We should send planes to Ukraine

There has been a suggestion of a no fly zone over Ukraine. Not only is it too late but there is a danger that if a Russian plane is shot down, it will escalate.

However, we should send planes to Ukraine. When I say “we”, I mean those NATO countries bordering Ukraine and Russia. They have the old soviet military aircraft, with the parts to keep them going and the Ukrainian engineers will be familiar with them.

Those who have given up their planes, which had formed part of their air forces, should be given new planes from the West.

But Poland and the other border states have said no. But why? The West has given many weapons to Ukraine and, although classified as defensive weapons, have killed Russians. What is the difference between sending over a plane to kill a Russian against sending over military hardware to do the same thing. There is no difference at all.

It does not make sense, there is no logic to it, but what it shows is the cowardice of the NATO states. They are just going to use Ukraine as a sacrificial lamb to weaken Putin

Whilst you are at it, get rid of Liz Truss, who continues to put her foot in it and, in a recent speech, actively encouraged a proxy war. Does she want World War 3?

Published by David Hender (copyright owner- all rights reserved)

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