had two contributors talking about the economic effects of the war. She asked an expert as to his views and he gave them; they made sense. She then asked a non energy expert contributor the same question to which he said “you have already been told what would happen” or words to that effect. She brushed that aside by saying that she wanted his view; that was a cop out, as what the expert said went in one ear and out of the other.

She also pretended that she had been in prison but finally confessed that it was for a Duke of Edinburgh award. This is common as she tries to insert her “personal experiences” into every conversation. I know what prison is like as I was incarcerated for a month, whilst being under suicide watch the entire time. She has no clue whatsoever.

Even when I told a guard that I had been sexually abused by my father and was uncomfortable showering with other men, he said “well, I will find you a big cunt to lick”. I apologise for that but is what he said, exactly and I will never forget what he said to me. I complained to “those in charge” and even the nurse who was present was shocked, I could see it on her face but I am quite sure that the guard was not reprimanded. It just goes to show the general attitude of all those in authority to male sexual abuse, smething that you have continued to ignore.

Even you said that your young son was the “mascot” of the family but you refused to answer my question as to what your reaction would be if one of your daughters and your son was sexually abused; would you have had more empathy for your daughter or son? Daughter, I think and that is completely disgusting Colin; you should be ashamed of yourself


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