A letter to the trustees of the Hender Family Settlement – This is how bad it has become

Everyone knows that I cannot work due to my illnesses and I rely on the trust solely for my income. They know that and they use that against me.

Here is the long letter to the trustees; it took so much out of me

A message to the trustees regarding my income for the forthcoming year

This message was sent with High importance. You forwarded this message on Fri 04/03/2022 11:19


David Hender

Fri 04/03/2022 11:08


  •  Clare Edwards (Paicolex)


  •  Olivia Pinkney (Chief Constable – Hampshire Constabulary)

Ron Downhill has retired email.pdf

I will not be offering a salutation, as Miss Edwards lied through her teeth and continues to be the puppet of my father, brother and associates.

She clearly stated that Ron Downhill had retired (see email attached) but from the screenshot taken a day ago, he is still working at Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner. She did that due to my threat of taking action against him but she underestimated my forensic prowess, not that it was difficult to prove that she was being dishonest. 

Quite frankly, I have never come across such an unprofessional person in my entire life or corrupt organisation for that matter and it feeds right back to its owner, Berwin Leighton Paisner; I hope that she has been sacked.

Even though I got Thomas Meier sacked, I did respect him and we got on very well and worked together with a friendly but professional way.

Quite frankly, since his departure, I have never seen such unprofessional behaviour and the trust officers blatant disregard of their professional and fiduciary duties, as trustees to the Hender Family Settlement.

They have let my family breach the trust deed, encapsulated in the laws of England and Wales, by letting my family treat the trust like a piggy bank, paying out money to whomever they please. They have paid out money to my brother, albeit with security, then suddenly stating after a number of years that the charge had been satisfied. If my brother had borrowed funds to repay back the money, the accounts of his company still state that the loan is interest free. I therefore conclude, without evidence to the contrary, that the trust officers have merely just marked the charge as settled, without any repayment of capital. That is extremely serious as the primary principal of the trust is that capital must be maintained. If capital is NOT maintained, then the reduction in capital must be treated as a distribution, declared to HMRC and be subject to income tax.

In addition, it is quite clear to a forensic accountant, such as myself, that no interest has been paid on the loan since its inception. Under HMRC rules, this is classified as a benefit in kind and must be declared and tax paid on the interest free loan since inception.

Clearly, as I was charged substantial amounts of interest on my loans, this means that Section 32 of the Trust Act 1925 do not apply. The trustees cannot pick and choose as to whether they charge interest or not. IF Section 32 does apply, then I must be repaid the entire interest paid on my loan that was initiated after my divorce and any loans previous to that, which will amount to approximately £200,000. If I do not receive evidence to the contrary, I will inform HMRC and the new task force of this breach of tax law. In addition, I will also declare the payments out of capital to the children, for whatever purpose.

It is absolutely clear that the reason why you have refused to issue me with the accounts of Adriatic Sea Corporation is that you did not want me to see loans registered with regard to my brother or the absence of any loan being registered in that company’s accounts.

As to my daughter, it is unclear as whether the trust has purchased a property for her or has paid the rent on the house for her and her partner. Either way, as my daughter is not a beneficiary and will not be until I am dead, a substantial amount of tax will be payable. As her mother had sole custody, her mother will be liable for all tax payable, whilst my daughter was a minor and my daughter will be personally liable for tax arising from the benefits in kind/distributions when she became an adult at the age of 18.

Similarly, my brother and his wife will be jointly and severally liable for tax arising on distributions/withdrawal of capital with regard to their two daughters and when they reached the age of 18, the two daughters will be personally liable for any tax. This will result in a significant amount of money being payable to HMRC.

As to my loan agreement itself, whilst the amounts first registered in the loan agreement were genuine amounts, as I countersigned the agreement, the “add ons” were not. I should remind the trustees that the loan agreement between myself and Adriatic Sea Corporation is/was subject to the laws of England and Wales. 

The so called additions were added unilaterally by the trust officers, at the behest of my father, without my consent and do not form part any part of the loan agreement and are thus unlawful additions. In addition, there was no provision for repayment of the loan, as my father was minded that such a loan would be paid out of inheritance and there were no provisions for repayment. In addition, I have proven, without any doubt, that the balance on the loan represents the amount, attributable to the verbal contract that was made between my father and my ex wife Rosanna. It is therefore not payable by me at the present time and I demand that all repayments be reversed and repaid to me.

Turning to my distribution that will be made on or after 6th April 2022, this will comprise both repayment of capital and interest.

As to capital

This will include all capital repayments that I have been forced to make in respect of the loan

In addition, as this was paid out of my taxed income, all interest paid on all loans will be repaid to me.

As to income

The last time that the distribution was changed was on the payment made on 6th April 2018. Since then, there has been substantial inflation and my taxed income has significantly reduced in value, particularly due to the fact that the trustees refused to help me with my sizeable psychiatric hospital fees that amounted to £20,000 for just three weeks, such is the premium attributed to private health care. This refusal has resulted in a “knock on” that has caused me to have to significantly cut back on everything, especially food and heating. I am writing this in a kitchen that records just 16.5 degrees, with me swathed in sweaters and cardigans and suffering pain from the skin disease all over my body. I have to keep a balance between keeping warm but not being too hot, as that worsens the pain from my skin condition; that is not a way to live. I find it more and more difficult to move due to the immense scar tissue on my body. Pain is constant, pain is 24 hours a day.

As of January 2022, RPI has risen to 317.7, which is a 13.7% increase from April 2018. The March RPI will not be issued until some time in April, so one has to consider this increase as well as the withdrawal of the heating cap which, for an old property, will be a substantial increase.

I therefore propose that the increase in my gross dividend is around the 20% mark, given the huge increases in fuel and heating costs that will be triggered in April and October of this year.

I am prepared to wait for the refund of the interest and capital to be repaid, as I will calculate this sum but there must be no more unilateral deductions in contravention of the signed, witnessed and executed loan agreement of October 2015. But there must be an agreement in principal, otherwise I will declare to the HMRC and the new task force with regards to implementing the Economic Crime (Enforcement and transparency) Bill 2022. After all, the trust only exists as a result of the my father’s tax evasion, in relation to the management buy out of Premium Credit / Vendcrown. Even Ron Downhill admitted to me that if the trust was “caught”, the penalties, interest and tax sum due, would be paid out of the trust. This would halve the value of the trust and would lead to its collapse.
Lori Cameron was very useful before she betrayed me.

She told me of the meeting in the masonic chambers, underneath the Berwin Leighton building, whereby Ron Downhill, my father and brother contrived to break the trust deed and exclude me from the trust and I will never forgive my family for even thinking of that. Clearly my brother wanted as much money as possible as he never stood up against Downhill and my father or even warned me that the meeting happened. My father and brother are purely after self interest, as was my daughter through all of the false allegations. That is why I have no family anymore.

As to Downhill, as a professional man, what I think of him cannot be repeated here, even though I used to respect him many years ago.

I am not going to muddy the waters by including matters that are nothing to do with you but, rest assured, despite their masonic protection, I will dedicate as much time as necessary to bring them all down and that includes my pathetic daughter.

But all of the actions carried out by my father, brother, daughter and the family’s associates are all crimes and I will ensure that they are put behind bars. None of them do not know what honesty or morality means and they deserve to be punished properly for what they have done to me and not just slapped on the wrist; after all, my life has been completely destroyed by their actions and the police should do their job

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

If you want to know me, you first need to understand where I have been and where I am going

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