Provision for the Ukrainian refugees – lack lustre performance from Central and Local government, yet again

I have just written to Sir Kier Starmer and said “here we go again”.

The reason that I wrote to him was that I am completely fed up with the very poor performance coming from local and central government. I am not a labour supporter but the current crisis must overcome all political barriers.

I have written to a large number of MPs and my local counsellor, Suzie Ellis, saying that we have to prepare for the incoming refugees from Ukraine. They cannot just arrive and be stuck in hotels, as that costs millions and denigrates their way of life; they are all very scared and need to be together.

I suggested two options that should be considered in parallel. Firstly, refugees should use the Nightingale hospitals that have cost us millions but they have not been used. The medical equipment could be transferred to hospitals and then the Nightingale hospitals changed to accommodate the refugees.

Secondly, I offered my field for the refugees. I have already drawn up a plan for accommodation to house them and they will all be with each other.

I have written to every MP that I can think of, including Kier Starmer and Stephen Kinnock but I have received absolutely nothing from the first tranche of people that I wrote to.

After two days, I did finally receive a response from my counsellor, Suzie Ellis but she said that they were waiting for government guidelines, which will never come. Her entire email contained mere platitudes. Here is her very poor email and you should note that she refers to Bob Seeley, the very poor IOW MP, as a counsellor and not an MP

RE: The Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis – The refugees – Very urgent

Ellis, Suzie <xxxxxx>

Wed 02/03/2022 09:45


  •  You


  •  Seely, Bob (Cllr)

Dear Mr Hender,

Thank you for your email, and attachments therein.

The Isle of Wight Council is awaiting guidance from government about what preparations it needs to take.

It would not be proportionate use of council resources to start unilaterally taking steps now, before the scale of what is needed is clear.

I will, of course, make enquires within the council as to what steer they are getting from government as to the role of local authorities.

Best wishes,


I am sending this post to both Bob Seely and Suzie Ellis to shame them into actually do something.

I know what will happen; refugees will arrive in their thousands and then both local and central government will throw millions at it and will run around like headless chickens,


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