Space ports in the UK, what has happened to me and the pathetic attitude of GB News

I wrote to a space expert that is a contributor to GB News. His name is Andrew Lound, is a clever guy and not a “dry” scientist; this enthusiasm is infectious.

There was a piece yesterday when there was a discussion about space ports in the UK and, as I live on the Isle of Wight, i know that there was a rocket launch pad here but, with the disinterest of successive governments, it was shut down. Yet another classic example of government short termism.

He responded by saying that the closure of the IOW space port was a travesty but said that in Scotland, they have been far more proactive than the English government; can you believe it with the way that Sturgeon has destroyed both the Scottish economy, NHS and social services.

He suggested that I should write to GB News and that opened a can of worms with regard to my interaction with GB News and Colin Brazier, in particular.

Here is the full email thread.

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