If Boris Johnson does not reverse net zero….

….it proves unequivocally that Carrie Johnson is sitting on her husband’s shoulder, telling him what to do.

Even before the Ukraine crisis, there was the stupid push to net zero, even if it would put many millions of UK people into fuel poverty. Of course, Carrie Johnson and her ilk do not care; they are very wealthy thank you very much.

But now, the Ukraine crisis has brought the net zero and energy security philosophy front and centre.

If Boris Johnson will still not remove the moratorium on fracking and restart using our own natural resources to ensure that this country has energy security, then it is absolutely clear that Boris Johnson is weak, continues to follow his wife’s advice and is prepared to put his loyalty to her BEFORE his own country.

We all know all too well that Johnson is a f##ing liar and that he has no backbone whatsoever but, if he does not reverse all of the restrictions for us to extract our own natural resources, he is not fit to be prime minister.

Let’s face it; ALL Conservative MPs have zero backbone, are completely gutless and just think about themselves and not even the constituents that they work for. Oh yes, they are very comfortable, with a now inflated salary and all of the expenses paid for, including second homes, ostensibly in their constituencies and none of them, none of them could care a damn apart from the few who have a moral compass.

I wonder how much expenses MPs claim for, when they are married and living in the same second property, still claim. There are a small number of married MPS in the government and in the commons generally. It is time to start digging through all of the MPs expenses and particularly the married ones

In two weeks, the only fracking sites will be concreted over and I wonder where that came from; Carrie Johnson of course.

Ukraine has been very convenient for Boris Johnson as no one in the media are talking about partygate et all but are are talking about Ukraine and rightly so.

BJ is doing a reasonable job, I suppose, but has been very slow in instigating the removal of the Swift system from Russia and its allies and very slow in seizing the properties owned by Russian oligarchs. The government know where they all are but have done nothing. One of the reasons is because a lot of the donations to the party have come from those very same people, the Russian oligarchs.

On the subjects of oligarchs, the main contender is Abramovich and he is very scared. There is a suggestion that as he has a direct link to Putin, he may be a facilitator and that is the reason why the government will not touch him; the statement in PMQs by Johnson was a clear indication of this.

Maybe, to let him off, will be a small price to pay for the end of the war but let us not forget that his wealth and that of his compatriots is stolen money, money stolen from the Russian people

Boris Johnson needs to grow some balls and stand up to his wife, for once

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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